TITLE: My Ex Wife Slut Pt 2
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Tasha has moved in all her stuff and we’ve been dating each other for a little over 20 weeks. She’s been fired from her job and believes her RX8 though jobless is one she will keep. This she feels can be accomplished if I am continuously pleased by her skills while down on her knees. As mentioned and many may be able to concur, she gives awesome head. If you’ve experienced it, this is something you love about her. I have no doubt, of this I am sure. I left work early today as my mind was occupied by something. Getting the day off was some how for me lucky. Before going to the store to purchase Tasha a pair of shoes, which is something that I often did. I decided to go home and get a quick bit also take a shower. As I pull up to the house Tasha’s car is on the drive. She said she had an interview, was this another lie. Distracted by the possibility of yet another lie. I parked on the drive and went through the front door and to my surprise. The T.V. in the family room was on awfully low and laughter from upstairs as if one was putting on a show. Walked into the family room and really couldn’t believe. The mess made by chips, snacks and two empty beer bottles. My mind quickly realizing that as I entered the house, I didn’t use my keys. The door had been unlocked and I was able to walk right on in. Displeased with the mess and the suspicions which I don’t care to disclose. I made my way up the stairs discouraged I felt I had to tip toe. Half way up the stairs I notice the red light from the den, it was the light on the phone. The light comes on when the line is in use. Tasha laughs once again not sure if it the laugh or the suspicious thought that squeezes around my neck like a noose. I’m at the top of the stairs when I holler out to Tash. Without hearing a good bye I hear the phone hang up and splish splash from Tash in the bath. Facing my room I can see her clothes all around, shocked at all the mess in my room that I have now found. Hey Tash, what are you up too. Not much babe, how are you! What’s with the mess in here and down stairs. I try hard to mentally chew. Oh don’t worry, I’ll clean it, Tasha says without any care. I’m not worried about the mess I explain. I am disappointed that the door was unlocked. With me not able to finish my thought. Tash calls out my name. Come in the bathroom babe, come have a look. As I entered. It took a lot of me, to keep a straight face from the inventory of such a mess I see. My, how you have been busy. I say with a look on my face that said, “REALLY”. How is it that a little thing like you, can make such a mess and it’s not much past noon. I don’t mean to sound anal but I’m not used to such a mess. Especially if the mess was not made by me. I know that my feelings had more to do with my prior suspicions but came out while I focused on what lay everywhere all around. I mentally closed my eyes and took a deep breath which worked at settling my emotions down. It’s not that bad as she looks at me. Look babe what do you think, she says. Trying to distract me from everything else. She had stood up still standing in the bath. Her right leg slightly crossed over her left and her arms flexed behind her back. I take her body and face in and reply. You have a beautiful rack. Not my tits babe but thank you. Look again sweetie, I bet it’s something you’d like to chew. With that said I look straight down between her thighs. A slight smile more of a grin and lust in my eyes. A pale smooth runway down south. Mmmmmmhmmmmm I say, biting at the air with my mouth. Looks ready and ripe, did the curls put up a good fight. She giggled and batted her eyes. Looked at me and said. It was done for me, surprise. I quickly like a dog on a bone, forgot all about the mess in the home. As I walked into the closet to remove my clothes and put them in the hamper. I asked how was her morning and if she thought about getting rid of her car. I walked to the shower and could tell that anything other than sex was long from gone from her mind and to speak about anything else was for her going to be hard. Turning on the shower pretending to ignore her, as she sway playing with her new sculpture sucking on her finger. Now that the suds from the soap have activated, stroking my dick as though I was masturbating. I signal to Tash who then removed herself from the bath. Stopping just as she is fully out of the tub. Turns around playfully bends over and spreads her ass shaking it with a little love. What a tease, I say. In a playful tongue. Looking down at my cock she says, looks like the tease won. Tasha steps into the glass enclosed shower. Tripling the steam between two wanting bodies. She walks through the rain and finds my lips. My arms embrace her body as we fall into a long needed kiss. Her hand upon my chest pawing like a kitten. We stand getting rained on like two lovers smitten. Tasha grabs the cloth and soaps it up. The water flowing over her chest I catch