TITLE: Knock On The Door
LOCATION: dusty169 - USA
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It was a cool dreary day when Will arrived at his friend’s house. He went to the door and knocked. After a few seconds had past the door opened, and there stood Kelly. This sexy female with dark hair, large breast and a body to just die for. She was wearing a big smile and a purple chemise that just barely held in her large tits. Kelly invited Will inside, she closed the door behind him and took him inside through a hallway, through the bathroom and into a bedroom. As they entered the room, Kelly bent over to pick something up, right there in front of Will was Kelly’s bare ass. All she was wearing under the chemise was a G-string, Will reached out and rubbed her ass with his hand not knowing what to expect next. Kelly stood straight up and turned and looked at him, she was smiling as she leaned in, wrapped her arms around Will and began to kiss him. As she began to press her body into his, he could feel her large breast pressing into him. Will began to get erect, his hard cock began to bulge through his pants pressing against her. As Will began to kiss down her neck and across her shoulders, her breathing became heavier. Kelly turned climbed on the bed and laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide open, welcoming Will to indulge. Will removed his clothes and laid on top of her, she wrapped her legs around him as they began to kiss. They kissed one another passionately, Kelly wrapped her legs tightly around Will as the head of his hard cock began to press against her pussy lips. Will could tell she wanted it, but he was not ready to slide his hard, throbbing cock deep inside her tight, wet pussy. Will began to slowly move down her body, kissing every inch of it. Moving down, kissing her large breast, sucking her big hard nipples. Kelly is breathing heavily, calling out Will’s name as he continues down her body, she begins to squirm as he reaches her belly button. As Will nears her pussy, she spreads her legs wide open. She reaches down with both hands and pulls her pussy lips apart as Will begins to lick her clit and up and down on her pussy lips. Will could taste the sweet juices flowing from her pussy as he is running his tongue down her clit and in her pussy. Her pussy was wet, creamy and needing to be fucked. She call’s out his name “oh Will, that feels so good” she says as Will continues to eat her pussy. As Kelly is on the verge to cum, Will stops and begins to move up her body kissing every inch. Kelly wraps her legs around him as the head of his hard cock presses against her pussy. Will positions himself, he begins to slide his hard cock into her wet pussy. As he pushes deeper inside her, she lets out a moan. Will pushes all the way in then back out, back in again as he begins to fuck her. Will begins fucking her harder and faster, he could feel her pussy getting wetter and tighter with every thrust. As Will is on the verge to shoot his load, he stops and laid on his back. Kelly gets between his legs, and grasp Will’s hard cock in one hand and slides her mouth down over the head of it, letting her lips slide down his shaft as the head of his hard cock hits the back of her throat. Kelly begins sucking it, sliding it in and out of her mouth as she strokes it with her hand occasionally stopping to lick and suck on his balls. Kelly then straddles Will, she grasp’s his cock with her hand and guides the head into her pussy as she slowly slides down on it, letting out a moan. Once deep inside her, she leans forward with her large tits in Will’s face she begins rocking back and forth sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking him harder and faster as he begins to shoot his load inside her filling her full of cum. She then moves down, slides her mouth back down on his cum covered cock and begins sucking it, getting every last drop!