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I had teased her all week. I sent her sexy messages and filthy gifs of some of what I had in mind for her. She’d tell me about her stressful day and I’d reassure her that if she didn't cum, I would make it all better and get her out of her own head, over the weekend.

By the time I walked through the door, she was wet, needy, and willing to do anything to be allowed to cum, she was mine. I could do whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted, take her however I wanted. She’s my property to use how I saw fit and she knew it.

It's been a very long week for me, at work, as well, so I wasn't in the mood for playing around or dealing with cutesy.

“Gets those off,” I said. “I need to fuck.”

“Yes Sir,” she took a deep breath and bunched up her dress, pulled it over her head, and tossed it aside, hooked her fingers into the lace of her thong, slide them down until they fell around her ankles, then stepped out of them and stood there waiting for my next move.

“Turn around, show me that ass,” while I made twirling motion with my fingers, try to distract her from seeing the amount of lust in my eyes.

She swallowed hard, the words sent arousal spiralling through her, even though part of her brain was still shocked at my bluntness, but this was just what good girls, like her, need to shuck social conventions and explore the things they never had the courage to admit to anyone else. So she turned and displayed her ass for me. I ran my hands over her skin admiring her perfect imperfections, appreciating the curves of her hips, before settling on the fleshiest part and given it a firm squeezing which caused her to straighten and nearly jump.

“Easy. I’m not going to hurt you….yet.”

She made a noise, half gasp, half hitched breath as my fingers curled under her ass, grazing her labia, but it was the feeling of heat and wetness gave her away. I trailed them down her inner thighs, making her shiver.

“But you want me to hurt you, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Her voice cracked on the word, high-pitched and nervous.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir.” She stomach tightened with nerves and anticipation.

“Better. What else do you want?”


“It’s a simple question. You want me to hurt you. What else do you want?”

Her mind raced with the possibilities, all the things she read about, watched, fantasized about. Spanking, control, pain and pleasure, mixed my dominance, and blended with her submission. She wanted to be at my mercy and for me not to be at all merciful at all, but she struggled to put so many thoughts into meaning words.

“I-I want…I don’t know..I want to be controlled? I want it rough, I guess. I need…” She trailed off into miserable silence, cursing herself for her lack of worldliness and inability to express herself.

She was naked, but being too shy. I knew I had to push her a bit. I grabbed her throat and pushed her against the wall.

“What do you want?” I said again.

“Your dick, Sir,” she blurted out without thinking.


“I mean, your cock, Sir. Please,” she said, looking up at me nervously knowing that just made another mistake.

“Mmm. Good girl,” I said, “remove my pants.“

She knelt down, and closed her eyes for a second, as her hand reaches up reverently stroking my cock through my pants, as the cold tiles pressed into her knees. She fumbled with my belt buckle, pussy soaked wet for attention, but for the moment all she can care about is my cock and getting it into her mouth.

Unable to maintain my patients any longer, I helped her undo my zipper, then, before she pushed my pants down pass my thighs, she was leaning forward, with her tongue darting forth licking my cock slowly, to not only satisfy her need to taste me, but to draw a teasing line along the length of my cock trying to regain a minuscule amount of control.

She moved even closer, so her knees pressed up against the sides of my shoes, her legs slightly spread as she tried to taste the rest of my cock all at once. I sighs and groans, as she looked up at me for a moment, simply smiling, acknowledging how right it felt to be here in front of me, but my eyes on her were too intense, so she closed them again before guiding the length of my smooth, warm cock into her mouth, going slowly until she had all of me inside of her. Then even more slowly I withdrew my cock out of her mouth, as she held her mouth open, wanting more. I stood over her, my cock in my one hand, slow stroking it at her. In my other hand I grabbed her neck, held her in place, the side of her face pinned against my hip, forcing her to stare at my cock mere inches from her face, letting her enjoy my scent and feel my strength.

