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"My Naughty Shared Wife"
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My Naughty Shared Wife

This adventure occurred not long ago. My beautiful and sexy middle aged wife and I having been sending her off for shared wife adventures for awhile and we have both enjoyed it. She has enjoyed the excitement and the variety of the men (cocks) she has met (sucked and fucked). And I listen to her talk about, her experience with a new man (cock). This time, we answered a personal AD for a woman to come and meet a couple, to give the BF a blow job while the GF watched, she just wanted to watch. So my wife and I decided on a night that would work for all. She got ready that night, waxed pussy, and couple glasses of wine, she was getting wet thinking about a new cock to suck and maybe even fuck if she had the opportunity to do so.(and even a pussy to lick?)

I drove her to their apartment and dropped her off, and she would call or text when they were finished. Here is her story as I remember it (sorry, I’m not the best writer, as you can tell). She rang the doorbell, and a young man answered and showed her in. She and the couple sat and made small talk to get comfortable with each other for a while. They then moved the activities to the bedroom and bed. The young BF (Bob) and my wife (Linda) sat on the bed, the young GF(Gina) sat in a chair across the room to watch. Linda(wife) said, Bob sat on the bed and she sat between his legs, leaning back against his chest. He started with kissing the back of her neck (something that she really enjoys) Bob reached around to her breasts and played with them making her nipples hard and her pussy wetter (she was not wearing a bra). She reached behind her with her hand and rubbed his already hard, large cock through his shorts (she was pleased to find it that it was large). After playing when each other for a while, they laid down on the bed, Bob between Linda’s legs, he had removed her pants and was licking her wet pussy, through her panties (she said, I really liked the way this felt). Linda, moved around so she get at his cock, and pulled his shorts down and released his large hard cock and sucked on it. (She, said she just couldn't wait any longer to get it in her mouth). He soon had her panties and blouse off and she was laying naked on the bed with her legs spread, and he was licking her very wet and soaking pussy (she said, I can tell that he really likes to lick pussy and has done it a lot because he was really good). Bob licked her pussy for some time, before he climbed up on the bed and straddled her face and continued licking and sucking her pussy and clit. Linda, said she was hoping he would do this so she could suck his large cock and balls while still getting her pussy licked.(which by the way, she really does a great job, I know I’m a lucky man). They did this for some time. (while, Bob and Linda were 69ing, Linda noticed that Gina had gotten a vibrator, and was pleasuring herself while watching the action, and had a orgasm) And then Linda, laid Bob on his back, so she could give him the Blow Job, she had come to give, while the GF watched. While sucking Bob’s cock, Gina got up and came over and sat on Bob’s face, and he then licked Gina’s pussy while getting a blow job (Lucky man!). So Linda sucked and licked for awhile, Then Bob asked, her if she wanted to get fucked? She said; of course, please fuck me with that big hard cock of yours! So he put his large hard cock in her pussy and fucked her hard and for sometime, until she came and then he filled her pussy with his cum… After they recovered from the fuck fest, Linda sent me a text, telling me, that they were done and would I come and pick her up.

I picked her up, and we drove home. On the way home she told me she had a great time and wouldn’t mind a other visit sometime. The next day she received a email from, Gina telling her how exciting it was.


I will tell you, Bob, for sure he has been nonstop talking about how exciting it was for him and it has really spiced thing up for us as well. I get so wet thinking about another woman using Bob for her pleasure and I think it would be sooo hot if you had Bob come pleasure you often!! Bob said, that you give amazing head and he really enjoyed going down on you and that was a big turn on for me watch him lick your pussy.”

The END or the Beginning?

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