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Courtney was so hot when she came into my store and the tube top with those micro mini shorts of hers just made those long legs look longer. She always had told me about her Mom and her hanging out at their pool all day and by looking at her tan you could tell that there was a zero tan line going on. Courtney loved to tease and really enjoyed older guys looking and letting her know she was hot. As she walked in I was so totally into checking her out, I did not see her mom walking in behind her.

I was a manager at the grocery store they shopped at in an affluent area of Texas and a lot of good looking women would drift in and out of the place so as Courtney said Hi and flirted in her usual way, touching my arm and brushing her nice 36D breasts on my forearm, I noticed this gorgeous looking woman standing just behind her with a cart. I started to move out of her way with Courtney and then she looked back and said Oh this is my Mom Janice. Her mom smiled and stepped from behind the cart as I moved to shake her hand and introduce myself and found myself almost unable to speak.

Her mom was drop dead gorgeous. She possessed a petite frame with the same 36D breasts, shapely legs that were tan and was wearing a white halter top and some tight shorts that outlined her every curve. Instantly, I thought MILF as I shook her hand and tried not to drool. She must have liked what she saw too because she held my hand a moment and looked me over with this sexy smile on her face of approval and then squeezed a little as she said Very nice to meet you at last. Courtney was holding on to my other arm and as usual her titties were pressed against my arm as she asked her mom isn't he handsome? I blushed and looked down at her as she looked up with her long brownish hair with accent in it and just wanted to take her out back and fuck her brains out she looked so hot all the time.

Her mom must have read my mind because I felt her hand on my other arm and the same feeling but warmer as she placed her titties against me too and heard her tell Courtney that she had no idea. They both laughed and lightly pinched my skin and lucky for me the store was all but empty at 1030AM. Courtney asked when I came in today and I told her early. She said then you get off soon huh? I nodded yes and was totally unprepared for the next question. She looked up at me and asked if I wanted to come over for a swim? I was married and somehow never figured that this flirting would move to anything so I just told her that her mom would frown at having an older man coming home with her daughter and looked to her mom for confirmation. You can imagine my surprise when she looked me in the eye and said we both would like you to come for a swim.

She told me to think it over and let her know after she got done shopping and with that they both headed into the store for their groceries. I headed to my office to sit down and regain my control because my cock was about to jump out of my pants it was so hard. I sat there for the next fifteen or twenty minutes when I heard a knock on the door. It was Courtney and her mother and when I emerged from the office, her mom asked if I could help them out with the groceries? I said sure and pushed the cart out following behind them both. The view was breathtaking as they both worked their asses well and those long shapely legs were to die for. Her mom glanced back and caught me checking out her ass and when I noticed, she winked and walked down to the end of the front row of cars.

I had to go around behind the car and put the groceries in the trunk as Courtney and her mom got into the car. Her mom on the driver’s side just sat down and had her legs out of the car as she called out to me. I walked up beside her car which was against a hedge and since her car door was open, no one could see down to us because the pillar for the building blocked the view. She was just sitting there as I walked up and stood and then she asked for me to crouch down because the sun was in her eyes behind me so as I did, we were totally secluded from the rest of the parking lot.

Courtney was smiling from her side of the car and was turned toward us as her Janice asked if I was coming over for a swim. I told her I did not have a suit today maybe some other time and to that she said you can use my husbands he is your size. I was about to try another excuse when she spread her legs a little with her back to Courtney and with her right hand, she lifted the tight shorts she wore out of the way and showed me her pussy and then asked if I was sure I could not come over? My eyes were mesmerized as I asked her how to get there. Courtney let out a Yes as mom explained the route and then reached out like she was going to draw it on my hand and instead, she placed my hand on her exposed mound and softly said follow this scent as she pressed my fingers into her wet pussy.

Courtney did not appear to realize what she had done and her mom did it all effortlessly as she pulled my hand away and swung her legs into the car and said see you about one. She backed out and waved to me as she drove off in her New BMW. The next hour went by so slow but when it came time to head home, I was gone in an instant. I drove back through the neighborhood toward their place and when I saw the long driveway leading back to their ranch style house, my heart began to pound. I parked and Courtney came running out in a two piece that was barely a postage stamp.

Those perfect tits of hers were bouncing naturally with her every move and those long legs oh so tan were a leg man’s dream as she met me as I got out of my truck. She tossed herself into my arms and pressed all of her into me and planted a kiss on my cheek as her mom started to walk from the front door toward us. I thought she was hot in that white halter top but this suit was barely covering her nipples let alone her tits and the thong type bikini bottom was all it took to bring my cock to full attention. She smiled that sexy smile as she walked up to greet me as Courtney slithered over to my left side and I tried to reach out and shake her hand with my right and was again left speechless as she slipped into my chest and put her arm around my waist letting her hand find my ass and squeeze a little as she pressed her tits into my side and in her bare feet, she stood on her tiptoes and laid a kiss on my cheek as she said thank you for coming.

