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"Who Is This Woman? Pt III"
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Well, a couple weeks have gone by in my relationship with my wife and her mother, Vera. Not a lot of sex with Vera, in fact things have been quiet as Heather and I have had quite a fuck fest. I come home from work, and she is standing there in a teddy or something like it, once a wet t-shirt of mine with CSU on it. We all know it stands for Colorado State U, but to her it meant “can suck u”, and she did. Well not to stop there, she made up all sorts of new words for those letters, all of which ended in us having some kind of sex or another. She is great. Now I will be honest, because of the big dick thing, large around not long, I just don’t fit in her mouth. Pussy fine, but not the mouth. Ok, I don’t really miss a blowjob that much, but, well sort of. And though I never really did any back door stuff, well don’t miss that either. Her tits are sensitive so you have to be careful around that, but all in all, a real 9.0 on a scale of 10, and we are young so there is plenty to have. A few days ago it was raining hard and the lights went out at work. We sat around in the dark for an hour or so when the manager came through and said we could all go home as it didn’t look like the lights were coming on, and if they did it was late in the day so take off. Well, at work we had been sitting around talking and just office talk and my eyes was like ogling as covert as possible a couple of the girls in our group and noticing their boobs, or skirt length, hair, face, you know comparing to Heather. They all lost. But it got me horny. Real horny as I looked at ankles and glimpses of a thigh here and there, a firm butt bending over to get a purse or close a drawer, tits jiggling (I think women know they do that and do it on purpose to torture men) in a sweater, and the famous appropriate cleavage reveal. Women are vixens. In any case my fantasy button was pushed and my mind going crazy as I thought of sex with each one, good, bad, ugly, she’s fat, she’s too skinny, nice butt, etc. Wow, what a hard on I had. So I called Heather to see what she was up to and she said she was still at work. I didn’t tell her I was out of work early because of the power as I wanted to surprise her. So I thought, keep your mouth shut and go visit Vera, she will take care of you. You know, “keep it in the family.” So I told Heather I loved her, we talked love talk for a minute then she had to go as a client walked in. She is a hairdresser. So I got in my BMW, I am selling it, what a money pit, and headed over to Vera’s. I thought I would chance surprising her and called to see if she was home without telling her my intent. I cloaked the call by asking if she would come over to dinner tonight and asked if she needed a ride and was she home. She said she was home, but no ride needed. So I had my trap set. Hot damm I was going to get me a blowjob while thinking of all these babes in the office. I got there and parked across the street from her condo when I noticed my wife’s care in the driveway. I walked up to the front door and just before knocking had a sudden instinct not to. I looked around and saw a white Chrysler T&C sitting in front of the house next door. It was for sale so that seemed funny to me. I walked over to the property and looked around. Seeing nothing I walked to the side yard and let my self through the gate into the side yard that is shared with Vera’s. I walked around back carefully and could see the drapes were open and crept up not wanting to be seen by either Heather or Vera. As I looked in I got the shock of my life. There was Heather on her knees in the front room naked as a J-bird sucking the hell out of some man’s dick. She was going at it like a starving beggar from Bulgaria. She had her hands on his butt cheeks and yanking his butt and therefore dick into her mouth ravenously. She was swallowing it whole like a skinny hot dog at Six Flags. I was so jealous and mad I nearly ran to the car and got my gun, yes I have a conceal permit. But I was frozen. Here was my bride, well sort of, sucking the dick of an unknown man and to top it off he had a full head of white hair. He was naked and trim, no belly, tanned, and good looking. I was even more jealous at that. He was that John Forsythe type guy you envy with all the money, power, etc. that you want to be when you grow up and my wife was sucking his dick like the mad woman of Chaillot. I would have noticed Vera my mother in law except I was so enraged, yet transfixed, I hadn’t seen her until she entered