TITLE: Place Your Bets
LOCATION: whimpycat - USA
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Touchdown! I then high five the young white couple next to me than across my wife to the young black guy next to her. Looks like I won my bet. Of course the wife was not high fiving me because she lost the bet to me.

“Looks like now you get to pick some stranger to m***** me on the dance floor. Where are we going so this bet can be settle?” my wife inquired as she pushed her thick black frame glasses up on her nose.

The young white couple and the young black guy both gave me a look as my wife left to go powder her nose. We were at a local sports bar watching the game.

No it is not like that. My wife is a bit of a prude. Does not like to get in close contact with strangers or maybe I can also say me. This is our stander bet between us. She just hates to dance especially a little body contact and I mean very little. Besides if I lose I would have to fix a meal for her and her sister. Then wait on them hand and foot. I can’t stand my SIL so the feeling is mutual when I lose laughing as I tell the story.

The young white couple thought it was a good idea on the betting and plan to do it themselves next week.They left to go home.

I bought a beer for the young black guy next to me. He told me his name was Lee.

“ Ohh man if your wife doesn't like touching when dancing you should make her dance with a brother” Lee said.

Chery does not have a brother I told Lee.

Lee laughed.

“ When I say brother I am talking about a black guy” Lee said.

You know what Lee that thought never occurred to me. I just don’t know where I can take her” I said.

“ I know of a little black dance club close by. More of a younger crowd which means more bumping and grinding going on while dancing.” Lee said.

Younger crowd you say. Do you think someone will want to dance with my wife? I asked Lee.

“ I myself would love to dance with your wife. Us black guys would prefer a more natural woman with meat on her bones than the plastics you see a lot of these days. We like an older woman because she knows what she wants and knows how to get it “ Lee said.

A little background on Lee. Lee is a young black guy in his early twenties. He is in his senior year of college for mechanical engineering.He is a lot taller than my wife and I can say without a doubt a lot blacker than my milk white skin and chunky in the right places wife.

You know Lee is right. My wife in her mid fifties is all natural. Her breast are large and do hang down somewhat. Well hang down more than somewhat. Yes she is a little round but in a sexy way in my eyes. She did not go down the path as a few of her friends getting the fat sucked out, tummy tucks, face lifts and breast implants.

It will be a sight just to see her dance with you much less anything else I joked with Lee.

Just then Cheryl walked back to us. Again she pushes up her glasses up on her nose.

“ So did you decide where we are going for me to get m*****ed by some stranger on a dance floor?” Chery asked.

Why yes I did. Chery this is Lee. He will be m*****ing you on the dance floor at a nice black dancing club tonight as I pointed to Lee.

“ Nice to meet you Mrs Cheryl. No I won’t be m*****ing you like your husband was saying. I hope you have a good time tonight.” Lee said

Chery rolled her eyes.

“Might as well go wear that gift you gave me ten years ago which is still in the gift box. Lets go get this over with” Cheryl said.

Ten years ago I gave my wife a dress to wear for a special occasion if it ever happen. It was a simple dress to wear while dancing, nothing sexy about it but it did have a special meaning to me.

Lee said he will meet us there as soon as he got an uber.

I told Lee he could ride with us. Might be a little tight riding in our single cab truck but we will do.

Chery again rolled her eyes. She shook her head to me when Lee was not looking but I just ignored her.

We walked to the truck. Lee opened the passenger door on the truck to let my wife in. She scooted way over close to my side. Lee had a lot of room. My wife was about sitting in my lap. It will be a fun night I thought to myself.

Lee and I talked about sports on the drive to the club. Cheryl just rolled her eyes and stayed on my side of the truck.

We get to the club. We walk in and go over to a table. Not only we were the only white people but also the oldest in the club. Of course Cheryl looked around and again rolled her eyes as she pushed her glasses up on to her nose.

I got a round of beer for the three of us.

“ Keep them flowing I am going to need them tonight “ Cheryl said.

“Come on let’s go dance” Lee said as his hand reached out to Cheryl.

My wife with a limp hand let Lee guide her to the dance floor. Looked very strange but very erotic to see my wife’s white hand being led to a dance floor by a black hand. I never thought about this before until now.

They danced. Lee did keep his distance from Cheryl. They danced another song and I could see Cheryl was moving with more rhythm this time. By the forth song my wife was moving just as good as the much younger black girls were.

Lee and my wife took a break and got a beer.

“I have to say that was fun” my wife said.

Lee and Cheryl got up again to dance. She handed me her glasses. This time Cheryl took his hand to lead him to the dance floor. They danced another 3 songs but this time Lee was bumping up against my wife some. Cheryl did a little bumping up herself as she pushed her plump ass against Lee. Cheryl was laughing as Lee playfully grabbed her breast as she bumped her ass against him.

