TITLE: Step-Sister Story 2
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The day after I having sex with my step-sister, Mel, I woke up with a killer headache from the previous night's drinking. My mouth was drier than the Atacama Desert, and I struggled to swallow until I got a glass of water from the bathroom. After downing a few Advils, I peed and headed to the kitchen for some coffee.

My parents were at the table already caffeinated up and just finishing their breakfast. They didn't know about my drinking so I kept my hangover to myself while we ate with the typical morning conversation between us. When they started to clear their plates, my dad turned to me and said, "Don't forget Mom and I are going to the Bloomberg's party tonight."

If I had one wish after last night, it was to get another opportunity with Mel.

And, wish granted!

My cock stirred with anticipation.

They left the kitchen and I sat there with a growing erection, sipping on coffee, and hoping my headache would pass soon. After about 10 minutes, Mel dragged her very hungover self in. "Good morning, sis," I said with a knowing smile.

"Morning...but, please not so loud," she snipped back and touched the side of her head. My volume was normal so clearly she was hurting like me. I wondered how messed up she was from the night before. Mel gave no indication that anything had transpired between us. Maybe, she didn't remember? Maybe, she regretted it? I didn't know and, frankly, I was too shy to ask given the taboo nature of what we did.

Mel poured a cup of coffee and went back to her bedroom without saying anything else. The day continued as normal for me and the family. My sister never made any acknowledgement of our carnal activities, and I started to believe that she either didn't remember or at least regretted what we did.

I went to the Y to workout just as my parents were leaving for the night. It was a good session, and I came home sweaty and tired. Mel was in the basement watching TV. From the top of the stairs, I shouted I was back and told her that I was going to take a shower.

To my surprise (and delight!), she responded, "Don't forget to leave the door unlocked!" Was she joking? Or serious? She was definitely sober the time I walked in on her in the shower. I didn't know what to say back so I just went to the bathroom to wash up. Leaving the door unlocked just in case, I stripped down, started the water, and jumped into the stall washing my body first.

As I shampooed my hair, I was disappointed that she did not come in and resigned to being by myself. Then, I heard the bathroom door open and my cock stirred. A shadowy figured approached the glass sliding door. It was obviously Mel and, while I couldn't see details, it was clear my sister was taking off her clothes. Apparently, last night wasn't a lost memory. Neither of us said a word. I quickly rinsed my head.

Once she was naked, Mel slid open the shower and asked, "Is there room for two?" Needless to say, my sister's naked body and her boldness gave me an instant erection. She looked down and quipped, "I'll take that as a 'yes'," and she patted my hard cock with a little giggle.

Fortunately, the stall was more than accommodating for two people. Mel gently pushed me to the side to get under the warm spray, and I watched my unclothed sister bend her head back wetting her hair. Her breasts stood out as the water saturated every part of her body. My sibling had dark areolas and eraser sized nipples that were as hard as my cock. She put on a show for me by roaming her hands over her body and turning around a couple of times giving me a wonderful view of her ass. Even though she was a tomboy in real life, Mel definitely knew how to flaunt her womanly charms. I stood there shivering a bit with my hard dick pointed towards her.

Reaching for the soap, Mel looked at me and requested, "I need a little help washing, Jonny." She handed me the bar and pushed her hair up giving me full access to her body. I jumped at the chance to soap up my sister spending more time on those large, sexy breasts, until she reminded me that her chest was clean enough.

I knelt down on one knee to wash her legs. My face was inches from her dark brown pubic hair. She was very hairy and probably one of he reasons why I still have a fetish for 'natural' women. In that moment, I wondered if her mother, my step-mom, was just as hairy. Mel lifted one leg up on the shelf and my hands went from her toned calves up to her inner thigh brushing against her pussy lips. I heard a small moan escape my sibling's mouth.

Mel switched legs and I repeated my last steps, though this time, I made a point to rub the outside of her sex much more openly. It was evident that she was aroused by the slickness I found. Before, I could do more, she abruptly turned around and requested her backside to be cleaned. As I stood up, my erection caught between her legs and found the inside crack of her ass. My sister pressed against me and squeezed her cheeks together, stimulating me further.

I washed her back and knelt again to get her ass. She lifted a leg again and bent slightly forward. I could see that tight little asshole of hers as I cleaned every inch. Once I was done, Mel stayed in that position and turned to me. "Fuck me from behind, Jonny."