the picture. She too was naked and as she walked over to the couple the man put his hands out and welcomed her gorgeous tits into their grasp. They kissed as Vera spread her legs one on each side of my wife. Then, unseen to me, in her left hand was a long skinny dildo. Slowly she squatted down and began rubbing the dildo on her daughter’s butt, then slowly, slowly, it disappeared into her. Ah I thought, she is getting her mother to fuck her with a dildo and to my surprise I wanted to see more. I was fascinated and had to see more. The voyeur in me was raging and my dick ached. I moved away from the window toward the back porch where if I laid on my belly I could see in the sliding glass doors the behind action. Now you have to remember, Heather is a “no back door” policy girl. Fuck her from behind, but leave the other hole alone, except for rubbing and a little finger action now and then. And what do I see clearly? The dam dildo is deep in my wife’s ass and she is bucking in a climax as her mom fucks her ass with it and she sucks this guy’s cock. The thought crossed my mind as I rubbed my sore dick what was so great about his dick and why she was enjoying it so much? What did he have I didn’t? Or more, what did I have he didn’t that made him the steak on her plate? After about the third climax of my wife her mother quit ramming her with the dildo, stood up and with some passionate kissing this guy shot his load into my wife’s mouth, and dutifully like the good little whore she was she drank every bit of it. That was it. I had had it, suck him off is one thing, but to think that my wife was bringing home tonight another man’s semen in her and sitting there eating dinner with me was too much. I crept back using all of my military training, and made my way to the car. The Beretta was there, fully loaded and ready, I would end this crap right on the spot. She had been unfaithful to me after me promising to not fool around with anyone else, yada, yada, yada. I was burned. A car was coming down the street so I got in so as not to be recognized. After all, you don’t need witnesses to a triple murder. As I sat there, the dammed Census workers stopped and got out of their car and fumbled around. SHIT! Is some government bureaucrat going to stop me from getting my due? I could only think of my wife sucking his dick, my mother in law pounding her ass with that dildo, and suddenly I noticed I was rubbing my dick over my pants I was so hard and hurt so bad. Within another minute I shot my load in my pants. Ok, maybe the killing can wait, not too cool heading to your mother in law’s to kill your wife and her lover with cum soaked pants. I put the Beretta away. God that felt good. Ok, I admit it. I put the key in the ignition and drove off. Maybe I will buy a new car I thought. Maybe I will boink one of the girls in the office. Maybe, a thousand thoughts ran through my head. It was a whirl as I drove by the Ford dealer. O’Meara’s. They had a Bullitt Mustang sitting there. I wanted something fast. But it would wait. I was calming down and when I got home I quickly changed and took a shower. I threw my pants into the clothes to go to the dry cleaner and hung my suit coat up. Then I sat down in my leather easy chair and clicked on the TV. About 20 minutes later my sweet tender innocent Heather walked through the door, the slut. I could envision her lips dripping with his cum. As she kissed me I knew I could taste it. As she walked into the kitchen prattling about work and how good it was I could see her ass in the tight skirt seeing her mother ram her ass with the dildo. I was so horny my dick was hard again and it didn’t go unnoticed by her. She came over and knelt by the chair unbuttoning her blouse exposing her tits reaching over and taking hold of St. Peter and giving him some relief. I wanted to strangle her, yet I wanted her to suck my dick like she did his. I…. I …. I wanted to watch her suck another man’s dick as I fucked her. Huh? What? Ok, Robert ol’ boy, you just died, what did you say? I wanted to be there, to watch her suck a man’s dick while I fucked her. I pictured myself standing there instead of Vera, I could feel it as she wanked me off, I could see it, and all I could do was grab Heather, pull her up off the floor. I yanked her skirt up and literally tore her panty hose apart at the seem to get at her pussy. I pushed her over the arm of the couch, spread her legs and dove my dick into her sopping wet pussy. I fucked her hard and she rammed back at me hard. She rose to a climax and came hard yelling, squirting (which she was not prone to do) on the arm of the couch, good