Dave - Phoenix, USA
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"The New Equestrian"
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This happened a while back and everyone is off and married so it's OK to tell.

We lived on big property with a pool, horse stables and a dirt bike trail. My daughter had a bunch of hot friends that were always hanging round the house and I was always flirting with them just to see what the reaction would be.

If the girls wanted to take the horses out riding I needed to go along with anyone who had never been and needed instruction. One afternoon I was off work enjoying watching the girls at the pool when my daughter asked if I had time to take her friends out riding.

The two girls going horseback riding were adorable and I told them to stay in their bathing suits so they could work on their tans while riding.

I went down, saddled up and took them one at a time to get started. After the first girl had her lessons and gone down the trail she thanks me and headed back to the pool. The next girl who I will call Kerri had been wearing a shirt over her bikini, she took off the shirt and hopped up in the saddle giving me a view of some monster boobs she had.

I went through the same procedure with her and before she headed back to the pool I was telling her I had photos of some of the prize winning horses we had here on the farm, she wanted to see them so I told her to come up to the house and look for me in a little while.

She found me in the kitchen and we walked upstairs to the office and I showed her some photos of the prize winners. In the box of photos I had forgot there were some Polaroid (I know it's ancient) photos of my wife and I fucking, she found those and started looking through them. She found a couple of me getting some head and told me she likes to do that so I asked her if she would like to do it now and she said sure! I looked outside and everyone was still at the pool so I took my cock out and she gave me some head. I wanted to see her out of that bikini, when she took off the top I was impressed by the size of her boobs and how well they fit her overall size. She took time out to hop on the desk and pull her bikini aside to show me her pussy which was not totally shaved but in a "V" trimmed down like a crew cut, never seen that before and it was nice!

I was watching out the window and figured we better finish this up about the time I unloaded into her mouth and down her boobs. She said she was going back in the pool anyway and left the cum in her hair. I watched out the window as she walked back to the pool and jumped in.

glad I took the day off

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