I didn't have to be told twice. My hard cock easily found the entrance to my sister's pussy and soon I was deep inside my step-sibling like the night before. Fucking in the shower isn't all it's cracked up to be, to be honest. With the water and awkward position, we couldn't quite find a rhythm where we could climax. It felt good, of course, but shower sex just wasn't doing it for me. Mel seemed to feel the same way and suggested we go to her room.

Quickly rinsing off, we hopped out and dried ourselves. My dick was never harder as I watched her towel off. She gave another good showing flashing a devilish grin my way the whole time. God, she had a killer body, and all I wanted to do was fuck the shit out of my sister.

Once she was finished, Mel grabbed my dick and pulled me along to her bedroom. There's something so sexy being led around by my erection. Once there, she had me stop and then it was her turn to kneel in front of me. I watched lustfully as she engulfed my penis and pistoned her head giving me a wonderful blowjob. My hands found the back of her still damp head. She cupped and gently played with my balls for several minutes until breaking our connection. "Go lie on the bed," she directed me. Once again, I didn't have to be asked twice and laid down with my cock at full attention.

Mel climbed onto the bed, swinging around, and straddling my face. Her amazing ass and pussy were ripe for my greedy mouth as we entered into a hot, sinful 69 position, something I had not done with my girlfriends. When I started licking her clit, my nose pressed firmly into her asshole. My sister resumed her oral services. I was in heaven as Mel bucked on my face, rubbing her wet pussy all over me. I was having a good effect on her since she stopped sucking my dick and concentrated on her orgasm. Mel gripped my cock with one hand, stroking it randomly as she started to cum. Her juices gushed out like I had never experienced. I didn't relent on her clit which made her climax even harder.

As she calmed down, her pussy was clearly very sensitive. When I tried to lick her again, she pulled away at first and then slowly leaned back as my tongue found her less sensitive asshole instead. I love eating a woman's ass and enjoyed the opportunity to pleasure her more. My sister resumed her blowjob. This time, she found a good pace and rhythm and soon I was the one cumming in her mouth with my tongue buried in her backdoor. I blasted a ton of seed, and Mel swallowed every last sperm. My cock softened in her mouth, and we hedonistically licked each other's genitals for a few more minutes savoring our respective juices.

Mel swung her leg back over me and spun around so we were side by side. "God, that was deliciously dirty," she said in a seductive tone. She was so bold. I nodded in agreement. Her fingers traced around my nipples, and we started to make out. My cock recovered nicely and soon her hand found my erection. She squeezed and stroked it until as I got completely hard again.

Throwing her leg over me, my sister grabbed my dick, and slowly sat down. I penetrated her for the third time in 24 hours. Once I was fully in her sex, she leaned back so I could play and suck on her tits. Mel ground into me as we fornicated in her bed.

We ended up fucking in several positions over the next 15 or so minutes. My sister came a few times and I eventually blasted another load in her from behind. Doggy style still is my favorite position. The view of a sexy ass is the ultimate, and I filled Mel's womb up with my cum like I had done the night before.

My cock was pretty much done at that point but apparently, Mel needed one more orgasm. She flipped over on her back and pulled me up on her left side so we were face to face. My sister started to kiss me deeply again as her right hand went to her pussy. We erotically made out while she touched herself. This was the first time I saw a woman masturbating live and the effect was another erection, though I was too spent to cum another time. Her left hand held on tightly to my penis, not stroking me, but just feeling how hard I was from our activity. I watched in amazement as my sister rubbed her clit until one last orgasm. As she came, Mel pushed three fingers deep into herself. It was so hot seeing this. Even today, I still love seeing my wife masturbate, and surprisingly, she cums like my sister with a final finger penetration.

We rested for the moment, both not knowing where all this would end. Technically, we weren't blood related but growing up together still made the whole situation taboo. We loved each other like a real sibling relationship, but now we were lovers, too. We agreed that we'd have to be extremely careful not to let mom and dad find out. Who knows how they would respond. It would remain our deep, dark secret to this day.

Eventually, we cleaned up and watched a movie in the basement cuddling together until our parents came home.

We had many more opportunities to enjoy each other until both getting married. It all came to a halt at that point but during those years, we experimented and gained a lot of sexual experience together. My sister was truly my best lover and many of the techniques I perfected on Mel, I continue to use on my wife today. I often wonder if my sister does the same with her husband.

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