thing its leather, it can be cleaned. I fucked her with abandon and sank my dick into her cunt harder and farther than I had ever done before shooting a load into her as we both climaxed. But, to my surprise she was not done. As I shrivelled out of her she stood up and yanked her clothes off like they were on fire, turned on me and striped me of my sweats and boxers and went down on me. Now, she didn’t really, she just went down stairs and licked my balls, licked my dick, nibbled at the head and drove me wild until Mr. Willy was again at full flex. She pulled me onto the floor spread her legs and pulled them up until her knees met her armpits and threatened me “fuck me”. I use the word threatened because you have to see her face, her clenched teeth, her expression was “fuck me or else”. A she bear protecting her young was no less fierce as she presented her pussy to me to fuck, so I did. What you think I am crazy, this was the most ferocious sex we had had. I banged her good. I mounted and drove into her hard, she screamed and grabbed my head pulling it to her bit my ear, kissed me, sank her teeth into my neck until she left a mark. I grabbed her hair and pulled it as though I somehow could sink deeper into her with my cock, but all in is all in so there was nothing left but riding up on her clit with my dick as I pounded her, all to her increased pleasure as evidenced by her squeals, groans, moans and grunts with each thrust. I grabbed her throat and choked her, her eyes bulged as she grasped for breath. The anger in me welled up, the love in me overwhelmed me I knew I would not hurt her. I fucked her harder if that was possible. She climaxed harder, if that was possible, which sent me over the edge my mind fantasizing about another man’s dick in her mouth as I fucked her. Exhausted we laid there sweaty and spent having experienced something I had never known, not even read about. The world had changed. Heather took it in stride, for, with a kiss on the cheek and a pat to Mr. Willy she slowly got up and headed back to the kitchen to fix dinner. I lay there not knowing whom I was married to. Who is this woman? Who is she? A slut? A whore? A prostitute? Or just a horny woman who can get it on. And why not with me like him? Ok, we just got it on real good, but why not me? “Wow”, I said after a while. “That was good.” “You must have had a hard day, your energy was way pent up.” She replied. “Yea, the power went out and we sat around in the office for an hour or so doing nothing.” She stiffened. “Did the power come back on?” “No, they let us go early.” I debated telling her what I had seen. “Oh” she was silent. I let it sit. After long moments she couldn’t take it. “What did you do?” “Well I was headed over to your mom’s house to invite her to dinner,” she broke in, “yea she called and told me she would be here, she is coming in a few minutes, she had a few things to do then was coming over. If you got anything left in you after diner perhaps we can all play?” she was earnest. WHAT A FUCKING SLUT! I thought. She sucks this guy off, her mom butt fucks her with a dildo, I fuck her silly and she is offering more. “Ah yea, maybe there is, I am pretty pent up from work, but, maybe I can get it up again and we can play, in any case, whatever.” Shit, I was thrown off, how did she do that to me? “So, what stopped you, or did you make it?” she asked carefully. “No,” I decided, no telling, save it for later. “No I got waylaid. The beamer had some noises again so I just cruised by O’Meara’s, looked at that Bullet Mustang they got down there, they can turbo charge it and, well kind of a fantasy I think.” What a play on words. “You deserve it, you work hard. Sell the BMW and get one if you want.” Was her reply. AH HA!!!. I had her, a guilt buy. Get what you want honey, I will fuck in the afternoon and you get what you want too. “Hey,” I had an idea and it wasn’t about cars. “The guys at work were talking about a club down town they went to the other night with their wives.” “Oh, what was it?” she asked. “The Retreat, I think, or something like that.” I knew, it was a swingers club and could get a wild as you wanted, so they said. But perhaps, just perhaps she knew it. “Oh, I think one of the women getting her hair done mentioned doing that. I think mom knows someone who has been to a club like that,” she said dryly. Now my question is, HOW THE HELL did she know what kind of club it was since I hadn’t said. Of course she knew about it. Ding dong, the bell rang, her mom was shortly to join us. I went to the door and didn’t quite notice I was still naked from a really terrific fucking I had given Heather. As I answered the door she looked at me and said, “Well aren’t you a sweet son in law, you certainly know how to welcome a person for dinner.” I realized my state and quickly exited to the bathroom for a quick shower, a second in 60 minutes. When I emerged dinner was about ready and “mom” was naked except for a tiny thong on the nether reaches. God she is sexy. Really, I could fuck her almost anytime just because she is sexy and has great tits and is, well sexy. I am finding out however that Heather may be just as sexual, just, well perhaps wasn’t showing it to me. