TITLE: The Instructor
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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I graduated from high school in 1983 with no real direction in life. I worked as a stockboy until a local pharmacist hired me to do home delivery. He paid me hourly plus mileage on my car. I enjoyed the freedom and some of the perks of the job.
The first few weeks were spent learning the addresses as most customers were regulars. Many were elderly shut-ins who had no family to help. Many wanted me to stay and chat or eat. I took the time whenever I could, but the boss kept me busy.

One Monday I got a new customer. I looked on the map and drove to the address. The home was in an upscale neighbor. A lady answered the door and introduced herself as Lucy. According to the prescription she was 65 but her body told a different story. She had long wavy black hair. A long black dress was accentuated by red pumps, red nails and red lipstick. Her skin was smooth white. She invited me in, and we chatted for bit. As I left, she asked me to do side jobs for her for extra money. I agreed to return on Saturday.

Saturday morning, she greeted me wearing a short nightie covered by a robe. We sat and had coffee. She asked if I had a girlfriend and what I did for fun. I wasn’t dating anyone and played baseball when I could. She had me move some boxes into her closet. At some point she removed her robe with only the nightie remaining.
I must admit Lucy had a beauty about her that at 18 I didn’t appreciate. She had an allure that peaked my naïve curiosity. My dick would get hard thinking about her and I masturbated. I was still a virgin but that would soon change.

The following Saturday she answered the door in a similar outfit. Lucy said her garage needed some work. I was drenched in sweat after an hour and she brought some cold water. She told me to take a shower before leaving. When I stepped out of the shower Lucy handed me a towel. I was shocked but excited as she saw me naked. My cock was erect as she glanced down at my throbbing head. She made no attempt to leave as I dried off. She had put my clothes in the wash, so I had to wait. Lucy took me by the hand as I silently followed her to the bed. Her nightie dropped to the floor. As she lay back and spread her legs, she guided my cock into her pussy. I was stunned but excited to have sex for the first time. I thrust inside her as she moaned. She told me to keep pumping. After several minutes she moaned louder as she said “I’m cumming”. I thrust faster as she continued to climax. My balls tightened as my first shot of cum was released inside a woman. I grunted at the pleasure she gave me. After a short rest we fucked some more. The next two hours Lucy introduced me to manhood.

I was excited at my losing my virginity to this woman 47 years my senior. I was 18 with raging hormones and a woman who wanted to fuck. Lucy had been widowed several years and had no children. She missed the touch of a man.

I return the next day at Lucy’s request. She told me she was going to teach me how to please a woman. We both undressed and laid on her bed. She told me what to do with my tongue then opened her legs. I started by inserting my tongue slowly in and out of her pussy. She had a low moan and told me to tease her clit with the tip on my tongue. Her clit was soon swollen and her pelvis was thrust upward as a massive climax ensued. I kept going as she begged me not to stop. I was rock hard and thrust her pussy as several shots of cum filled her body. I was enjoying the ride.

She taught me how to handle her body. I sucked her nipples and massage her entire body. We always took showers and fucked while the water ran down our body. She loved to ride my cock while she squeezed my balls. The release was much more intense and cum blasted like a volcano.

One of her favorite things to do was suck my cock. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and tickled the head with her tongue. She swallowed every drop and would do this multiple times a day. We fucked several times a week. Eventually she encouraged me to look for woman my age. I did, but we still had our fun times.