TITLE: The Model
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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Several years ago, I was taking a college course for my job. This was an evening class at the community college. The class was held on Monday night from 6 to 9. My professor was a lady in her 40’s. Being an older student and close to her age we would sometimes chat after class. One evening a fellow professor was talking to her and appeared to be upset. She had an art class, but the model didn’t show up. As I overheard the conversation, I told her I would fill in for the model. She asked my professor if that would be alright with her and she said yes.
I told the art professor I had no modeling experience. She said she would be there to guide me through the process. When we got to class, she handed me a robe and said I could undress in the backroom. I didn’t realize this was nude modeling but decided to give it a try.

The class was filled with students of all ages. I sat on a stool and laid my robe aside. The professor kept me in simple poses. My cock was erect several times during the night, but nothing was said by anyone. The professor thanked me for my help. My professor also thanked me for my willingness to help.

Several more times during the semester I volunteered to help when the model didn’t come. On the last night the art professor and my professor asked if they could take me out for dinner. They wanted to thank me for working as an unpaid model. I agreed and we all rode together in my professor’s car. When we were seated, they told me to call them by their names.

Tori and Lynn were different people outside of the class. As dinner progressed, it was obvious they were more than coworkers. They told me they had been partners for years. They had met in college. As the wine flowed, we all became more relaxed and the conversation was loose. They both had drank too much and I offered to drive them home.

They invited me inside and Tori opened another bottle of wine. Lynn suggested we get in the hot tub to relax after a long semester. I said I had nothing to wear. Lynn remined me that she had already seen me nude several times. Tori and Lynn stripped. The ladies were getting more racy by the minute. Tori and Lynn started kissing each other. They were soon out of the tub and headed for the bedroom. I lingered behind but my curiosity got the best of me.

I entered their bedroom to find Tori’s legs wide open and Lynn licking her clit. Tori’s legs trembled as a massive orgasm swept her body. Wave after wave rolled over her naked body as she howled with pleasure. When Tori was finished, she strapped on a dildo and began to penetrate Lynn’s pussy. Lynn used a vibrator on her clit as Tori pounded her with the strap on. Lynn was overcome with a gushing orgasm. I was masturbating to this entire scene. I was shocked at what had unfolded before my eyes.

Tori looked my way and motioned me over with her finger. She said they had not been with a man in 20 years. They had forgotten what it felt like. Tori got on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her. I was rock hard and complied with her request. I pounded her as my balls slapped her ass. I held back as long as I could before exploding inside her body. Lynn made the same request. She wanted to be fucked by a real cock. She lay back as I penetrated her warm tight pussy. Tori grabbed my balls from behind and held them until I was ready to explode. I rapidly hammered her, shooting ropes of stringy cum. Lynn’s eyes rolled back as she screeched. She begged me to fuck her like a slut. I lasted longer than expected and collapsed into a spent mess. We all slept until noon the next day…..