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"Sexual Harassment Is OK With Me"
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When I was finishing high school I found a summer job working construction. It was a small family company with about 30 people. I was hired to help out driving, delivering materials and when there was nothing to do I helped in the office.

The office was just the owner guy who was always out on job sites, his wife the manager and their daughter who ordered all the materials. The owners wife is around 40, 5'5, super good looking with big fake boobs, bleached blond hair and some mighty expensive jewelry. The daughter was just naturally hot with real blond hair and a perfect little ass. She is married also and her husband works out on construction.

After a few days working in the office both the mother and daughter starting flirting with me asking if I had a girlfriend, what I like to do and what have I done sexually. I had to B.S. a little bit but I actually did have some experience.

They were not discrete about it either and would make all sorts of sexual comments but I would get in a few words also so it was all good. Many times when I went into the mom's office she had the buttons undone so I could look right in and see those huge boobs.

I was sitting around the office with nothing to do one afternoon when the daughter asked me if I could help her clear out a spare office because they were hiring a another salesman. I moved a few boxes and was helping move the desk when the daughter closed the door and said she wanted to thank me for helping her and to get my dick out for a blow job.

I pulled my jeans down and she sucked my cock, licked my balls and swallowed some of the cum. I was trying to get her cloths off but really only got into her shirt to feel those perfect tits.

A few days later I was in the mom's office and she asked if her daughter sucked my dick and I said maybe. She said she was glad to hear I was honest because her daughter told her I have a big dick. She said to be fair she was going to suck my cock and we went back in the spare office where I exploded in her mouth.

At that point I had blow jobs from the mom and her daughter which was sort of cool. I was not sure what would happen next when about a month later the mom asked me to fuck her in the office. She locked the door and got naked showing me those huge boobs and a nice pussy. I fucked her pussy for a while before titty fucking her so I could cum on her boobs.

I went back to school a few weeks later but I have already been offered a part time job at the same place next summer. I am hoping to fuck the daughter next time.

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