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. Why wasn’t I getting what old white hair got? We all talked and chatted about the day. The two of them lied and covered up for each other. Vera had been shopping all afternoon, didn’t know about the black out. Heather worked hard made a big tip from a wealthy lady. Yea right! A big tip my ass, or hers rather. When the Retreat came up so did the Scarlet Ranch, and swinging. Ok, within about 10 minutes of that discussion “mom” had enlightened me on more of a world of sex than I had heard about throughout my life. “But, I don’t like swingers clubs” she continued. “You never know whose dick you have in you, or your mouth, or where it was 10 minutes ago, or 10 days ago, or who they were fucking, or the next one, or the next. In fact, if you trace it, you could have had sex with 250 people by having sex with just one person and not even know it. Too risky.” “So, if you want to have sex with someone, say, I mean I know you keep it in the family, but I bet I am not the only guy in the last, oh say,” I wanted to blurt out ’30 minutes’, but didn’t, “say, year. If you wanted sex with someone, what do you do?” “Be more careful, be selective, and don’t get yourself killed by fucking the wrong person. AIDS kills, so do other diseases. So you be very careful with who your partner is,” she said taking the dishes to the sink. “I have had sex with more than one man in the last year, but I know them, and I know they are safe. They don’t cat around with anyone, they only have sex with someone I know, and I know to be safe.” She put the dishes in the sink and started rinsing them, but stopped for a moment and took a paper towel and bent over barely. I watched, my imagination was she used it between her legs, I thought I had seen a glistening on her inner thigh as she walked away. Well then I thought, that finishes what I had seen. My wife sucked him off, and then Vera fucked him. The panties were probably to help a tampon or something absorb the evidence so soon after. So, now I knew, she knew this guy, and Heather knew him, and Heather didn’t fuck him. I don’t know why, but I was now intrigued by the mystery of my wife, and my mother in law. What had I married into? Who were these women who held me captive by their sensuality, their raw sexual nature, their desires I could only lust after. I thought I was so sexual and a maniac, hell I was a piker next to these two women. After the dishes were done and kitchen cleaned up we made our way into the living room. Vera produced a DVD she said she thought we all might enjoy. We did. It was several stories loosely knit together about two men fucking a woman, and then a couple women fucking a man, then a cougar getting a younger man, (which as we watched I looked at Vera, yep, she was looking at my bulging cock and licking her chops, ok, me too, I like blow jobs). Before it was even over I was fondling both women’s breasts, and Vera was between my legs giving me that blowjob, my Heather standing on the cushions of the couch letting me eat her pussy. I ended the session by fucking Heather for a third time, but cumming in her mother. The only thing new was, while I was fucking away on Heather from behind, Vera moved under her and was lightly touching and fondling her breasts. That was completely new as I had never seen Very touch Heather in a sexual way, except through the sliding glass door laying on my belly. As we all lay there satiated from cumming. I had the thought run through my mind and decided to venture forward. “Vera, would you go to one of those clubs with Heather and I, assuming she would go?” She looked at Heather, Heather stared back. “Well, not those. But I do know a place if you are interested, a house up in the hills outside of Golden. A friend of mine owns it, and well it is a private club, very private, by invitation only. If you are interested,” and she broke a sly smile, “and Heather wants to of course.” Who is this woman? Do I dare find out?

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