Name - Blake

Age - 21

Place Of Birth - Cronulla, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Lives Now - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Position - Production

Previous Jobs - KFC, Stripper (When drunk), Band Groupie (For bands who let me hang with them)...

Education - High school graduate, Part time business university studies.

Hobbies - Drinking, Music, Tattoos, Movies, Drawing,

Favorite Music - Indie rock, folk, some heavy stuff and some more chilled out stuff. I'm not one to knock back anything... Unless it sounds like Taylor Swift.

Favorite Food - Pizza?? Indian?? I'm a fiend for anything!... perhaps a bit of garlic bread.

Favorite Drink - Scotch! Down into my belly!

Favorite Movie - Anything horrifying or has my rolling around the floor laughing.

Favorite TV - At the moment: The Walking Dead!

Favorite Actor - Ricky Gervais, Russel Brand, Etc.

Favorite Saying - "Where we're going, we don't need roads".

If I could have one wish - One date with Katy Perry. I would do my best to win her over... Sorry Russel, and Mayer... And whoever else.