Evette - USA
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"No TV At The Resort - NO PROBLEM!"
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My husband and I stayed at a beach resort in France last year.

We stayed for 3 days at a cozy little beach house just adjacent to nude beach at a large resort. The house looks a little weathered and run-down from the outside but was 5 star inside with a small pool right outside our back door surrounded by a privacy fence with a gate that leads out to the beach.

The first day we were there was quiet, we spent most of the day at the beach and finished the day with a dip in our private pool. The next day is when things heated up. It was the beginning of some holiday and the beach was absolutely packed with naked and almost naked people. We were fortunate to be able to retreat to our private yard to get away from the crowds and noise.

We had just come back from the beach and when we noticed the gate open and a guy and girl looking in the yard. They were obviously sunbathers from the beach looking for a private place. We were sitting right inside the house but they could not see us just because we were up higher and they never took the time to look in the patio window.

They were probably college students, the girl was Italian looking with short hair, big boobs and a perfect tan without even a trace of a tanline. The guy was typical French with a nice build and big cock. They were sitting on the side of the pool texting on their phones when another couple came in the gate and made their way up to the pool. The second couple was even better looking and more interested in seeing if anyone was inside and tried the door which we had locked.

After deciding no one was home the second couple took off their swim suites and started to fuck while the first couple watched. Then the first couple was starting to fuck when at least six girls came inside the gate and ran up to the pool.

We figured a text message must have alerted these additional visitors who obviously knew the two couples who and came to watch. When one of the six girls got too close to the couple fucking that guy pulled his dick out and made her suck it and lick his balls before sticking it back in.

This went on for a while until one of the six girls took off her bikini bottom and got up on one of the lawn chairs so the rest of the people could watch her get fucked in the ass.

They fucked for a while until that guy pulled out of her ass and another girl sucked him until he came in her mouth. The other girl and guy who were fucking had one of the girls taking cell phone photos until he must have cum in her pussy because he spread her legs and grabbed the phone to get photos.

we enjoyed the show

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