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"Caring Neighbour Pt 1"
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Her name was Dorothy her husband David had passed away earlier in March ,David was swimming in the lake when he suffered a massive heart attack causing him to drown .
The funeral was held on a Saturday , many local people farewelled David as he was a well known and respected man . after a couple of months my mother asked me to go over and mow Dorothy's lawns for her as she hadn't arranged for anyone to help her with it .

I pulled out the old mower and a rake on a warm Sunday mid morning and headed over the road to her house . I opened the gate and rang the bell, I waited no answer , I figured Id just as well start, so I set to mowing the lawn the engine roared to life as I pulled the chord and in 15 minutes the front lawn was mown the leaves the catcher missed took minutes to rake ,I gathered up the tools and headed around back , I looked at the yard and thought this will take a while so Ill take a break , I walked out of the yard and over to our house grabbed a coke and a couple of biscuits mom asked if I was finished I laughed and said Dorothy's back yard is going to take all morning . Mom patted my shoulder and said lunch will be ready when your done then, now get going . I shook my head and whispered just loud enough for her to hear "slave driver " . she laughed , and just watched me go across the road again . I rounded the back corner of Dorothy's house and put my can on the table . As I looked up there in the window was a startled Dorothy I waved and pointed to the mower she just turned and walked away from the curtained window , I stared mowing the yard and 45 minutes later picked up the rake and got the last of the leaves and twigs .

I sat down under the shelter of the back porch to cool down sipping the coke , when the back door to the house opened and Dorothy stepped out her dressing gown open and her night dress white and almost transparent , in her hand a glass of ice tea . Dorothy looked very tied with black circles under her eyes , I said hello and she came over and offered me the ice tea she sat on the bench opposite me , I reached out took the drink and said that I was almost done , was there anything else she needed done . she said the pool water was green and had no idea what to do about it and that there was a globe in the bathroom that had gone out weeks ago she couldn't reach .

I told her the light was no problem but I will need to see what had to be done about the pool as I had never cleaned one .

I asked her if she was alright to which she answered "I'm on Prozac " its to make things easier for me but sleeping alone after all these years is almost impossible ,I finished the iced tea and put the empty coke can in the catcher of the mower . we did a little small talk and I did my best not to mention David ,but it was plain to see that he was on her mind every second I was there .

in the end I thought it best I should leave , so I told Dorothy Id Google the answer to her pool water and come over tomorrow morning. I stood and she said can you fix the light please in a pleading tone I cant shower in the dark, I looked at her in a silly way as if to say oops completely forgot about the light , we stood and Dorothy lead the way in the door and up the hall to her bathroom she said one minute and went into the room ,I'm guessing to clear away any mess in the room .and in a moment she called me into the bathroom , I hit the switch' nothing ' ok I said , putting my feet on the tub and reaching up I unscrewed the bulb and handed it to Dorothy I replaced with the new globe and asked her to try the light it worked , but as I went to step down my sneaker slid on the smooth tub I fell unceremoniously onto my rump the shock and suddenness of my fall made Dorothy scream . I hit the floor with a reverberating thud .

I sat for a moment just to work out if all my bits were in one piece , I looked over my shoulder to Dorothy she was in tears . I stood and laughed but she just sobbed more and more , I took her in my arms and said hey Im fine ,just clumsy . she looked so lost and so emotional , I hugged her close, she put her head on my shoulder and whimpered are you really ok , I smiled so she could see that I was fine . her embrace was strong and the longer she held me the more I was aware that her crying was subsiding and her breathing was slowing from shock to normal pace , I stepped back and shook off my fall one last time Dorothy reached in to her dressing gown pocket and pulled out some notes asking me how much she owed me for my work , I told her it was my pleasure , she stood quite for a moment, the said she really felt payment was in order as I had worked hard all morning and she felt it was the right thing for me to accept her payment . I looked her in the eye and said are you trying to get me throttled or what, my mother would be ropeable if I took money from you .and anyway you have payed me with the ice tea and a nice long hug , so ill see you in the morning when I come over and look at the pool again.

The next morning I returned to the pool and added chlorine and checked the PH level , the pool was not swimmable so I knocked on the back door to tell Dorothy that she wasn't able to use it right now , as I knocked the door opened .It was ajar > called out but like yesterday there was no answer so I walked in calling her name as I entered room after room first the kitchen then lounge , not finding her I then went to the hall , looking the bedrooms , she was not there when I arrived at the bathroom there was a puddle under the door , I knocked and no one answered so I pushed the door open there in the over flowing tub was Dorothy naked and not moving I took her arm so her head wasn't near the water level and turned the taps off I pulled her wet body from the tub and listened for her breathing , now id like to say I found this arousing but to be honest a major case of panic had taken the nudity factor right out of the situation, I was still trying to work out why Dorothy was not responsive to my presents in the room or the fact the water was cascading from the bath, I picked her athletic frame from the cold tiled floor and to her room I placed her on her bed and covered her wet cool body with her bedding I rang my mom and told her what had happened and to ring an ambulance , I dressed her in her nighty and dressing gown , id like to say I didn't notice her body with those breasts that looked so good not firm like a teen but slightly heavy looking but non the less they stood tall on her chest her stomach cute with its soft fold her trimmed pussy out grown but still not long enough to hide her protruding soft pink pussy lips but at a glance that was all I saw .on the other hand her bottom was soft but firm and her thighs had barely a mark on them , the ambulance arrived not long after mom rang them , the paramedics asked me if she was on medication , I said Prozac they looked in the bathroom and found her bottle empty , and in moments began pumping her stomach, now that was just gross, all that vomiting and her dry reaching sounded as painful as anything id ever heard.

the ambulance guys checked her pulse and blood pressure and asked if I lived here or was related to Dorothy I said I was from across the street and with that they asked if I could stay with her until she eats and contacts her doctor ? I had nothing to do tonight and she was really terrible so I said sure , Mom came over at dinner time with 2 plates of steak and vegies . Dorothy woke from her sleep about an hour after mom left she looked so sad and afraid , I made small talk and then she thanked me for staying with her , I asked if I should call a relative for her ,thinking she would be more at ease with family rather than me . she said no , and sniffled a little I handed her a tissue and said well the paramedics said you had to have company at least until you eat and my mom made us dinner .

so Ill put it in the microwave to heat it up again . she said no thanks I looked in the eye sternly and said Dorothy its dinner time and you will have your dinner or ill put you over my knee . she thought about a response but only came up with a cheeky grin and a nod .

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