LOCATION: Tazman5883 - Texas, USA
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AGE: 51+
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So I am 54 and about 12 yrs ago i worked at a large supermarket chain that had the big name coffee shop I was working and had made friends with the women that work there. One night the younger girl 22 yoa that I had gotten to know very well was working with an older married lady about 35 yoa. I had confided that I really like the big old boobs on Sandy..she had been teasing me about it for days. I was standing and watching them work and Amber said doesn't Sandy have some nice DSL's. I laughed because I did not know what she was talking about. She then explained that they were dick sucking lips lol. I then became embarrassed when Sandy said I absolutely have DSL's and very nice tits too. She was a about 5'4 about a 36 dad with blonde hair. I said oh really ya think so.
She said yeah I do and proceeded to show me a pic on her phone of her boobs and big thick nipples. I said I would love to see those in jump ahead to closing I have completed my required work and was just escorting employees out to their cars..she walks up and ask me to walk her to her car.I follow her out and she is asking me did I like her boobs..well of course I did..she then gets in her car and proceeds to take off her shirt and bra.. I bent down and grabbed me a handful and tweaked her nipple. She said damn that makes my pussy wet. I told her to drive around to a secluded location in the parking lot. I followed her and she got into my truck. She hadn't bothered to put a shirt back on. She was wearing a pair of blk yoga pants now..I grabbed her boobs and began to suckle on her nipples. She gave a loud moan and I slid my hand up into her crotch. Running my finger through her lips on her pussy through those yoga pants. She said don't waste time I have to get home. She then pulled her pants and panties down showing me her shaved pussy. She leaned back onto the seat lifted her legs up. I slid down and ran my tongue all over pussy and ass. Slipping my finger into her pussy I found her gspot. Her pussy was soaking wet and I began working her clit. She was jumping her ass off the seat and came into my mouth with a loud grunt..she was laying there spent from coming I slid my pants down and slid my cock inside her and began to slow fuck her. She pulled my face down and put a nipple in my mouth telling me to fuck her hard and bite her nipple..I lasted about five minutes before I felt the need and she pulled me out and sucked my cock into mouth as I shot a huge load down her throat..that was just the beginning of fucking her.. if you want more let me know sorry it was long but needed to be built up