They started walking toward the house as my right arm rested over each of their shoulders and Courtney's arm rested around my waist as her mom’s stayed on my ass copping a feel with each step. We entered the house and headed thru it to the back and the pool as Courtney let go and slipped thru the door ahead of us running and diving into their angled pool. Janice took the opportunity to move in front of me and with her hands on my ass; she pressed in close and asked if I had ever had a mother and daughter before?

My face was red as she gave me a sexy little laugh and before I could answer, she moved one hand down between my legs and massaged my already hard cock for just a moment and said follow me as she headed toward a small room just next to the pool. I followed behind her watching her bare ass cheeks barely bounce as she worked that ass all the way to the room. She slipped inside and told me to follow as Courtney called out for us to hurry and as I looked her way, she was tossing her top up on the side of the pool and then leaned back and floating there alone, I could see that she had already removed her bottom as her trimmed brown hair faintly showed. I felt her mom’s hand on mine as she led me inside and told me to strip and she would find a suit.

I moved over to the chair and removed my shoes and then my shirt and as I pulled the polo shirt over my head, I felt hands on my belt buckle and then my button and zipper as I laid the shirt back on the chair, Janice was kneeling down in front of me as she pulled down my pants and had me step from them. She tossed them aside and then hooked her fingers over the waistband of my sport jockey shorts and pressed her mouth up against my thick hard cock as it waited to be released there under the shorts. Her mouth was opening wide as she tried to take it thru the material and all I could think about was her soft gloss lipstick staining the front and my wife finding it.

She pulled my shorts down slow and teased me all the while and then when the head of my cock peaked over the top of the band, her tongue flicked the precum from it and then as if she wanted it to be a dramatic moment, she plunged my shorts down and let my cock spring out at her as one of her hands pulled them to the floor and the other grabbed a hold of it and positioned it right in front of her mouth. I stepped from my briefs and stood there with my legs apart and this MILF holding my cock as her to die for daughter was naked in the pool calling out to us to hurry and then it hit me. I could actually have them both at the same time. Janice slowly licked the head of my cock and looking up asked if I liked getting my cock sucked? I told her that I liked it just as much as I like eating pussy.

She came right back and told me that I was a lucky man today because I was going to eat young and old pussy. She then licked my long stiff shaft and in between slurps and licks, she told me that she had taught her daughter how to tease and told her that she should try to find a man that was older because they know how to please a woman. As she talked to me, I felt her fingers massaging my balls and teasing me more and more then backing off to let me build up again. Her skills were perfect and I told her so. I told her that is how I do my women too. I Tease them and work them up and then ease off and bring them back again and again before I let them get off. She long stroked my cock and then opened her mouth wide and sucked it inside getting my legs to shake with the pleasure. As the head of my cock emerged from her mouth, she asked if I thought she was a MILF. I looked down at her and cupped her chin and lifted her up toward me then with my hands doing the talking, I cupped her breasts and let them roam all over her body and finally pulled her to me by cupping her ass cheeks and letting my cock press into her belly as I took one hand and lifted her mouth to mine and kissed her passionately then told her that she was definitely a Mother I would Love to Fuck.

She laughed under her breath that sexy laugh and grabbed my cock and put it between her legs and then jumped as I lifted her and wrapping those long legs around my waist, she slowly lowered herself down on my cock as I held it in ready for her. The glazed look in her brown eyes told me that she was happy with its size and when she lowered herself down and buried it deep inside of her, I knew this was going to be a moment in time for me. She told me to carry her out to the pool just like this and when I looked down at her, she said she wanted Courtney to see me fucking her so she would beg for it too. I smiled and did as she said and when we emerged thru the door, Courtney began to pout and tell her mom that she wanted to fuck me first.

Her mom told her to get out of the pool and show your man how much you want his cock. She placed her hands on the side of the pool and lifted her long frame up, displaying her solid body to me for the first time and when she took a few steps toward us; her titties were swaying and bouncing in perfect rhythm to her every step. Her mom had her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist and her pussy swallowing my cock as her daughter of 18 stood there naked in front of us in the warm Texas sun by the pool. Her mom told her to reach out and feel my shaft and to massage my balls tenderly and as if she had been coached time and time again, she reached out and with soft hands, caressed my aching balls with one hand and let her slender tan fingers circle my shaft as it entered her mom’s pussy. Her mom lifted herself up and then slowly lowered herself down onto my shaft a few times and told Courtney to feel the sticky precum from my cock and also from her hungry pussy. Courtney did as she was told and then was told to sit on the lounge and work on my balls with her mouth.

