TITLE: My Ex Wife Slut Pt 3
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Must you always leave your dish in the sink and if you must, can you not place in the sink to right. You wouldn't need to miss out on the dishwasher if you didn't stay up so late. Tahsa furious with the minor mess left in the sink and my cup left out causing a fluid like, easily erased ring on the table. In my mind I recall many recent times when she herself trailed a far worse mess behind. Using her line. I say, dont worry about the mess, I'll clean it up. As her now far to often double standard prevails, slamming the now empty dishwasher shut. She mumbles aggressively as the much hidden, secritive patterns of Natasha rise. Envolked by chicken shit releasing the darkness she keeps inside, webbed by her own abundance of many secrets and lies. If communication where in our relationship a feature between us, second to none. Then my freedom of a double edged sword I would be off! The seductive nymphomaniac Tasha, has been searching for her latest desirable sexual pleasure. Clearly I'm not filling her plate well enough as it was a week and a half ago when she cleaned my shaft after she orgasmed while fingering her wet cunt thrusting in her ass. Still pissed probably. At me, for not ending her lingual sedation of myself with a kiss. As sexy as it both mentally as well a visually seems, At least to me. I would much rather kiss the lips of a more sanitary movement. Licking at her ass in the heat of the moment is one I choose not to play over while not sexually aroused. I too don't mind being dirty, but why would I choose to clean my own ass with my mouth. Later I wish I had as I am horrified to think of who's ass I might have kissed after kissing Natasha on her her mouth! Almost a year of great relationship bliss, often missed. We now then touch, more and more Tasha enjoying a roll more abscure and rough. The two week span of no sex, was causing Tash to study me in her attempts to read me so to know how to fool me. Letting go and giving in to what appeared to me as her giving me a win. A victory which wouldn't have me secretively snooping. Had I ever felt the need to hide by taking on a roll of a P.I. It was done so with much regret as I hated myself for not locking Tasha out. Not that she ever went when I asked. One thing I knew that would assure me she would willingly give me the slutty patterns taking me in her mouth, pussy and ass. I hate my new job it's long hours and responsibilities. I don't mean to be grumpy and nag all the time. Please hold me, love me. You promised me that you would never leave me! The past was quickly forgotten by her actions today she felt had erased all things not shared by two people in love. The only love she carried was her own infatuation with having her full plate and every topping on her enlarged slice of cake! So if it meant having to seemingly be in our relationship and committed. Well then that is as she set out to do. Eleven pairs of shoes, a coat she adored. Now searching for a home she said to herself, she could call hers. Our home she said, would be of our doing. A home chosen to start her of me, the begging of my ruin. Babtising our bedroom of our new house came easily, eagerly and much erotic beconing from our mouths. Starting in the kitchen. I pressed up against her grazed with the cool air from the opened fridge. Through her pants rubbing my hand in her noticably wet patch created by lust getting more visibly singed. The soft sheering glow on the tips of my fingers from the cold light as I inhaled the aphrodisiac after removing my hand from her soaked through frontal crack. Insert the taste of her seductive traps sent, ignoring the black unwanted lint. Finding my opportunity folding into to her neck, I lick, nibble and suck loosing the lint. She twitched as my hands grab her breasts. Then a sigh of a brief loss of strength. Her arm lifting wrapping around my palming the back of my head. A bump forward with a giggle and a inner bound shiver as my enlarged head pokes her between her pulled tight ass cheeks through her capris. She turns while locked in our kiss though not for long as she descends to her knees. She quivers while undoing my beltat the same time with her other hand she releases the button as I look down at her. I close the fridge door as I have always been observant of Tasha's needs as she whispers thank you. A slight smile have closed eys my head tilts. A minimal shrug of my shoulders, a none verbal sure. Not long until the sound on the floor pronouncing it just met with my belt and the carresing fabric down my outer thighs as my breifs are forgotten now focused on my dick being warmed by Tasha's inviting mouth. Eyes pulled up to the ceiling her warm breath and tongue tickling the tip of my dick. Are soon met with the gratitude of an erotic revealing. A moan as she tappers back lightly bumping her head into the side freezer. She gazes at my, her growing contender. Another moan of satisfaction my only recourse to her next reaction is tilting my head back and grasping for the ice box handle. A slight gag as she takes in most of my attentive member. I moan and say yes, as she again forces herself on my dick deeper using her hand on my ass and goes even deeper. Her other hand finds it's way up my shirt searching my upper torso for a nipple and she let's out a sloppy gurk. I quick vision of my hips thrusting forcefully into her throat against the fridge and more quick to dissolve from my none ebrasive being. Though in not long ago discriptions Tasha whispers in my ear her new founded desires of rough sexual inahabitions. Keeping this in my mind while Tasha attempts to take me hard in the back of hers, her sounds are pleasing, enjoyed and over flowing with slurs. Placing my hand on her more fast pumping head, reminding myself that behind is no cousin from a sofa, pillow or bed. Reaching into the fridge and eyeing the dish towel. I remove the large sealed pizza doe as the thump from the door closing gets Tasha's attention she makes sure not to turn in any direction. Keeping forward and hard on her ever wanted love stick. Using the dish towel I then fold it over the pizza doe and wrap it. A few more gags uncontrolled by Natasha as my body moves more frantic by her mouth and throat skill. Both of her hands wrapped around my waist, placing the wrapped pizza doe behind her head on the ice box door, I thrust hard into her face. No resistance no smack from either hand, just a pause against the a recent purchased grocery. I release her from the hold as she moans her hands pushing on me to provide her a repeat. My forehead pressed up against the same surface that Tasha's head is pressed against but not before the thumping sound of her head caused by my hip thrusting forces her head to make. This time with my eyes closed feeling my readiness, I pump several times to witness her mental state on how many she is willing to take. Gagging hard on every single throat penatration. She can't seem to have her throat come to a compromised dialation which causes the lack of air intake and the next gag causes my dicks palpitations to tickle her esophagus and lack of oxygen patience, Natasha expells from around my shaft out her mouth a showering of emeasurable fluid and saliva due to my cock bringing her near asphyxiation. Gasping while drooling right on herself, me and the floor. She looks up at with through over flowing tears opens her mouth sensing my balls tightening puts her head back for more. I enjoyed the most previous events but my orgasm is one I care to make as impressionable, lasting with euphoric sensations not head fracturing. My orgasm is seen through with much enjoyment and on Natasha not so taxing. As Tasha swallows ever drop and snorts from every tear drop basting her nose. Natashas mannersim and mouth still holding on to my prick. She moans and smirks carresing my ass, I don't need to ask if she enjoyed it as her movements and not moving is her showing me she did very much so. As for me, my face boasting an unbelievable and none removable glow.

To be continued....