TITLE: Cold Table
LOCATION: sadistic_love - USA
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She was laying nude on the metal table he had prepared for her. It was in a cold dim room in a rundown factory in an abandoned old industrial district. The coldness mixed with her nerves and anticipation causing her whole body to tremble. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the legs of the table. Her arms and legs spread wide leaving her exposed and vulnerable. Tape had been placed over her mouth preventing all sounds from her except for a faint muffle and limiting her breathing to only her nose. Her breathing was short, quick and filled with panicked. Her eyes darted around the room trying to understand her new surroundings. Overhead buzzed a bright light. To her left was a closed door and on her right was various machines, toys and tools meant to inflict either pain and pleasure.

As she studied the different implements she heard the door creek open and a set of footsteps walking toward her, as the door slammed shut. She wanted to know more about her capture, but she couldn't yet face him, instead she closed her eyes with terror, but her mind and body still craved being dominated. For years she dreamed of being used and abused, but faced with the reality of her situation, she worried she couldn't actually handle it.

Her mystery man took his final steps and stopped at her feet, at the end of the table. She could feel his eyes fixed on her, examining her ever vulnerable curve and crevasse, making her pussy ache even more. Slowly, she turned her head and met his hazel eyes. His gaze burnt through her flesh penetrating deep into her sexually soul. Her mind started churning, thinking about everything he could do to her, while her body reacted, preparing itself for each one of those possibility.

Interrupting her thoughts and darkest fantasies he spoke to her in a deep voice, "Hello, puppet. I'm going to destroy your luscious body. You will regret this." He boasted sternly, placing extra emphasis on those last four words.

Her eyes widened, as a muffled whimper escaped her taped mouth. The tone of his voice resonated through her body causing her ample tits sway, as if threatening to topple off her body. Her nipples erect on top from being naked, cold and hungry for sex. She studied his face, watching the path his eyes took. Noticing his eyes tracking her breasts movements, before continuing to trace down her body, stopping when they arrived directly in front of him, at her spread legs.

Licking his lips hungrily, letting out a barely audible groan, he reaches out with one hand and squeezed her thick thigh. His nails dug into her flesh causing her skin to to not only break, leaving five stinging marks. She gasped, as her body winced trying to pull away reflexively, yet unable due to her bondage.

Without hesitation he looked back up to her face to soak in the desire and fear it showed. "Don't like that? I guess you're not going to like what your future entails then. That's too bad, for you, because your pathetic struggling only makes my cock throb even harder and it's only going to get worse from here." His hand was rubbing his constricted, growing cock through his pants, while he allowed the fingers from his other hand to trail up from her thigh to the only area in the room that was radiating heat, her needy pussy. His fingers trace her pussy lips so lightly she could barely feel it, at first, but as the sensation built she let out a sizable moan, asking for more. Her hips rocked in a desperate attempt for more pressure.

"Your pussy is so pretty dripping over itself. I am going to make you cum continuously until you're crying for me to stop. Even then, I probably still won't." He took her throbbing clit in between his two fingers and pinched hard. She grunted and instinctively bucked her hips trying to spread the intensity of the pleasure, from such a single point, by grinding against his hand, as he continued squeezing.

A sexually agonizing moan came from deep in his throat. "You like that, don't you. Your so eager it cum, puppet." She whimpered and nodded gleefully, as he rubbed her clit vigorously bringing her quickly right up to the edge of orgasming. Despite her fears, her body was relaxing. Making room for more arousal. She felt her nipples grow harder even still, and a sense of warmth start to flow through the core of her body. Her legs, which had been trembling with fear, began to unclench as her body prepared to cross the threshold.

Then, suddenly, he slap on her right inner thigh, which had always been very sensitive to tender kisses, startling her out of her blissful state. She let out a muffled yelp of surprise through the gag. The slap wasn't really hard enough to cause serious pain, but it was more than enough to grab her attention back.

He hit her a second time. This time a bit harder, but on the other inner thigh this time. Fear began to creep back into her mind, worried that maybe the reality of her situation was not what she had begun to hope. Then there was another odd moment of no sensation, of her captor standing there, watching her again. Her body was trembling, but this time it was a complex mixture of fear, anticipation, and growing desire.

Suddenly, she felt something sharp against her neck. He had moved quietly above her. “Don't more a muscle puppet or you’ll get cut, " speaking in a hushed evil voice. "Not that I would mind, but there is a time and place for everything."

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to force back the tears while controlling her fear so she could remain as still as possible, as she felt the tip of the knife move down the side of her neck and then turn back upward. She squeaked in fear as the pressure increased, as she felt the blade travel up her cheek. She became truly frightened.

She tried to speak, but the gag would not allow it. She desperately wanted to plead with him. Her wrists and ankles ached from the pressure of her body was putting on the ropes, as he ran the knife down to her breasts. "I could cut here," he stated, "and no one would ever know." Then began to circled both areolas of her nipples, before circling the base of each nipple.

