TITLE: Stranger Called Stan
AGE: 51+
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When I went to spend the New Year with friends in the North East of England did I know I would meet their daughter and fall in love with her?
It was instant attraction between us I was 26 she was almost 19, amazing body.

A few weeks into the relationship we had a weekend break in a small coastal town of Seaburn, during this time we discussed what we did, what we liked and where we thought we were going.
The conversation got round to sex, surprise, surprise. Susan told me she had been enjoying stranger sex and also sex with couples, wow never thought to hear this from an 18 year old, she did point out she was prepared to move on and just have me exclusively, my reply no need as I am into swinging and I also have enjoyed sex with strangers. As we talked we started to fuck.

Move on to the next morning, I now know she likes stranger sex with older men 45 plus, I asked her did she want to try and find someone to have fun with today, why not as you say it would be fun.
During breakfast at the hotel was Stan a man we had meet with his wife and sister in law in the night before, we invited him to join us. His wife and her sister had gone into Newcastle shopping and would be gone for the day, he said he was fine with that as it meant he could enjoy the day on his own and chill and chat with other people. He also complimented Susan saying he liked her dress, I thought this could be an opportunity, he excused himself o go to the gents, asking Susan well is he a stranger he is at least 58 years’ old, yes Stan is a very nice man I would be game. On his return I said you like her dress you would love to see what she is wearing under it. He stopped not knowing what to say with Susan being there I said come on she is okay with it. Yes of course I bet I would like to see what is under her dress, Susan excused herself saying she was going to our room and we could follow her up in five minutes.
Whilst finishing our tea, I asked Stan if he was sure he said oh I am more than sure, Susan did want me to make sure hence she went up to the room on her own.
She was wearing a summer floral print dress with a full skirt., on arriving I knocked on the door she let us in we sat down, Susan smiled so you would like to see what is under my dress, Stan oh yes please, would you mind unzipping my dress please, she turned her back Stan looked at me I nodded my approval he got up and unzipped her dress sitting back down Susan turned and pushed her dress of her should it feel to the floor Stans face was amazing you could see the excitement in his eyes, I said give us a twirl babe, what do you think Stan oh she is absolutely gorgeous David. Stan would you like to see anything else, such as well maybe you would like to unclip my bra and see if you like my boobs, he needed no encouragement he was up and unclipped her bra, Susan held it in place she turned to face us laughing she pulled her bra away throwing it into the air raising her arms, dear lord Stan said, now what Stan would you like to see more of her, he looked at Susan how far is this going as far as you like she replied. As she took off her pants standing there only in her suspender belt, stocking and heels. She pulled Stan to his feet as she undressed him removing his boxers he was sporting a good 7 inch think cock, Susan cupped his balls and asked care to empty these, he said only two word yes please.
Falling onto the bed their hands where all over one another, Stan started sucking on her nipples whilst his hands felt and explored her pussy, this was taking her to the point of no return as he was rubbing her pussy to her first orgasm, she said Stan I need cock, he opened her legs I was close to watch as the tip of his cock entered her pussy, I looked at him saying go on Stan fuck her mate, I did not have to tell him again as he plunged his cock deep into her and fucked her to a second orgasm, she could tell he was close saying come on blast me fill me up with you spunk and he did just that I thought he would not stop, when he did he said it has been over six weeks since he last had sex with his wife.
Susan said if you can make it again today you will be welcome to fuck me again, which he did twice more throughout the day. One in a car park overlooking the sea, bent over my car seat with her ass in the air a few guys watched on whilst they wanked.

Sunday Stan joined us again whist his wife and sister went to church.