TITLE: Became Friends With A Couple
LOCATION: jondough1 - USA
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I was 22 and in my last year of college. I only went to school a few days a week and got a job part time at a ski area in Lake Tahoe . I loved to ski and it was the perfect situation. I made many new friends among them a couple, Kris and Phil. They would finish the day at a local bar at the bottom of the mountain. I would occasionally go in and have a beer myself.

On occasion I would see Kris there by herself. Phil would occasionally go out of town and leave Kris home,She was very friendly and we would talk. As the winter progressed we would meet up on these evenings and have a drink, go dancing and enjoy each others company.

I knew she was married and felt a little odd but we both enjoyed our time together and I remained a gentleman and told myself we were just friends. As spring came I learned that Phil was going to be gone and knowing Kris liked music I bought tickets to a show in a south shore casino for an act that I knew she liked. The afternoon came and I met Kris at the bar after work and mentioned that I had these tickets and invited her to go. To my delight she accepted. We left the ski area and started the drive to South Shore. On the way we drove by their apartment and we stopped in where Kris changed.

It was starting to snow lightly as we drove down and we got there in time for the show. The show was great, I could see Kris enjoyed it very much. We listened and had a few drinks. As the evening went on we wound up sitting closer and closer in the booth until we were nestled into each other. It was a very nice feeling. When the show was over though she pulled back as if coming to the realization that she was married and we walked to the car.

The storm had intensified while we were inside and the streets were covered in snow as we left. A few miles down the road going home I turned to go up the west shore and saw that the gate was down closing the road as happened when a big enough storm would hit. To go around the lake the other way would take hours especially in a storm but knowing this I turned around to go that way. The storm was really starting to get worse as we drove and by the time we got back to the casinos it was nearly a white out. I suggested we stop at one of the casinos and wait the storm out for awhile.

We sat at a bar and had a drink and talked. I really enjoyed Kris and it was like bonus time with her. After an hour or so It was obvious that the storm was not going to let up and I suggested we get a room for the night and to my relief she agreed. We had waited a bit too long and by the time I got to the desk the only room available was a single King sized bed. We looked at each other and decided we could make it work as we just needed a warm place to sleep so we took it. We got into the room about 11 and we a little tipsy from the drinks so we sat around talking.

Kris and Phil had been married about 4 years and she confided in me that the thrill had gone out of it. She very much liked the romance and intimacy. As with all hotel rooms seating was limited,Kris had positioned herself on the bed sitting up against the headboard and I was sitting on the edge.

Up until this time I had always remained a gentleman but on an impulse I moved up next to her and put my arm around her. To my surprise she seemed very comfortable with it. Then I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back! after that we wrapped ourselves in each other and kissed and caressed each others bodies.

After a time I don't know how it happened I had Kris's shirt and bra off and was kissing and caressing he breasts. She moaned softly enjoying this. I had also taken my shirt off and she was rubbing me. Excited I moved off the end of the bed, grabbed her legs and pulled her flat on it. I then unbuttoned her pants and with one motion pulled them off along with her panties.

This was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Kris's was laying on her back with one leg straight and one bent showing all of her beauty. The light from outside reflected off of her beautiful round hips,firm round breasts and creamy white skin and was breath taking. While still standing I took the rest of my clothes off exposing my now erect penis. When she first saw it her eyes got big and she remarked that while she was used to the length the girth of it was much larger than she had seen.

With that I moved to the bottom of the bed. There I moved up and as Kris opened her other leg I moved in between them. I stopped at her vagina and started kissing her thighs moving closer and closer until I had my mouth in between her legs. She opened a little wider as I started licking ans sucking on her Labia. She moaned as I sucked them into my mouth. I moved to her clitoris and started to suck and swirl my tongue and she threw her head back and moaned loudly.

