TITLE: F/T Fucking Girlfriend At Hers
LOCATION: Brant239 - USA
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It was our first time together at your house. We had a great time on the mountain trail that we hiked earlier that day. You told me you felt gross and to just hang out in your room while you took a shower. The silk sheets made me almost slip of but it was very inviting. Trying to understand you more, I looked around in your room. A large clock was on the wall and a small refrigerator was stocked with a box of wine, bottled water and a half drunken soda. I notice the tower speaker next to your bed and thought that you had good taste.

Still sitting on the bed, I looked down. I noticed the arm of a teddy bear poking out from under it. I pulled it from under to look at it more closely. It was heavy, as if something was inside. It was kinda worn and it's color was light brown. Picking it up I could tell it wasn't ordinary; it had a zipper on the back.

I listened for the sound of your shower to make sure you wouldn't come back while I opened it. Inside there was a medium sized pink dildo and a clit stimulating vibrator. A small bottle of peach flavored lube was also inside. I was surprised to see that! I would of never guessed you would use something like that. I heard the sound of the water stop so I quickly replaced the contents and placed it back under the bed.

You came in your room again. I had a slight grin on my face that you noticed. You asked me "whats that look for". I said nothing and you got dressed. Dropping the towel in front of me you were completely naked. You were absolutely beautiful and smelled of sweet fruit from your shampoo. You put on a bra first and than your panties.

You laid with me and grabbed the remote. You turned on the tv and asked what I wanted to watch on Netflix. I said HOuse of cards and you exclaimed how it was one of your favorite shows. It happened that the episode we watched was the incident in gaffney, SC with the giant peach water tower..

You rested your head upon my chest and I put a hand on your head, brushing your hair with my fingers. I started touching your breasts and kissing you. It felt incredible. It was sensual and nice. Your boobs were perfectly shaped. Just large enough that they fit in my palms.

Caressing your wonderful tits and kissing your luscious lips was really turning you on. You started grinding your passion pit against me. I could feel the moistness through you're panties. You were rubbing my cock over my boxers. I was completely rock hard.m It felt so tantalizing the way you would draw your fingers along the shaft of my dick. You put your forearm against the length of it and with wide eyes and jaws dropped commented that it's was as big as your arm! You had it pulled out through the hole in my boxers and licked the tip of my dick with your slippery tounge in a circular motion that was driving me absolutely crazy. Then you had just the tip of it in your mouth spinning your tounge around in before going all the way down on it. You came up gasping for air and stroked it up and down. You noticed a little bit of pre cum that formed as a droplet at the top. You licked it off as if it was the most delicious ice cream you've ever tasty then looked at me and said, "yum".

While this was going on I was still thinking about what I saw in the bear. In an attempt to Be coy about it, I asked " do you like teddy bears?, in a playful manner. You said, "kinda". And I said " like the one under your bed?" It was cute the way you started to blush. You smiled embarrassingly about it and said, "So you looked inside it huh?" I nodded and you kissed me hard. I asked if you wanted to play with it. Without even answering you reached under the bed and grabbed the bear. You were so sexy with your ass in the air while reaching for it I couldn't resist giving it a light slap.

You pulled out the pink vibrator and started rubbing your clit with it. It had a 3 speeds and you started with the lowest one first. It started to feel sooo good to you. Then you asked me if I wanted to use it on you. I kissed you on your sexy lips and took the toy from you. I slowly inserted it inside you and turned it on medium. You were so turned on by it. No one had ever used a toy on you before it was always something you did on alone time. Your moaning was intense, you were having an orgasm and it was obvious. I turned up the vibration and vigorously pushed it in and out of you. You could feel it inside you and it felt so wonderful. I kept doing this until you totally surprised me and yourself. You squirted!

You were in shock that that happened. You've made yourself cum before but nothing like that. It was incredible. The area around your pussy on the bed was totally soaked. You were kinda embarrased about it until I told you how hot I thought it was. I pulled the dildo out and you grabbed it from me and put it in your mouth. You liked the taste of yourself.

I licked your sweet wet pussy and it felt so good you were slightly humping my face rocking your hips back and forth. You were so turned on. You begged me to fuck you, " please put that fat dick inside my tight little pussy. You're making me so fucking wet!"

I brought my Dick your mouth for and you bobbed your head on it. You grabbed my ass and pulled me into your mouth as deep as you could. It gagged you for a second and I pulled it out of your mouth. Immediately I pushed you down on the bed. I grabbed your legs and rested your heels on my shoulders. Grabbing onto both of your thighs, I pushed my cock to the lips of your pussy. I started slowly, allowing you to adjust to the girth of my penis. You were so sensitive you could feel ever vein in my boner. Rocking back and forth you got more excited. The way you moaned was high pitched and it was hot! You looked me dead in the eye and said, " fuck me baby! Fuck me harder... Harder!". Hearing you speak in that way truly excited me; I was giving you it all I had. You said " baby I'm gonna come don't stop. ... Ohhhh!". I felt your pussy pulsating on my dong. It was juicy and even wetter now.

I took you off the bed and put you up against the wall. We spilt a cup of coffee sitting on the nightstand but none of us even cared, all we wanted to do was continue having the hottest sex ever! You put your hands on the wall and looked back at me as I pushed my dick in you from behind. Your beautiful round ass being slammed against my torso was sexy as fuck. I slapped your ass. I grabbed your ass and squeezed your nice tits! Oh my god it was so fucking good. I continued in this position, lustfully thrusting in and out, sliding my dick deeper and deeper inside you. You exclaimed out agin. You had another orgasm but this one was so powerful you dropped to your knees!

I fell down with you, my cock still attached. I humped you from behind and your tight passion pit was so tight. You loved it from this angle because from there I could really get deep inside you. It was amazing. Before I knew it you were having yet another orgasm. You were so engulfed by it that you dropped to the floor. Laying on your stomach I continued to fuck you from behind in prone position. I slammed my dick in I as hard as I could over and over again. I could see your leg twitching because it felt so incredibly good. My cock was about to explode! I had been fucking you so hard for nearly a half hour now! My entire body tingled with delight from the pleasure of your flesh.

I told you I was almost ready. You said I could come inside you if I wanted to. It was tempting, the warm wet crevasse that was your pussy started begging for my hot load to be dumped inside. At the last moment I pulled out and came on your sexy round ass. So much cum came out. You turned your head back and said " look at me... THAT was the best sex in my life! I thought last time couldn't get better but you totally outdid it! I never want to leave you and I always will fuck you. Your the best and your cock is huge."

I was exhausted from the empowering sex. I literally rolled off of you and lied on my back staring at the ceiling in amazement of what had just transpired. You could feel the cum oozing out of your hole and down your thigh. You reached back and touched some of my jizz and put it in your mouth. For some reason you LOVED The taste of my cum, but you couldn't quite figure out why.

You left the room and cleaned up. I was surprised when you came back with a warm apple pie hat you just heated up. We ate from the same plate together and it was delicious. After all was done we spent the rest of the night just holding eachothers in our arms and saying sweet things to eachother. It was obvious to us both that it there was definately a special bond between us and though it was just the beginning we both knew that it would eventually evolve into a beautiful journey.