I thought I would die right there. This too hot long legged eighteen year old who for six months had been flirting with me, getting my cock all stirred up when she came into the store, was going to go down on me in front of her mother, who I imagined all this time would have a cow if she knew what I was thinking and it was going to happen with her mom hanging from my hips with my cock buried in her to die for pussy. I closed my eyes as Courtney's hands guided me toward the lounge chair and I felt her soft hands take my balls into them and the next sensation I felt was this warm mouth enclosing over my shaved balls as her other hand continued to touch my cock as it slowly pumped up and down into her mom right before her eyes. Janice soon had to get down as her arms were tiring but she wanted to remain in the instructional mode to Courtney so she told her to go down on my cock while she watched and told her how to do it right.

Courtney was a natural and Janice was too because as her daughter had a hold of my cock and was opening wide to suck it good, she sat down behind me and took my balls into her mouth. Sucking and licking as her beautiful daughter sucked my nine inch cock. I reached out and began to fondle Courtney's titties and soon her nipples were hard as she began to moan and say mmmmmm as she had my cock buried in her mouth. Her mom’s fingers were busy too as she probed my ass and sucked my balls and when my legs began to buckle, Janice told Courtney to get up and let me sit down. Janice lowered the lounge down flat and had me lay there as she told Courtney to come sit on my face and let the nice man eat your young pussy right for you. I inhaled her scent as she lowered herself down and teased her unmercifully before I let the tip of my tongue flicker over her young dripping wet cunt.

Her mom saw her daughters eyes and told her to go with it baby let the nice man bring you there. Sure enough, Courtney began to quiver and shake as her first orgasm of the day exploded inside of her. As she did, she told Courtney to come over and mount my shaft. My girth is above average and the length is a good nine inches hard so as Courtney turned and faced me and lowered down onto my stiff shaft, mom walked over and straddled my face and said my turn as she filled my mouth with her great smelling totally wet pussy. I reached up and cupped a breast from the daughter and a breast from the mother and to this time, I can honestly say they were both as natural and great feeling to the touch as I could have imagined. Courtney was grinding that young pussy into me harder and harder as she rode me like a horse. Slow and hard like she was riding a bull or slow loping on a horse.

Whatever you want to label it, the scene was mind blowing with that young snatch on my hot shaft as mom straddled my face letting me eat that older pussy now and loving every minute of it. I finally felt my cum beginning to boil between my loins and told mom that I was about to cum. She told her daughter to slow some and let me blow my cum up deep into her young tight pussy. She wanted her young daughter to be fucked good and know what it was like to feel a real man’s cum shooting off inside of her. Courtney was moaning now and getting ready to blow too so mom reached over and took her nipples in between her fingers and tweaked them until she came. It was like a rushing river as her juices released, I could feel her young pussy tighten and release and soon she collapsed down on top of my chest. Her mom was riding a wave too and also came in my mouth so I was busy gulping down that sweet tasting cum.

Janice told Courtney to dive in and cool off then get into the hot tub and we would join her so as she did, Janice asked if she could do me sixty nine and bring me back to life? I told her oh hell yes and with that this MILF bent down and started licking my cock again. It took this experienced MILF about five minutes to bring me back to life and it took me about the same to get her clit harder than ever. We smiled at each other and worked it for the next ten minutes before we headed over to the spa. Courtney was laying back with her legs spread and her arms up on the edge with those nice titties floating up in front of her. Her brown nipples were firming up as they stood proudly and looked perfect against her skin. All that time spent in the store watching her move around filled my mind as I gazed at her and when she looked up and saw me there with yet another hard on, she let out a squeal and said she wanted it. Mom entered ahead of me and when she reached back and took hold of my cock and led me down into the pool, I simply followed like a good boy as she lead me over to her daughter and told me to do her slowly now.

I took her daughters foot in my hands and slowly kissed her feet and worked her toes. I sucked and licked and kissed her foot for fifteen minutes before I switched to the other one and did not quit until I felt she was ready to let me move up. I worked her legs with my soft but firm hands and eased my way up toward her soft thighs as her mom watched and commented how well that must feel as her young daughter moaned with pleasure. Courtney let her legs spread wider and wider in anticipation as I kissed those soft inner thighs with warm passionate kisses, sucking and using my tongue with every move as this eighteen year old nympho squirmed below me begging me to eat her pussy. I teased her good as I felt her mom's hands on my ass working it over and then felt her other hand as she stroked my thick cock. Courtney was pushing her hips up to me as I kissed the area between her legs and pussy mound and then laid the flat of my tongue over her pouting pussy lips. She tried to pull my head into her and when I felt she needed it or else, I let the tip of my tongue flicker up and down over her pussy lips as she pushed her hips up and tried to grind that cunt into my mouth.

