Name - Ray

Age - 49

Place Of Birth - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Lives Now - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Position - Ceo and Owner Watchersweb Group

Previous Jobs - Corporate Director

Education - Bachelor Business with a major in marketing (BBus) . Masters Degree in Political Science

Hobbies - Helicopters, Swimming, Surfing, Drinking, Reading

Favorite Music - Hans Zimmer, Nightwish, Freddie Mercury

Favorite Food - Seafood

Favorite Drink - Scotch!!!

Favorite Movie - Gladiator,

Favorite TV - Judge John Deed, Midsommer Murders, Homeland

Favorite Actor - Russell Crowe

Favorite Saying - If I can't bank it, drink it or fuck it I'm not interested

If I could have one wish - To go back in time and spend an hour chatting with Freddie Mercury