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I have always been a risk taker when it comes to the sex but my wife was as conservative as I was adventurous. My wife is 5”5’, Blonde (all natural), about 65kg’s with fantastic C cup breasts. I am your average punter 6” 90kg’s nothing special but attractive enough to hold the attention of most women if I wanted it. Until now we have always had a very mundane sex life together. My wife suspects I have my Bi side but it was never discussed and ignorance was bliss. I would often sneak off to the local adult theatre and find a guy who wanted a cock to suck or when the mood took me or I found a nice cock I would give them one. It started to change when my wife found a receipt from the movie theatre in my pocket. After the initial confrontation and tears, I down played the theatre and even suggested she could come with me and see it was just like any other theatre and not a rolling sex orgy. She said she wouldn’t set foot in a place like that and I was disgusting.

A few weeks past and I told her straight out I was going to the theatre to watch a porno or I was going to bring one home and watch it was her choice. I knew she hated them in the house as she was always worried that one of the kids would find it. To my surprise, she said she would come and make sure that was where I was going and would “wait in the car”. I drove to the theatre which is in an industrial estate and I could see her desire to wait in the car had changed to “don’t leave me alone for a second “. As we entered I walked past a few sex toys and asked her opinion and her head was spinning around like a meerkat on caffeine. I asked her if she was coming as I purchased 2 tickets to the theatre. She followed me in letting me guide the way. The theatre is more like a lounge with couches and chairs scattered around and we found a vacant couch toward the rear of the cinema. I admit I was as hard as rock as I sat with my wife watching a young girl on screen take 2 large cocks. It was then I felt my wife elbow me and gesture to the left when she noticed a guy near us slowly stoking his cock. It was nothing special size wise but it was hard and he was a very attractive guy. I told her to ask him if he would like a hand and she grunted and pretended to now have interest in the on-screen action. I decided I needed to re arrange my own furniture as my cock was trying to force its way out of my jeans. As I put my easily my front to ease the pressure my wife just watched so I decided to slowly take my cock out and stroke it just like the guy over. She didn’t say a thing so I placed her hand on my cock and slowly reached my hand into her lap. I decided not to push things and slowly rubbed her pussy through her jeans. After 5 minutes, even the thick material of the jeans couldn’t hide how wet she was. I slowly undid her zip and worked my finger onto her panties and resumed the slow circular motions on her clit. Our friend over the way had noticed the action and had moved position so my wife could see more clearly when he was doing.

I could tell she was getting close so I stopped what I was doing and whispered into her ear I was cramping in my hand and I couldn’t reach she would need to take her pants down a bit. Slowly but surely my wife edged her ass off the seat and slipped her jeans down and I resumed my attention to her clit. Old mate over the way took his opportunity and came and sat right behind her. I bridged my hand so he could see her hairless pussy evetime he leaned forward. My wife breathing was running quickly and her eyes screwed closed when our friend reached over and started to rub and tweak my wife’s nipples through her top her eyes opened slightly we made eye contact and she tipped over the edge orgasming like I haven’t ever seen before. The guy behind us slowly leaned back but continued to stroke his cock and watch more of the movie. Now my wife’s orgasm had subsided she was keen to redress and get the hell out of there when I reminded her I still needed to cum and wasn’t in a hurry to leave. She suggested I ask the bloke behind me to help as she was leaving. I wished her good luck and returned to the movie. My wife stood up and started to walk to the door and noticed I wasn’t following. As she left I had undone my pants and slid them down and now made no pretence of hiding that I was stroking my cock and was on full display. My wife came back and I suggested if she wanted to get out of here quick she should suck my cock, I would cum quick and everyone would be happy. She declined my offer but the guy who lent a helping hand to my wife offered to lend me some assistance too as he came around and sat beside me. I was unsure where this was going and nervous as hell. The guy reached over and started to stroke my cock. My wife didn’t say a thing but reached over and helped like she wanted to remain in control of what was going down. I had 2 hands on my cock and ball so I was just going with the flow. It was now our friend got brave and bent down to suck my cock. I nearly hit the roof when I felt the warmth of wet lips past over my cock head. Again, like the stroking my wife took over and started to suck my cock like she has never done before. I had our helpful stranger licking my balls while my wife sucked my cock and they began to kiss as he groped her tits through her top.