After a time I continued up her body kissing her belly and then breasts until I was on top of her. I tried to enter her but was having no success, then she reached down and pushed the lips apart with my penis and guided me into her vagina. Her wetness let me slip into her easily but my thickness made her cry out in pain. She had never had such size and was not ready for it. I kept pushing deeper but being a horny 22 year old my eagerness resulted in me coming when I had only penetrated her half way. I pulled out and came on her belly and loin. We laid there together foe a while. I was embarrassed to have lasted for so little time. maybe a minute. But Kris had other ideas. She moved down my body slowly stroking and kissing me and put her mouth around me. the size made it hard for her to get me into her mouth but before long I had another erection.

This time Kris climbed on top and took me inside her. Her tight vagina was exhilarating and she slowly squeezed me into her. I laid still letting her go at her speed and eventually I was fully inside her. This took some time. She then started pulling me in and out of her occasionally settling fully down on me and rolling her hips. Her hands were braced on my shoulders and her long brown hair dangled in my face. I lasted longer this time, maybe 10 minutes until I stiffened and tried to lift her off but she held on and told me to come in her. It was wonderful.

The women I had been with before I had used condoms or pulled out and this felt fantastic shooting myself deep inside her. After this we cuddled and eventually fell asleep in each others arms.

Early in the morning just before dawn we both stirred. We laid together for a time and then without a word Kris rolled onto her back and let her legs spread and I rolled over on top of her. She then took me and guided me inside once more. This time the hurry was gone. I slowly entered her and let her get used to my size. She relaxed and knowing I was going slow gave herself to me. Soon I was deep inside her and we were moving in unison. We fell into a deep rhythmic trance that seemed to last for hours. Finally Kris's breathing started to speed up and soon the muscles in her vagina started to contract. She was tight to begin with but during the contractions she gripped me tighter than I thought was possible. With this happening I could no longer control the urge and I came with her. Pumping a huge amount deep inside her. We laid there for quite awhile getting our breath back and basking in the afterglow. It was around 6am now and we had to think about getting home.

We showered together washing each other between kisses and then dressed. When we got outside we saw that the storm had broken in the night and the plows had been busy. The sun shined bright and the spring air was crisp but the snow was already starting to melt off of the road. On the drive back we talked about the show and how much fun it had been. When I got to her apartment I let her out with a quick kiss and she picked up her car and we both went to work.

In the following days my mind would constantly wander back to the time with Kris. I wanted her again in the worst way. A few weeks later I was in the bar with a group of friends including Kris and Phil. It was late and I excused myself as I had paperwork to do that wouldn't wait. I was in the office when I saw a silhouette in the opaque glass of the main door. It was Kris.

She had left to go to the bathroom. I let her in and she went to the couch in the waiting area and started to undress. There was little light but soon I could see her naked outline clearly. She moved over to me and kissed me while she unbuttoned my pants. Soon I was undressed also. We moved to the couch and without a word she sat back against the cushions and spread her legs. It was clear that she wanted me inside her.

Without hesitation I moved in between her and guided myself into her. She had been waiting for this and her vagina was sopping wet. My first stroke in picked up her creamy white juices and when I pulled back I was completely covered in her. I thrust deep inside again reveling in the tightness of her but she was so slippery at the same time. Trying to get deeper I took her legs and pushed them up against her bare breasts. Now there was nothing stopping me from completely burying myself in her. I could see in the dim light her expression of pure pleasure as I stroked deep inside her. All too soon a wave came over me and I stiffened and pumped a huge load into her. Shortly she got up and said she had to get back as Phil would wonder where she was.

I stayed for a short time and went back to the bar. Kris and Phil were still there and we would occasionally steal glancing smiles at one another.

The next day Kris told me that Phil had taken her home and had sex with her. He had remarked how wet she was. She said she toyed with the idea of telling him he was getting sloppy seconds but thought better of it.

Phil went out of town one more time and Kris spent the night with me. I asked her if she would stay with me rather than return home after the season ended. She said she would think about it. A few weeks later the season came to a close and they moved for the summer. They didn't return the following winter. I would hear from time to time news of them but I never saw her again.