After watching the ass bumping and tit grabbing what does a white husband do?

He walks over to the DJ and hands him a twenty dollar bill. The DJ took the money and listen to my request.

“This next song is for Cheryl and Lee” at the request of Cheryl’s husband” the DJ said over his speaker.

The crowd roared Yes as the DJ starts to play a slow song. My wife opened her arms apart inviting Lee into them. Without skipping a beat Lee pulled my wife into his body.

Cheryl looked at me nodding her head in approval this time.

Lee was wrapped all around my wife. His blacks hands were cupped up under her ass cheeks. Cheryl responded by pulling down Lee head into her breast. Kind of odd looking considering the height difference between the two. It almost looked like the two were fucking. Going to be a lot of dry humping burns because of how tight her blue jeans were and the button to the neck shirt she was wearing.

I am watching this little dancing show the two are giving me. I am getting aroused watching them. The only thing that pops into my mind is I wished my wife had on that special dancing dress present I got her ten years ago. I think now she would like to be wearing it tonight or it is wishful thinking on my end.

Lee dances my wife across the floor into a dark corner. I can barely see them. They sure look busy, can’t see what they are doing. They spent the rest of the song “dancing” in the dark corner.

The slow song was over and then an up beat song started. Lee and my wife was still stuck in the dark corner.Remind me to get night vision next time. Finally they came out after about 5 minutes.

My wife led Lee back to our table. My wife had a big smile on her face. I notice the top 3 buttons on her blouse were not button. Could have swore it was button up before.

Cheryl, I think your pants are un button I said.

Cheryl had a drink in her hand.

“Lee sweetie button my pants for me” my wife said.

Lee did drop down to eye level of her pants and button them making sure she felt his black hands on her.

I laughed at Lee and told him he was going backwards.

Cheryl went to the ladies room. This gave Lee and I a little time to talk.

I don’t know whether to be mad at you or to thank you. I like the idea of my wife loosening up but now I need to find a way as a catch back for our bets I told Lee.

“You can always make her dance with white guys “ Lee said.

Is there anything else you black guys want to ruin my wife with again I was laughing.

Cheryl did not make it back to our table. Another young black guy asked her to dance. My wifes ass was bumping against the black guys crotch.

You see Lee you’ll are ruining my wife. Besides I have to ask you what were you doing to my wife in the dark corner ?

“You could not see us? We could see you. Your wife wanted me to give you a little show with me with my face in her breast and playing like my hand is going down her pants. It was all her idea. You got one mighty fine wife ,” Lee said.

Next time make sure I can see what she is doing so I could ignore her I said as I bought Lee another beer.

Cheryl danced some more with the black men in the dance hall. She even had two at one time bumping and grinding against her.

It was 2 am and the dance hall was closing. Lee and Cheryl came back to the table.
I gave Cheryl back her glasses.

Cheryl said she was having way too much fun for the night to end. She grabbed Lee’s arms to wrap around her waist while she leaned backwards while she put her glasses on.

We all three walked back to the truck. Lee opened the door for my wife. She gets into the truck. This time she just about sits in Lee’s lap.

Lee tells me to turn right to bring him home when we get out the parking lot.

When I get to the road my wife reaches over and hits my turn signal to the left.

I ask my wife if she is sure she wants me to turn left. She said yes.

Lee looked at the both of us as we were turning.

Don’t worry Lee my wife wants one of your organs. You won’t feel a thing I told him.

There was some silence in the truck. Lee was working his hands towards the door.

I am just playing with you. The wife wants to dance more if you want to.

Lee relaxed again. He said sounds good to him and laughed.

“ You know what tonight I am going to put on that dress you got me ten years ago. We will let Lee be the one to say if nice dress or a dog of a dress.” my wife said as she playfully rubbed Lee’s knee.

We get home. Once inside I got Lee and I a beer. Cheryl said she was going to change .

Lee had the good dance music like was playing at the club on his phone. I bluetooth his phone to my stereo. Lee said it sounded good.

Cheryl entered the room wearing the dress. It was a light blue dress. It had a green ribbon weaving thru the front of the dress latched together at the top with look like a small lock. Cheryl did look good in it. Her large full breast moved freely in it due to no bra. You could really see how heavy my wife’s breast hung. Her shoulders were covered and very little cleavage was shown. The skirt was was free flowing about to the middle of her knees. Kind of conservative looking dress except for the oddball green ribbon weaving thru the front.

“Well Lee what do you think?” My wife ask as she danced a little around shaking her breast.

“I think you look fine in it. Your breast and ass look so natural in the dress. If you were my wife I would had made you wear that dress 10 years ago.” Lee said.

I won again I told my wife as I started up the music so she could dance. Cheryl handed me her glasses as her and Lee started to dance in the living room. I played like I was the DJ encouraging them to really start bumping and grinding. Did not take much encouragement from me.