some as I cup her breasts. Just that very touch as though she hadn’t felt it in years, has her drop the soap and cloth and pulls me near. Tasha usually likes to feel in control and lately I have taken over that roll. Giving in to her need to be in the driver’s seat. I let go allowing her to push me and not keeping my stance firm with my feet. Embracing her face with my hands to reach in for another kiss. Knowing I’m fighting the submissive roll and she moves causing me to miss. Knowing Natasha as I once never allowed myself to understand each clue. I give into one of her many needs and let her believe she is able to do anything she wants too. Now that she feels in control and I can’t think of anything else she can do. Removing any notion anticipating what it is she will do, she is now in her favored position. Her target vulnerable as she reals in, in this case. Her sexual victim. My back up against the only wall plastered with tile. Slouched a little as she takes me close to defile. Straddling my thigh slowly grinding as though polishing her new shaved treasure. Focusing on her need more than me, applying to her lower lips much pleasure. A few pecks on my lips and forcing my head aside to gain access to my neck. She moves in for the kill, seats me between her legs and hovers over my dick. Teasing me. With my tip of my dick and with her swollen wet lips. Purposely missing as she builds up her finish caressing my shaft against my lower abs held there well seated between her slit. Pinching my nipples with her head held back. Finding her right moment as she lifts slowly easing forward my head in perfect position at her entrance her wetness engulfing me whole as her head comes forward with a snap. Causing my hands to simultaneously grip her waist and fall firmly to clinch the cheeks of her ass. With her waist doing the bulk of the work, my hands any body enjoying the sense of her twerk. Gaining her climax as I fake submission. She cums on my shaft and her cheek rest in my chest under my chin. Knowing she plans on receiving multiple pleasures even in a quickie. I push myself up off the now heated wall and place her against where she once placed me. Bent over with her forearm now on the sweaty heated wall. She looks back at me. As if playing pool using eyes, my next hole I call. Keeping with the fresh shaved lane. I slide the tip of my pole between her ever soaking shame. Teasing it, her, as she just had done with me. Bring my hand around between her ever waiting pussy and using the finger counting from either thumb or pinky, the finger number 3. I brush both her lips while faintly hovering along her slit. Reaching as far down as I possibly can, then placing my tip of my dick. At the base of her wet slit. Somewhat quickly sliding my finger up. Her focus on my finger she didn’t realize my dick was coming inside her until half of my shaft in her squeezed up. Now this brings her into a full forward and back buck. She didn’t think that I would at the same time push all the way up. While with pressure and quickly with my finger between her upper lips jacking her up doubling the sensation. Her head shakes. She is screaming while expelling water from her hair. The reaction causes the same with a greater spray down there. My left hand gently grasps her neck, lifting her upper body with my arm. Then resting her back in my torso and chest. I lean back further while gripping her breast. Her lips frantically looking for mine. This is when I pause for a brief second but on a dime. Her lips stop just before contacting mine. Her eyes squinted adjusting to see in front of her, mine. Just as she begins to get a clear view. My finger and shaft plunge between her and match, her humping and fucking motions atop of me. Bending back trying to hold onto something. Tasha cums as she tightened up and not knowing she could fall even further back. That’s when I came into her loosening grasp. My second shot must have been a hard blast, as she bucked forward and leaned against the wall looking back pushing on the wall forcefully sitting on me while standing causing her ass to create between our bodies, a splash. I stumble back against the glass. Exiting her still half hard out from her pussy grasp. Just when I thought I couldn’t contribute anymore. Tasha,s throat surrounds my cock to the base. Sticking out her tongue lapping at my nuts. She gags herself five times and before the last time before the last gag is when I erupt. I lash out and grab her head fast. Gyrate forcefully into her skull. Shake like a child exiting her mouth as my seed fills up her tummy full. Spent by the heat between us and the shower. We exit what is now cooling the air, the cold shower. Smile at one another as we cover each other with our towels. All the previous thoughts in my mind I can no longer waist or care about to think. With a well satisfied couple and a mess that looks neat. Tasha content and seemingly pleased, looks at me blows me a kiss with smirk and a stuttered wink.

To be continued……