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"Wife's Photographer Friend"
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This is my first visit to this website and I am here because my buddy Al told me I should post this story.

After a couple of years of marriage my first wife and I agreed on what's classically called an "open relationship". I was lucky because I worked in an office full of women that were interested in fucking.

My wife was a housewife at the time and although she's a very attractive blond lady about 5'4", 125 pounds the places she was going just did not have the guys she was looking for. All of that changed when she started working the reception desk at a gym not too far from the house. She had guys hitting on her all the time and she found a couple guys who she was attracted to and occasionally invited one or the other over to the to the house.

When she first started seeing these guys she did her business during the day, not the evening. I was at work during the day anyway and figured it would be a little too weird for her husband to be there so I went and did my own thing.

She started telling me stories about these young guys she fucks and how she's able to boss them around and make them do anything she wants. That got me interested in getting some of this on camera and thought about setting up a hidden camera but most of those videos are really poor quality.

So we came up with a plan: I purchased some used photographic gear, a decent camera that does stills and video, some lighting and the traditional photographer's vest.

The next time my wife invited one of her little boyfriends over she asked them if a photographer friend could get some photos of them fucking. Without any hesitation both of the guys she was fucking said sure.

It worked! I drove up to the house, put on my photographer's outfit, grabbed my camera bag and knocked on my own front door. The wife introduced me to her boy-toy as "Bobby Diamond" her photographer. We headed upstairs and I got to photograph and video a great fuck show. It figures my wife would pick a hot guy with a giant cock and I was asking for different positions and everything else I could think of including some anal which my wife voted NO on. Ultimately I had that guy shoot a load of cum in her mouth and we were done with the first photo shoot.

My roll as the photographer was over and I loaded up my camera gear in the mini-van and headed down the street until the wife text me and said he was gone.

We did that a bunch of times.

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