TITLE: Wish Came True
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Tyler was a normal 21 year-old college student that wanted to find someone to have sex with him. Luckily, this night was invited to one of his girl friend's house for a party. At the party Tyler found out that Zoe, a girl that was in his eyes for a long time, will be there. She and Tyler worked together at a cafe and started to know each other better. But Tyler always wanted to bring her in the bed and now it was his chance.

On this kind of parties you know that some people are going to have sex, it was guaranteed. So, because Tyler knew that at the party there will be many boys to put their eyes on Zoe, he must be the first to make a move on her. Since it was a pretty long time which Zoe didn't saw Tyler at work it was a plus for him, making Zoe miss him. Tyler made sure to not be late and when he came, he came in the same time as Zoe. The girl was happy to she him and hugged him. They got inside and in there it was the girl that invited them, Alysha, and a few other boys.

After some time, more people came and they all started to drink. Tyler wanted to be close to Zoe all the time to get both drunk and then go immediately in bed. Well, Tyler's plan started to fail when he heard that Alysha wanted to hook up Zoe with a boy from there. Tyler tried to keep Zoe close to him but when he saw that Alysha was continuously taking Zoe away from him, he gave up and went outside to smoke a cigarette. There he saw a few girls that were smoking too but he couldn't sweet talk to them, they were already taken. Tyler was pretty boomed up about it and right when he wanted to leave he saw Zoe getting outside.

"Omg, Ty. There you are!" She said in a drunk voice and hugged him.

"Damn, you are pretty wasted."

"Nooo....just a little...hahaha. Anyway, you have to stay with me."

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I saw that Alysha is trying to hook me up to some boy and I don't like him."


"That's why you'll sleep with me this night."

When Tyler heard that his heart almost skipped a beat. He was excited and thought that this is an ultimate chance for him.

"Oh, you sure?"

"Yeah. I trust you. If I sleep with Alysha she'll definitely bring a boy in there to put his hands on me."

"Okay then."

"You know what, let's go now to sleep. My head started to hurt." Zoe said.

She grabbed his hand and went inside. They went immediately upstairs without being seen and the first room they saw they went inside it.

"There there. Hahaha. Let's lock the door so that no one will come in." Zoe said and locked the door.

"We should've bring some drinks here..."

"Don't worry, look there. There's some beer on that desk." Zoe jiggled showing him the beer on the desk.

"Oooohh niceee!" Tyler said and opened up a beer.

"Look, we have a balcony too. We can go there to smoke too."

"Awesome. We hit the jackpot."

Zoe opened a beer too and started to drink with Tyler. When they finished their beers, Zoe went on the balcony to smoke and Tyler went with her too. Out there the music was hearing loud. Zoe began to wiggle her butt on the beat, Tyler looking at it excited. After some time Tyler put his hands on her hips and Zoe's butt got against his crotch. The girl continued to dance, having a good time, and made Tyler have an erection. He tried to hide it but Zoe's was moving too hard and felt it. But continued to dance. There he knew that Zoe was too drunk to notice it.

"It got chilli. Let's go inside." Zoe said.

The two of them went inside and Zoe told Tyler that it was time for them to sleep. First, Zoe went to the bathroom. Tyler took his clothes off, remaining only with his boxers. Then he laid on the bed and began to look through his phone. When Zoe came in the room, she saw him in the bed, wearing only boxers and having a massive boner. The girl started to take her clothes off too, keeping on her bra and panties. She walked slowly towards the bed and then jumped on Tyler's.

"Damn, this is a good place to fuck." The girl said wiggling her ass on his boner.

"Yeah?" Tyler asked putting his phone away and looked at her.

She was wearing a black bra and black panties. Her half naked body was looking beautiful. Tyler looked first at her juicy abdomen then lifted his look on her big boobs. Then, he put his hands on her waist and looked at her sweet green eyes.

"Yes! Everyone in downstairs getting drunk. We can fuck like crazy in here." Zoe said slowly riding his boner smiling.

Tyler knew from this point that they will fuck but he wanted to do it in a way that she will want to make it with him again. So he got close to her neck and began to kiss it slowly. After a few kisses Zoe put her arms around him and pressed her chest against his. Tyler continued to kiss her neck until she started to moan. Then, he directed his kisses down to her boobs. When Zoe saw that she immediately took out her bra and let Tyler do whatever he wanted with her big boobs. When he saw them, the boy went crazy. He immediately started to suck on them while putting his hands on her ass.

"Ah fuck....kiss me." Zoe moaned.

The two of them began to make out. Tyler's boner got harder and he couldn't control it anymore. It started to twitch like crazy under her pussy.

"He can't wait, right?" Zoe asked looking down at my crotch.

"I-I don't think so..."