My wife breast and ass were moving up and down, left and right. Lee would close in on her from behind and grind against her ass while his long black arms would reach around and play with her breast. My wife did not push his black hands away.

One song Lee lay on his back while Cheryl straddle him over his groin. She raised the dress a little up as she was coming down full force over his groin.
When Lee got up He had a big bulge in his groin area.

Hey things are getting a little hot here I told them.

“Not yet my wife laughed at me as she got in between Lee’s legs with hers.

She raised her dress up and was rubbing her pussy hard against his groin. Just as they were to break apart I hurried and started a slow dance song.

Cheryl and Lee stay grinding into each others arms. They slowed it down some and instead did longer thrust against each other. My wife looked over at me and then back to Lee as she started to kiss him with an open mouth.My wife’s white face sucked on Lee’s black face as their tongues danced to the thrusts from the slow song..

Lee was trying to pull my wife’s beautiful fat white breast out but the dress did not obliged. He then ran his black hands under her dress to play with my wife’s pussy but then again how the dress was made kept him out.

Lee stood back.

“You know I am beginning to not like this dress” he laughed.

Just then my wife handed Lee a small key.

This was the secret to why this dress was more than a dress to go dancing in. I gave my wife permission to fuck whoever she gives the key to. After ten years tonight was Lee’s lucky night and I guess mine. I get to watch his black dick fuck my wife.

Lee took the key in his hands. My wife pushed up the small lock so he can unlock it. Once unlocked the Lee pulled one end of the ribbon. As he pulled the ribbon out the dress started to open up exposing a little part at a time of my wife’s flesh. When the ribbon was pulled out all the way my wife’s dress dropped off her shoulders and onto the floor.

Cheryl stepped out the dress now completely naked to Lee. Her naked soft round white body was there for the pleasure of Lee’s use.

He wasted no time as he lifted up one of the white fat breast bringing the sagging nipple into his black mouth. As he was sucking and biting her nipple he was finger fucking her pussy. I could see his long black fingers disappearing into my wife white pussy.

My wife camed with the black fingers in her. She then stood back as Lee started to remove all his clothes. His young, muscular, lean and tall black body was just standing there. His hard, large young black cock was juting in the air waiting for wife’s mouth as she got on her knees .

It was a strange sight to see. A young tall, lean black man standing with his black dick getting sucked hard by my naked wife who is on her knees. Her short, round and white body will be used by the black cock she was sucking.

As she was sucking on a black cock my wife motion for me to come over.

As I got closer in my mind I was trying to guess what she wanted. She wants me to get closer so I could watch her suck a black dick? Does she want me to tell her I love her?

Without stopping working her mouth on the black cock she points to her eyes. She wanted her glasses.

I hurried and got her glasses. She pulled the black cock out her mouth to put on her glasses.

“I just wanted to see clearly the black cock that’s going to fuck me “ my wife said.

After glazing at it and licking the shaft up to the massive blackhead Chery handed her glasses back. She gets up to lead Lee into our bedroom.

Once in the bedroom she pushes Lee onto his back on our bed. She then climbs on top of Lee with her round mature white body. Lee’s black cock is waving in the air as my wife grabs a whole of it and slowly works it into her pussy.

Once the black dick is fully implanted into her she starts raising and lowering her pussy with a lust never before seen in my wife. I am now watching my wife for the first time not only fucking another man but fucking a black man.

They fuck in many different positions for the rest of the night. Lee cumed into my wife’ white pussy many times. My wife cumed on Lee’s black cock many times. I was the only one cumming by myself using my hand.

I fell asleep in the chair facing the bed where Lee was fucking my wife. All was quiet till about 6 am where I awoke to the sounds of water running in the shower.

I got up and watch as my wife was again naked and wet on her knees sucking on a black cock. This time I saw Lee grab the back of my wife’s head as he grunted and shot his black man’s sperms into my wife’s mouth. She swallowed them like she never had eaten in days.

You know what I never in all the years we were married was allow to cum in Chery’s mouth. Lee did the first night he slept over. I am pretty sure my wife will be eating a lot of Lee’s black tasting cum in the future.

They finished showering together. Lee gets dress coming into the kitchen. I had coffee made and asked him how he would like his eggs.

Chery comes into the kitchen with only an open robe on and slippers on. She has a little overnight bag with her. Chery then has breakfast with us.

After breakfast she again gets on her knees and sucks off Lee while he is sitting in the chair at our kitchen table. Lee again cums in her mouth.

She gets up and closes her robe as she tells me she will be giving Lee a ride home.

They walk to the door. My wife glances back at me as she pushes up her thick glasses on her nose with one hand as she carries her overnight bag with the other.

“So Lee, do you have any black friends who would like to fuck a married white wife today?” she ask Lee as she walks thru the door.