TITLE: Susan & Her Friend April
AGE: 51+
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My grandparents gave me a house in the Peak district this was for my inheritance and to use as a holiday home until or if I wanted to sell it.

After our fun in Seaburn with Stan and Susan telling me he friends April would enjoy having fun with us. This weekend Susan headed to the house on Friday morning and i told her it would be after 4pm when I could join her, we enjoyed taking walks in the Peak district a lot of opportunities for stranger sex.

When I was parking up Susan’s car was on the drive, the only light on in the house was in the lounge, I took that to mean she wanted to dine out.

On opening the front door, I heard her call I am in the lounge darling, okay babe I will be with you in a second.

Bloody hell when I opened the lounge door and walked in there was Susan and her friend April, in matching under wear green bra, pants, suspender belts and green fish net stockings wow I could not believe my eyes what a sight these two 18 year olds looked so sexy and amazing. Well Susan said is this okay will we do, oh babe you will more than do.

I was then attacked I was kissed all over nipples and cock sucked, Susan leaned forward unhooking Aprils bra letting her tits drop for me to feel and suck her nipples whist I fingered her pussy, April somehow seem to have ripped off Susan’s bra, by now I was so excited lots of pre com, April stood up and stepped out of her pants mounting me cow girl whilst I played with her tits she rode me one hand was in Susan’s pants she was soaked, she said come on fuck him girl make him fill your pussy with his spunk, April just went nuts speeding up I simply could not hold back I let go and filled her pussy I thought I was going to go on forever load after load.

Susan and April started to feel each other as Susan started to lick her pussy and my com from her, this was just so hot a man’s dream come true, they then turned on me again, not long and I was hard again I pushed Susan on her back on the carpet and fucked her for all I was worth she came and I had to let go my second load of spunk, Yes see I told you we could get him to fuck us both.

This was the start of many years of pleasure right up to today. From then on she has always shared our bed and her now husband Ray joins us.