TITLE: Sister Jay
AGE: 51+
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My twin sister Jay and I were 18 years old at the time this happened, our parents where away on holiday.

Jay never liked being on her own in our big old house, the first night mum and dad where away, we were sat reading listening to music enjoying a few drinks, Jay said David can I sleep in your room with you tonight, there is only one bed and she had slept in my bed with me many times, I said sure not a problem. About 11pm I said well I am done I am going to bed, okay I will be up when I have finished this chapter, if you are asleep I will try not to wake you.

Because she was sleeping with me I wore boxers I usually sleep naked, I heard the door open and in she came, I was making out I was sleeping, I could just about see her as she undressed. She had never got into bed with me naked before but it sure looked as if she was.

When I woke in the morning it was nice and bright, she was smuggled into me her tits pressing into my arm and her pussy into my leg, not sure what the hell to do I just lay there, she said David are you awake, I had an hard on by now and her leg kept pressing against it. Have I done that she asked maybe was my reply. With no other word she put her hand into my boxers and started to feel my hard cock, I wanted to say stop but it was far too nice.

Jay then threw the covers off the bed and pulled down my boxers, I thought she was just going to wank me and that would be it done, no she knelt up straddled me rubbing my bell end against her pussy not a word was spoken as she pushed my cock into her, is that nice, oh yes so now she started to ride me it was amazing I said I am going to com I know she said, I want to feel you fill me up that was it I blasted load after load into her. Did you enjoy that brother hell yes it was great, play your cards right and you will get it whenever you like.

By now my cock had slipped out of her, she lay back next to me and started to wank her pussy, I was sucking her nipples, as she screamed out OMG it’s here talk about powerful orgasm, she laughed saying so now do we stay in bed and play or get up. PLAY please. And that is what we did every time I got hard we fucked and that was the way it went until mum and dad returned, whenever they went out we fucked, we are now married and have been for some time however when we can we still fuck.