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"No Hot Water"
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My wife and I live in a college town where we own mobile homes that we rent to college students. With a fairly high turnover of tenants who are careless with the property and sometimes slow to pay people think I have a difficult job. WRONG!

Got a call from Melody one day. I had not met Melody yet but I know she lived with another girl in one of our older trailers and was having hot water problems. When I got there she answered the door and I just about fell over! Melody is smoking hot with long curly red hair, big firm tits and a perfect ass. She said there was no hot water so I told her to hang on and went outside to reset the breaker and power up the water heater.

After the water in the tank was hot and went back to tell her it was fixed and I would wait a while to make sure it does not trip off again. She said thanks and headed back to take a shower. After a few minutes she came out of the bathroom wet, wearing absolutely nothing and told me she thinks the water is still too cold.

Now I was looking at nice little trimmed pussy with some big ass boobs all covered in some shampoo suds. I told her she looked incredible and I was impressed her pussy matched her red hair. She says that's why she keeps some bush down there because guys like a natural red head.

The water heater really needed a half hour before it was going to work right so I offered to lick the pussy while we wait. Melody said OK and spread out on the couch for me. She had nice looking pussy with a tight little hole and enjoyed the head job so much she forgot about the hot water and gave me a big smile when I pulled my cock out.

She sucked my cock for a while as I worked a finger into her pussy which was tighter than any pussy I have ever felt and I told her so! She said she works out a bunch and that tight pussys run in her family, both her sisters have tight holes too. She hopped up in a chair and I spread her legs and started to push my 9 inch dick into the hole and it just was not going. I asked her if it was to big and she said no and that she had a basketball players 11inch dick in her pussy just recently and to just go real slow.

It was not long before my dick was all the way up in her pussy and she was enjoying it so much she took a picture with her phone. She was slippery and wet after a while and when I was ready to cum I pulled out of her pussy and stuck just the head of my dick in her asshole and filled it up.

I went back to the office and she went to get that shower.

Hope something else breaks at that trailer.

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