My wife sat up and undid her bra slipped it out the arm of her top allowing our friend easier access. The brake in passion between them while she did that was all our friend needed to stand up and thrust his gorgeous cock into my mouth. Without thinking it though and partially out of habit I found myself sucking on his cock like a mad man moaning and swirling my tongue around his glands. He grabbed me by the head and began to thrust in and out of my mouth till my wife mad a strange noise that mad us both jump. We had been so lost in the action we hadn’t noticed another patron slide up behind my wife and run his hand between my kneeling wife’s legs to her sopping wet hole. After the initial shock my wife looked behind and obviously decided not to object. I returned to sucking that perfect cock and watching a stranger rub my wife’s pussy through her jeans. Our second stranger lent forward and took a huge sniff of my wife’s ass and pussy while he released his cock and man this thing was a monster. I told my wife to suck it and she turned in her seat to comply. This positioned her ass and pussy beside my head. I stopped sucking my friend for a moment and told him I want to suck you while I’m balls deep in my wife’s hot box. I reached round and slowly worked my wife’s pants down while she knelt up head down sucking our second friends cock. I positioned myself at her hole and thrust full force into her. After 5 -6 hard thrusts, I looked round for my cock toy to resume sucking when I felt a head slide under and start licking my balls. I began to ease in and out of my wife loving the tongue that was now exploring my cock and wife’s pussy. I was going to blow my load everywhere. A few more hard thrusts and I erupted in my wife. All while the tongue below me went into overdrive. My now half soft cock “popped” out and before I could move my friend had pulled my wife’s hips down so he could savour all the cum flowing from my wife’s orgasming’s pussy. Her moans where muffled by the large cock trying to force its way down her throat. I worked my cock back in my friend’s mouth and let him taste the last few drops and eased out of the way. Our friend looked as my and shrugged my shoulders so he positioned himself behind my wife and slipped inside her. she was that busy with the cock n her mouth she didn’t care who was inside her. Like myself our friendly helper had been holding it for a while and didn’t take long to shoot his load in my wife. As he did before I went in and lapped at her sweet hole.

Our large friend gestured to me to come around the front and I watched my wife suck his pole. My cock had started to harden and he reached out and drew my hips to his face and started to suck my cock. Here I am leaning over my wife’s head on a cock with my cock buried in a stranger’s mouth when I felt a tongue snake into my ass. This must be heaven I think to myself and enjoy the sensation of the tongue in my ass. I feel fingers now working into my ass as well and I am loving this feeling. I had never had a cock in my ass but every fibre in my being was hoping a cock would get slid in so I could feel it just once. Then it happened our first friend had found his mojo again and was now sliding in and out of my ass. My wife with the enthusiasm of a young girls springs up and says I must see this. She is there watching like an episode supernatural glued to the scene in front of her. She slowly starts to work my balls and then I felt the cock inside me twitch and fill my full cum. The cum seem to sap the energy from my cock and our large friend slipped out from underneath me. I was to sleepy to move until felt the head of the monster being guided into my ass from by my wife!

I wasn’t sure I could do this and I admit it hurt in the best kind of way. Mr big was soon jamming it in and out of my ass with little care of weather I could handle the size or not. Luckily, he was no stayer either and soon my ass received it second load of cum. I slumped forward and hear our friends thank my wife and adjust their clothing. I sat round feeling the cum run from my ass or I hoped it was cum and not my intestine after that large cock. I pulled my pants up gingerly and we headed home. My wife half way home looked at me and said “so it’s just like a normal theatre then” I tried not to laugh as even that hurt my ass. My wife said she would look at it when we got home in the light but to be honest I just wanted to curl up and sleep.

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