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I was planning on going straight on to the situation where she "entertained" a room of 8 guys at one time BUT I have had several say that would prefer to hear about some of her other "sexcapades" first. So, I'll try to comply.

This one is not going to be as detailed as the last story OR as detailed as the one still to come when she enjoyed a room full of 8 guys. Why? Well, to be honest, she had so many situations where she had sexual fun with 2, 3 and even 4 that they all kind of "run together" in the details.

What can I tell you about the situation with the one woman? Not a whole lot, friend. It was all pretty much the same scenario that I have already shared. A ride up on the elevator with some flirting going on and the lady invited my wife on down to her room a little later on. My wife said that when she arrived the other lady had on a little nightie and, like the previous story, they pretty much went straight into some intense touching and kissing. I'll be honest with you, I don't remember if there were any "toys" involved or not but I do remember that my wife just said that it was VERY erotic. As you've heard before, my wife says that, yes, it is true - a woman just knows how to treat another woman. They did happen to see each other at breakfast the next morning but then went their separate ways.

I'm going to just kind of "lump" these situations together. Like I said, they all kind of run together but they all share some similarities that should still make it interesting. I've been asked again and, yes, these stories are all true. If you've not had the chance, go back and read the previous two stories and take a look at the pictures that I've put up to give you a pretty good idea of how my wife is built and how she would "dress for the occasion".

Overall, these situations took place when, following a time of flirting on the elevator, my wife would go up and down the hallway "looking for the ice machine" (always her excuse even though she usually didn't take the ice bucket with her) and then joining in to whatever fun and inviting situation that might appear.

I have been unable to find a picture showing you what I had said that she usually wore when "on the prowl" up and down the hallway but, I'll describe it again. She'd wear her short, short, skin tight "yoga shorts" (can you imagine how her ass looked in that???) and a very low, stretchy top that didn't leave much to the imagination. She'd have it pulled down to just above her nipples and yes, those nipples were on full display even through the shirt.

As was mentioned before, these guys would ALWAYS have their doors open (HOPING that some lady might walk by) and, at times, one guy would be standing in the doorway and, at other times, they would just be in the room but definitely watching for whoever might wander by. She says that it was always kind of funny to her but they ALWAYS had their shirts off (regardless of what kind of shape they were in) and either had on shorts or, most of the time, they were prancing around in their boxer shorts or whatever kind of underwear they were wearing.

She would either be spotted and invited in or, if for some reason they didn't see her as she walked by, she would walk back by again, stick her head in the door and ask about the ice machine...which always then turned into an invite into the room. Once the others (how ever many there were) heard a woman's voice and/or saw her come in she had the full attention of all that were there.

Even with her shirt the way it was, the first comments usually were about how good her ass looked in those shorts. Now, if you've read the stories then you know how flirtatious and "open" my wife is in these situations so, she would stick her ass out a bit, wiggle it some and, with a sly smile on her face, she would say, "Sooooo...y'all like that, huh?" And, then, the fun would really begin.

She would tell them (if someone hadn't done so already) that someone needed to shut the door...she would invite them to touch (her ass) and then it was just a matter of time before those shorts came off (she usually wasn't wearing any kind of panties), the shirt came off, tits were sucked, pussy was fingered and she would naturally start reaching for whatever cock she could get her hands on.

The way she is (STILL is) once she starts stroking cock, she almost automatically drops to her knees to start sucking that cock! Depending on how many guys there were, she usually would spend time sucking however many cocks were before her and then someone would lay on the bed and get her to come to them to suck which, of course, put her ass in the prime position for someone to dive into her ass and pussy with their mouths and, of course, with their throbbing cocks.

She says that this was how it almost ALWAYS happened for the "fuck fest" to begin. And, yes, as I shared with you in the last story, she would usually see who and how many could cum more than once and go for as long as they could "produce". (She has often been referred to as, "The Engergizer Bunny")

I know I'm skipping a LOT of details, but I'm saving that for the next story that WILL be the situation where she came across a room (2 rooms, adjoining) of 8 guys. THAT one stands out in my mind in full detail because it is soooo incredibly erotic and sexy!!!

Hey, take the time to VOTE and, even though this was not as detailed as the last, take into consideration that these are all a part of a whole situation that she constantly put herself in. Take that into consideration as you vote and leave comments and, get ready for that last one that I share....DAMN, IT'S GOING TO BE HOT!

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