Went on vacation to the Carolina's and stayed in little resort where we had our building. There were people wandering around outside occasionally. Don't know if she was seen but it was a turn on knowing the chance She is a little shy but likes the attention. We had hot sex after the pics.
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Vacation #0
Hello sweetheart, it's a pleasure to see you on our screens today.
Vacation #1
Wow that spot you've got is so pretty! Is there wildlife everywhere out there?
Vacation #2
Hello nipples!
Vacation #3
Vacation #4
It must be such a free and exhilarating feeling being able to be naked in the wilderness ...
Vacation #5
Your husband is a lucky bloke - you've got a great body babe!
Vacation #6
Vacation #7
All your curves are exactly where they should be.
Vacation #8
Thank you for making sure we have an awesome day after checking out your pics, this was the best way to entice us ... love your work sexy lady, please hurry back for more fun soon! :-) xxxx
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