TITLE: Sunshines Mistake Almost
AGE: 51+
VOTES: 482
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I asked you why you are here. I had to see for myself. See what? That you are really thinking about making a big mistake. You might think it is a mistake, but I don't. Tell me something, does he know that you like dirty nasty sex. I don't think so. He's probably thinking you are happy with him missionary style that is all you need and want. I'm willing to bet he doesn't even know your smell. That he would have a hard time knowing your sweet smell out of ten women, hell even three. I can smell you from over here and it makes me hot. That's how in tune with you and your body I am. You're trembling, are you scared or excited to see me. He moves closer and runs his finger down her cheek, under her chin up to her lips. She bites her lower lip. He smiles, I know what that means. Continuing to run his finger across her lips he continues with the questions. Does he know how much you like to have your hot wet pussy kissed, you clit licked and nibbled on? Your tits licked from the side to you hard nipples. Has he made you cum more than once? Does he make sure you have been pleasured before he is? There's that sweet smell I like. Have you ever told him how much pleasure I get from eating your pussy? How I can make you arch your hips and beg for more until you cum saying my name. How about when I had you on your hands and knees and slowly slid my cock over your wet pussy. Slide my cock head over your slick clit until you beg me to fuck you and fuck you hard. That you get fucking hot as you watch my cock fucking your pussy. How much you enjoy riding my cock? Have you talked dirty to him or would that offend him? That you enjoy playing with your pussy and clit for me until you have to have my cock inside you and beg me to fuck you. That you have me lick your fingers clean. Have you told him about our bondage times? How you let me blindfold you and tie you to the bed and I got to do what ever I wanted to you and you enjoyed it. I can see that I have made you excited. I bet you are wet. One more question are you going to make this mistake or are you leaving with me, so I can fuck you like I know you like it?