I asked her if she liked to have her pussy eaten by an older man. And I heard her moan loudly as she said YESSSSS, then I asked if she thought it would feel this good when she was teasing me in the store? She shook her head no as I told her that I wanted to eat your pussy from the first time you flirted. She cried out that I should have told her but when I told her what I thought her mother might say, she laughed and told me that I still should have asked, she would not have told her. She looked up as I flicked the tip of my tongue slowly around her swollen hard clit and the glazed look in her eyes told it all as she told her mom how fucking good that feels. Her mom was now sucking my cock again and so I shifted my comments to her as I asked if she liked that cock? She moaned and said mmmmmmmm as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft as I slowly buried my nose into her daughter’s young pussy and inhaled her scent. Courtney rose up to take me in as my hands worked her titties and her mom moved back to my balls. I asked her mom if she knew she was a MILF and if she liked being a MILF. She said oh god yes I love being looked at and admired just like Courtney. We dress alike and I wear all her tight revealing clothes just so I can make men look and I love it.

I asked her if she liked for younger boys to look at her and she said yes but she liked older men to really fuck her. I asked if she would like to come to the store some evening just as we close and let my night crew of boys fuck her. She smiled and said she would love to and as I moved up over her daughter's belly kissing and sucking as I went, Courtney chimed in that she wanted to fuck the boys too. Her mom replied before I could and said that they could both come and do the crew. I smiled as I worked in under those soft supple breasts and felt her mom lining my cock up at her daughter's entrance. I move a little higher an took each breast in my hands and worked those over for about five minutes and then quickly began to move from one nipple to the other until I had Courtney begging me to do her.

Her mom now had my cock poking at her daughters entrance and as she maneuvered my cock head around and around up and down over her pussy, Courtney yelled out for me to put that big cock inside of me right now and with that her mom pushed my ass forward and as she did I felt my cock slide down inside that tight twat filling her from side to side and it rammed home and then came to an abrupt halt against the back of her. She tossed her legs out wide to take me in deeper and then threw them around my waist as I felt her mom’s tongue circling my ass. She was trying to distract me and make me last longer and it was working as I slow stroked her daughter and then with every push in, I took it out to the tip slowly and slow stroked her getting her to cry out in pleasure at how fucking good this feels as her mom stuck her finger down into my ass. She rubbed her to die for tits across my ass and the soft skin sensation there was about all I could stand as I just kept pumping her daughter while mom fingered my ass. I wanted to see her mom’s face so I told her to come lay next to her daughter and as she laid down there I could see that they both had similar bodies and so I started kissing their breasts and sucking their nipples as I fucked her daughter.

Then I heard mom say fuck me too. I pulled from Courtney and told them to turn over and get on their knees. They did as I said and for the next thirty minutes, I did them both doggie style first mom then the daughter over and over for a few strokes each. I could see their titties swaying in the breeze under them as they reflected in the water and the excitement inside of me grew with each thrust and when I tired, I told them to come finish as I laid down and let Courtney sit on my face and her mom mount my still stiff shaft. Mom rode me like a champion and her daughter, well let’s just say Courtney loved watching her mom fuck me as she sat on my face and ground her young still fresh smelling cunt in harder and harder as I fingered both her clit and her mom’s until they both got what they wanted.

With Courtney's cum running down my cheeks and her mom’s cum oozing down my shaft, I slipped my middle fingers deep into both of them and told them to be at the store tomorrow night after closing because five guys were going to give them all the sex they needed. They both laughed and said they could hardly wait as I felt them both shudder inside and cum again. Spent, we all slipped into the spa Mom on arm and Daughter on the other as they both played with my limp cock and I fondled the best two sets of titties I had ever seen. Later we got it on some more before I had to leave and get home, while they had to rush in and get dinner for their man of the house.

As I climbed up into my truck, they both came up and gave me a long wet kiss and said you will be there tomorrow night too won't you...and I told them I would not miss it for the world...they both giggled that naughty giggle and asked me to finger them once more so I stepped down and slipped my fingers under their bath towels and soon had them both moaning as they kissed my neck and rubbed my tired cock. They came one last time standing there in that driveway and to this day, that is how I picture them. A daughter with looks to die for and a Mother that is a MILF.....both beautiful nymphos and both of them wanted to fuck me anytime anywhere.

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