TITLE: Consensual Sex With A Stripper
LOCATION: BigBulgeFoles9 - USA
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I have a guilty pleasure of attending strip clubs once in a while. I like this one where the girls come over and dance on your junk for a short while after they've been on stage. This one cute dirty blonde chick comes over and begins to chat. She's likable and easy to talk to. We talk about a lot but mainly she's stressing about her ride situation. She lives 30 minutes away and her ride blew her off. I offered to give her a ride, not really expecting anything to happen, just trying to give this chick a ride since it wasn't too far from me. She ultimately asks to take my number down.

She begins texting me often and kind of venting about her personal life. She has a kid with an "ex" who I believe she's still with since they still live together. She's telling me what an awful person this guy is. One night she texts me that she's with a group of people she doesn't wanna be around. I offer to pick her up and take her home. Before I take her home, we drive around a bit. I start touching her leg and she's enjoying it, a lot of flirting taking place. We talk about going to a bar but end up making out for a long time, way too long that both of us really wanted to fuck right then and there. But she's gotta get home so I take her back as she gently rubs my dick over my corduroys for the whole 20 minute ride. I could shoot my jizz into orbit at this point.

We talk about seeing each other in about 3-4 days. We go out for dinner before returning to my place. The inevitable is about to take place, I can't possibly fuck it up at this point. I show her around for a minute before she pushes me on the bed, begins making out. She asks me if I have any fetishes before we start. I say not really, just hot girls and getting my dick sucked. She says she likes to get choked, I'm not really into that but I mixed it in a little. After some foreplay she goes down on me for just a heavenly BJ. We start banging missionary, she's loving it (as am I of course). She gets on top and start cowgirling the fuck outta me. She's moaning in her extremely slutty stripper voice (fuck yeah, fuck yeah) . We're fucking for a long ass time, 20+ minutes and I haven't gotten off because of the few drinks I've had. She says she's gotten off multiple times, hinting she's done, but she wants me to get off. I bend her over and start banging her doggy style. Within a few minutes, I explode a river of cum into her as I orgasm for what seemed like 15 seconds.

It was truly glorious. We went out for a couple drinks after that before returning and having more sex. It was an absolute blast. But as I dropped her off that next morning, that would be the last I'd ever hear from her. She didn't respond to my texts or calls after that.