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Hi, folks I am David when I was a young man we had no computers and the closest we had were contact magazines. You bought the magazine looked at adds couples wanting single man or women to join them some were parties wanting men or women to join them. Somewhere guys wanting to see their wives gang banged, I think there was something for most people.
What you would do is select the people you wanted to meet, put your details in a letter and address it to their box number then post it to the contact magazine with a cheque, It was best I found to send at least three or more letters for the magazine to forward to those looking for people, I often wondered if it would work until I tried it, a pal had some porn magazines and one of the contact magazines I thought it was not a lot of money to give it a try.

I picked my three and posted my letter to the magazine for them to forward, one was a couple in their 40s wanting a young guy I was 20 at the time, another were two women wanting a man to join in their games and the last was a party.
I managed to get a reply from the couple and two women, the two women were not free for a least a month and that was fine with me the couple however wanted to meet us as soon as possible. After a number of exchanges of letters we decided to meet up in a hotel just outside Shrewsbury.
I was sat at the bar when they walked in, she looked just like her photo, they can send any photo into a magazine they were a very attractive couple very well dressed, I asked what they would like to drink and we found a table in the far side of the bar and started to chat, it was so easy they were great I was happy just to be in their company and the evening soon passed we discussed what we liked Tom dropped the bombshell and told me he was Bi, my reply was ok but no kissing you are okay to feel me and I may feel you and that is all I will do is that still okay. Marion said she would like to go up to their room and would I care to join them, I would love to Tom said we have brought some wine and scotch.
In the lift Marion turned to me and thanked me for a very nice evening and that I was the only one they had invited back to their room. Her arms were around me and we kissed as we reached our floor.
As we went into their room Marion excused herself saying she needed to freshen up, my goodness when she came out in her underwear she looked amazing black lace bra, pants and suspender and stocking and heels. She must have been a 34d, Tom said what do you think hell she is amazing. She pulled me to my feel removing my tie, shirt and trousers, laughing she said we need to remove those pants as it looks as if your friend needs to be free. We stood and kissed as my hands explored her tits and one hand went down into her pants fingering her pussy, unclipping her bra I freed her tits and started to suck them again fingering her pussy whilst she felt my cock, do you mind if Tom feels this, I said I suppose not having Marion and Tom play with my cock felt great I was enjoying the erotic sensation.
Laying Marion on the bad I pulled down her pants and dived into her pussy licking her to a quick orgasm, Tom was feeling my cock and balls when I suddenly felt a finger rubbing round my ass hole as I continued to lick Marion's pussy, it is difficult to explain how pleasant this was licking pussy and having my ass felt, I knew he would soon take it further but I had no idea what to expect as his finger started to be pushed into my ass, this was good and I made sounds to let them know this was okay. I was now on all fours and Marion was under me sucking my cock. Tom removed his finger as I felt him rubbing wet cold lubricant in my hole, I thought this has gone too far yet I was so excited Marion sucking me and Tom about to fuck me. I first felt the pressure of the tip of his cock nudging its way in then a little more hurt a little but not that bad, he thrust and it did make me jump wow this feels great I thought Marion sucking me and Tom fucking me this is a first. Tom was far to close and shot his load up me in a couple of minutes, it was an amazing feeling a cock pumping cum in me. He pulled out and I knelt up saying on your back lady it is may turn smiling she said Yes sir, I got between her legs and fucked her for all I was worth, As I was fucking her Tom was saying come on give her it fill the bitch up. I shot my load and pushing my cock as deep as I could into her I lay next to her well and truly fucked. Looking me in the eyes she asked if I intended going back to me room or was I staying with them all night, what would you like me to do, Marion said Tom and I would like you to stay.
As we all lay there we made arrangements to meet this time at their home. I had now found you can have the best of both worlds.
When reading contact magazines I no longer skipped the ones saying husband Bi.

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