I smiled down at her some more. “Oh, look how desperate my little fucktoy is to pleasure me? I see my teasing and flirting have had their effect. Now I'm going to make you beg like you’ve never begged before.” She felt a quiver in her pussy, her body trembling softly, as she listened to my words. She loved when I spoke to her like that. Loved it even more when I executed my plans.

Her mouth still opened, her body yearned for, needed, my cock. She could feel the firmest of my grip of my hand on her neck, as her mouth opened slightly wider, wanting more. Her pulse thumped in response, as she reveled in the immediate feeling of vulnerability. “Please, Sir. Let me pleasure you.”

“I won’t be easy, darling,” I tell her.

Words are so far beyond her, all she could do is nod at me, breath already bursting past her open mouth too fast. I had her walk herself to her dining room table and bend over it. I had her cross her hands behind her back before I held them in place with my own. She was my property and it was time to claim her. The corner of my mouth lifts in a slight smile. “Good girl.” I praised, teasing the lips of her increasingly wet sex, magnifying the effect of my words there. Taking my cock back in hand I began to trace the seam of her pussy with the tip of my cock, spreading her moisture.

“When you eat here tonight, remember this,” I growled, as I gripped her hair and pulled her back, with no warning at all, as I thrusted forward, seating myself fully inside her. Her mouth regained propose as it cried out in shock, her brain sent her panicking. “He is too big.” “Too thick.“ She began thrashing unintentionally.

“Shhh…” I soothed, brushing the hair from my sweat-damp forehead. “Breathe for me. Confident in her strength l continued to take her in the manner I wanted and the way she dreamed. I was deep in her. My harsh thrusting strokes from bare cock into the soaked folds of her womanhood sent waves of dizzying pleasure uncoiling through her body that resounded in the tips of her nipples and the sobs of her lips.

“When you eat here tonight, remember this,” I repeated, “Remember how I used you here today.”

“Fuck! Yes, Sir,” she moaned, sounding more like an animal than human.

“Are you my little fuck doll?” I used her ponytail to force her head to nod, delighting in the way pleasure and sheer physical force had combined to make her body a loose, helpless plaything. She was impaled on my cock. I was in deep, her legs up, holding it there.

“So deep,” she moaned.

“Yes. Deep in this pussy of mine,” I said, coldly.

“Yours, Sir. I know that,” she said.

She began bracing her hand against me, trying to hold me off a bit. I pushed her hand off me. “All of it, naughty girl,” I chastised her. Grunting and thrusting with even more intensity.

“This what you fucking wanted? This what you were looking for?” My cock pushed deeper inside her, her aroused pussy wrapping around my thick shaft, an admission I wringing a climax out of her, as her whole body began to shudder and shake. I continued to plunge in and out of her, over and over. Her gasps with each thrust inward only served to make my cock harder. My voice in her ear only made her more aroused.

“Like that, you fucking slut? Like my fucking like teasing? This is what happens when you beg me to fuck you. I don’t mind showing you. Making sure you understand what a slut you are for me. Look at you. Look how that pussy loves this. How hard you need to be fucked. How fucking wet you get when I give it to you like this. Such a dirty fucking girl for my purpose aren’t you?“

She whimpered, struggling to make her lips form some kind of response, but it was simply too hard to think. My cock left her stretched out over the table, unable to even rise from the relentless pace of my powerful thrusts. “…yhhhh… ysss… mmmm…” she finally managed, saliva dripping onto the top of the table, as she drooled with mindless desire.

My relentless fucking sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body that made her tits sway and jiggle and tingle with irresistible bliss that dissolved her mind even further into a mindless fuck doll.

My cock pushed harder and harder, making her grunts louder and louder. I felt her pussy again spasm, locking around my cock, milking my cum as it release out of my manhood, it's warmth flooding her sex, filling her, coating her with my juices. Once finished and drained, I smacked her ass.

“Mine. Don’t you fucking forget it. Mine.” A hint of a smile crossed her face. “His,” she thought and she would not forget it.