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"It Was An Education"
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The drugs and alcohol where great until I ended up in one of those private schools that's way out in the country. That whole fiasco lasted three years and although I was miserable most of the time I did get some sex education out of that expensive school.

Mrs. Gniewek was the asshole in charge of the building where I lived and no one liked her. She was about 50 and not bad looking probably because she worked out and had a personal trainer. She had all sorts of rule books and deadlines and thought she was an expert on everything. I did not always play by the rules and ended up trouble a few times which included a counseling meeting with Mrs. Gniewek.

She called me into her office one day to complain about a class I did not show up for and told me I needed some special therapy. When I asked what therapy she said to wait a minute and started looking on her laptop. She turned the computer screen so I could see a picture of a very attractive girl who I had seen in a few classes. She told me the girls name is Lisa and that Lisa was going to be told she must participate in this special therapy. I asked what the therapy session was and Mrs. Gniewek reached over and flipped to another photo showing Lisa totally nude with her hands tied lying on a bed. She said the session starts at 9pm and gave me a room number that was way down in the basement.

When I got to the room Mrs. Gniewek was there along with at least three other people, two ladies and a guy I think. I came in and was told the other guests are observing the therapy session. We all walked back to another room and there was Lisa, Mrs. Gniewek asked Lisa if I was OK to have the therapy session with and Lisa said sure. Mrs. Gniewek told Lisa to take off all of her cloths and get into the bed that was centered in the room. Everyone else was setting up chairs around the bed and I was just watched Lisa undressing. She was a beauty with long black hair, big boobs and pale white skin. I immediately thought she reminds me of Elvira the Halloween lady. After she was laying in bed Mrs. Gniewek tied her hands to the rails on the headboard, not tight but tight enough she could not get loose.

Lisa not only had a great face and body, she had a nice looking pussy that Mrs Gniewek had her spread and show everyone. Then the attention turned to me and Mrs. Gniewek asked me if I have the equipment to participate in this therapy and to go ahead and get my cloths off.

After looking at Lisa naked on the bed when I stripped down I already had a hard dick when Mrs Gniewek told me to go over to the two ladies and let them look at it. One of the ladies asked me the length and I told her about eight inches, she said ok and handled it some including squeezing my balls.

Mrs. Gniewek had me get between Lisa legs and start licking her pussy which I did, one of the guest ladies got up on the bed and pulled Lisa legs back giving me better access to lick the pussy and a better view for everyone watching.

After a while Mrs. Gniewek asked Lisa how the therapy was going and that we were moving to the next part. She untied Lisa and turned her over on her stomach and then retied her. Mrs. Gniewek told me to spread her cheeks and lick Lisa's asshole which I did. It was great and I could tell Lisa was enjoying it, she had a shaved pussy and asshole which was smooth as silk.

Mrs Gniewek told Lisa she was not supposed to be enjoying any of this and wrapped a blind fold around her eyes. I was sitting there wondering what was next when one of the ladies told me to start jacking my cock and she came over and put it in her mouth for a few good sucks before going back to her chair.

Lisa was still on her stomach and Mrs. Gniewek poured a bunch of baby oil down Lisa's but crack and told me to stick my cock in her ass. I got up on the bed and started pushing my dick into her and it was tight, after a few attempts I got the head inside and then pushed a little bit more each time until I was going almost all the way in each time.

I fucked her ass for a while until Mrs Gniewek said that was enough and went over and untied Lisa but left the blind fold on. Next I had to get where lisa was and my hands were tied to the bed. Lisa started sucking my dick and Mrs Gniewek had he put my balls in her mouth and lick my asshole. Then Lisa got on top and was facing away from me when they told her to stick my dick in her pussy. She did that quick and was sliding up and down so all those people could see.

Mrs Gniewek then had Lisa suck my dick some more until I shot cum up in the air and all over Lisa's blindfold and in her hair. Mrs Gniewek pulled off the blindfold and had Lisa lick up whatever cum was in view including what was still running down my dick.

That was the end of the therapy session.

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