" feels so big. I can't believe we are doing this." Zoe said smiling.

"If you don't want it then at least let me taste you good to show you that we had to do this since the day we've met."

Zoe looked at him and bit her bottom lips, she liked what she heard. She kissed him and then looked back at his crotch.

"I don't know. Maybe because I'm drunk I'm like this but right now I want more to suck this big dick under me that let you eat my pussy."

"No problem. Suck it as much as you like it." Tyler said.

Zoe stood up and Tyler pulled his boxers down, letting his massive rod show up.

"'s so big," Zoe softly told him getting in her knees. She grabbed his balls and smelled his cock. Zoe smiled "It smells nice too. You want me to grab them harder?"

"Yes, please." Tyler responds pleased.

She immediately started to lick his thing.


His cock is drenched in her saliva in an instant. When she put it in her mouth, it began to twitch hard, making Zoe start to suck it hard.

"Oh fuck....Zoe..."


"Damn girl. You really know how to suck it good."

Zoe takes short breaths, but she shows no sing of stopping. His cock gradually began to go deeper into her throat. Tyler out his hands on the back of her head and pushed his junk deep.


He let go of his hands and Zoe backed up, taking his cock out of her mouth.

"How it is?" He asked.

"I love it." Zoe responded smiled then put it back in her mouth.

Zoe slowly resumed her fellatio, starting to stroke it while she was sucking it. Then she slid her hand back at my balls and grabbed them hard. Tyler's legs started to shake and when Zoe saw that she stopped and pulled his cock out, having a big smile on her face.

"If I continue more you'll cum hard... You want to or want to put it inside me?"

"That depends. If I cum in your mouth you'll let me put it inside you after?" Tyler asked.

"Aaah, so you want to cum in my mouth " Zoe said smirking. "Of course I'll let you put it inside me after." She continued and winked at him.

"Then, continue to suck it baby."

Zoe grabbed his cock and put it deep in her mouth. She grabbed his ass and began to suck his cock harder. Her gags were stronger and could be heard faster. And in a few minutes Tyler reached his limit and started to cum. The girl gradually swallowed all the cum he gave it in her mouth, not letting any drop of it go to waste. After that Zoe stood up and Tyler started to kiss her hard.

" like your taste?" Zoe asked softly.

"Fuck yeah."

"Good. Now give it to me. I want it bad." Zoe told him getting on the bed.

Tyler got on top and spread her legs wide. He grabbed his dick and slowly inserted it in her pussy. The moment it went in Zoe moaned hard.

"Oh fuck!"

The boy started to move his hips slowly. His hands were on her waist, Zoe was biting her bottom lip hard and when he began to move faster she grabbed his wrists hard.

"You like it like that?"


"How much?"

"So much..."

"I can't hear you." Tyler said.

"Oh fuck! Fuck me like that!" Zoe shouted.

Tyler continued to do her pussy hard making Zoe unable to control her moans. At some moment, Tyler grabbed her neck and squeezed it hard, making Zoe roll up her eyes and after a few seconds she started to squirt. The boy pulled his dick out and began to massage her clit slowly as her squirt went on his abdomen.

"Holy shit. This didn't happened to me at all." Zoe said surprised.

"And you didn't liked it?"

"Of course I did. I felt great." She responded.

Zoe lift herself up, puts her arms around Tyler's neck and kissed him hard, "Thank you. I felt so amazing."

"Glad you liked it." Tyler responded.

"If I knew that you are this great..."

Tyler's cock goes back inside her and Zoe smiled. "Don't want to get out from there, huh?" She said smiling and looked down at it. "If I knew that you were like this I would've had sex with you on the first day."

"And now what you want to do?" Tyler asked curiously.

"I'm going to have sex with you more often." She responded then kissed him.

"Apparently, he don't want to come out."

"No problem. You can sleep with it inside me."


"Sure. It looks like it won't go soft for a long time so I have no problem sleeping with it inside me."

"Damn, you're great."

After that Tyler turned off the light and went in the bed. He gets on Zoe's back and inserted his cock back inside her pussy. Zoe grabbed his hand and put it on her boobs.

"Oh fuck...I feel how much it twitches in there." She said surprised.

"That's because you have a good pussy." Tyler responded.

"Mmmm. Glad to hear it. Now I know that with you I will have the best sex ever."

"Oh, how so?"

"Because you are a pervert. And perverts are the best at fucking." Zoe said smiling.

"So that means we will fuck daily?"

"I hope so." Zoe responded.

With a big smile on his face, Tyler falls asleep. Both of them slept well and in the morning the two of them became a couple. Tyler couldn't imagine that he would end up being together with her and felt that he just hit the big jackpot of his life. Now with Zoe as his girlfriend, the boy could practice every fantasy of his with her.