When he flicked the tip of her nipple with her knife a wail rose up inside her. He chuckled at her distress. "How does it feel, puppet," he said, as he lazily traced the knife over her breasts. "Does it make you hot?" She just stared, unsure how best to respond. He just smiled and continued moved the knife down her stomach and slowly ran the blade across her body. She started shaking uncontrollably, as the knife moved across her skin.

"This is where I really want to cut ," he stated and he moved the blade down to the inside of her thigh. Suddenly, she felt a sharp prick and knew that he had cut her. Her mind overcome with terror started to float away. Seeing her dazed expression, he pinched her nipples and ordered her to remain focused.

With her eyes firmly focused on him, he moved the knife slowly down her body again. She felt herself lean towards it. When he reached her cunt he paused for just a moment. “Don't even twitch," he said and he dipped the tip of the knife into her cunt.

He pulled the knife out and held it up to the light. "You are such a hot little slut," and he showed her the wetness upon it. "Anything I do makes you hot, " She nodded her head, acknowledging the truth. She was amazed by it. "Lie still puppet," he said again and slowly slid the knife into her cunt." She moaned as she felt the pressure inside her and struggled against her need to clench down upon it. She was wild with desire, yet so afraid that the knife would cut her. He slowly withdrew the knife and looked at her for a moment.

Then the knife returned, gently stroking the crack of her ass before caressing her pussy. It danced and twirled around slowly over her cunt. Unable to help herself, she moaned with pleasure and instinctively tried to spread her legs, which were already spread well apart, even wider. The knife continued to tease her pussy, in a sensuous dance that was quickly driving her crazy, and she felt a rush of moist heat between her legs. The knife left her pussy for a moment and danced against the insides of her thighs. She found herself rocking her hips into the air, trying to entice him by moving her cunt.

But the his knife would not be denied its own pleasure, and it continued to tease her thighs for a few more agonizing moments. By now her cunt was thoroughly wet. Her breathing was coming faster. She was amazed that with all the objects at his disposal, a simple knife was driving her crazy. At last, the knife returned to her cunt, and she moaned loudly, as it stroked back and forth the full length of her pussy. It didn't press hard against her body, only caressed it, but it felt like passion's own flame as it swept across her engorged clit.

Noticing it was the hilt of the knife, and not the blade, she began to move her hips, trying to hump the knife as it pleased her, sweeping across her soaking cunt to twirl maddeningly over her anus for a moment before returning to her pussy. Her body was shaking with need, but the knife couldn't, or wouldn't, quite satisfy her. The man who wielded it was adept at torturing his victims, she could see, keeping them just at the threshold of orgasm indefinitely, without letting them cross over into that blessed release.

“Please,” she moaned into the gag, hoping he would understand and take pity. Her mind pleaded, “Please do something...make me come. I can't stand this any longer!” Without warning, the knife withdrew, and she closed her eyes and whimpered in frustration. Her body was like a drawn bow, but the archer refused to let her arrow fly.

She began to writhe on the table, but there was nothing she could do. She was totally helpless, at the mercy of her captor. Then she felt a new sensation. Something rubbing in between her legs against her quivering pussy. It was hard, but with a warm soft texture. Her eyes widen, but she immediately recognized that it was a cock. “I don't care anymore,” she berated herself, “I just want to come.“ She desperately tried to shift her hips to capture the probing shaft with her cunt, but her captor was not ready yet.

He slapped her hip which caused her to cry out against the gag, not so much in pain as in frustration. She felt the long hardness between her legs slowly move back and forth, teasing her, lubricating itself with her juices. She wanted it inside of her, hard and fast, unsure how much longer she could stand.

She held herself still, not so much in fear of another blow, but because it might delay what she wanted, what she needed. Unlike the knife the cock did not tease her overlong. It slid forward and back between her legs, and then suddenly it slipped into her cunt. Slowly, inch by precious inch, it filled the emptiness inside her and she groaned a sound not of this world.

Abandoning all fears she used all the slack she could gather from the ropes and surged backward, then forward, forcing her captor's cock deep, deep and hard into her cunt. That was all it took, she discovered to her amazement, to bring her to climax. He and the knife had done its job well in preparing her.

She cried out against the gag, her body writhing on the table and straining against the cuffs that bound her limbs as the orgasm took her. Her cunt squeezed around her his cock, which made it feel like he was filling her up even more. In the fog of coming, she felt a pair of strong hands on her hips, and the cock inside her began to thrust deep, then pull almost all the way out, before plunging inward again.

The head of the man's penis rubbed in just the right way against the most sensitive spot in her vagina, and her orgasm rose toward an even higher crest. It ebbed and flowed with each thrust, and she found herself screaming wordlessly into the gag as her body exploded with heat. Her pretty pussy squirting all over his cock, as she fought maintain her breath through her nose.

Without warning, her captor pulled his cock out in the middle of yet another orgasmic peak, and she shuddered as her cunt was emptied. She regretted the emptiness inside her while she laid on the table wondering what was to happen next. She heard the man wiping himself off, then surprised she felt him do the same for her. Then came the sound of his pants being zipped up, followed by footsteps and the door opening and shutting.