TITLE: To Tease Then Please
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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We all have our quirks and Molly Webster was no exception. I met Molly through a friend of mine. We were having a drink one afternoon when she walked in the club. I don’t know why, but there was an immediate allure but not in the normal way. Her appearance gave the perception of continuous seduction. She engaged in conversation in a way that kept you guessing her next move. Molly wore a full-length skirt with a split completely up one side. Her blouse had thin straps with a plunging neckline. A pair of black leather pumps completed the show.

My name is Greg and I am a carpenter by trade. Fred introduced me to Molly, and we chatted for several hours. She asked me to stop by and give her an estimate on a bathroom remodel. Several days later I knocked on her door and she answered in a robe. Her bedroom is directly across the hall from the bathroom. She had to get dressed and told me to work on the quote.

Through the mirror I can see into the bedroom as Molly is looking through her closet. She drops her robe to the floor and walks around the room completely naked. No attempt is made to dress as I become captivated by her show. She sits on the side of the bed and lotions her body, fully aware I’m fifteen feet away. She opens her legs rubbing all the way up her inner thighs. She occasionally glances and catches my stare and drops her head with a smile. My cock is about to rip out of my pants. She answers her phone and paces through the house while conversing with someone. My senses are further exploited when she nonchalantly answers the door for a package, all in the nude. As I try to finish my estimate Molly starts to rub my shoulders and then places her hand over my pants where my cock is waiting to burst out. She unzips my pants and says: “fuck me”.

I fucked Molly with the intensity of a raging bull. I quickly cum but I’m still fully erect. I lay on my back as She rides me like a wild stallion. I rub her nipples as she screams with multiple orgasms. I finish her off by licking her clit with long, slow strokes again bringing another intense orgasm. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was one of Molly’s early projects.

Molly wasn’t sure how it all happened. She remembers her mother allowing her to get a bikini the summer she turned 16. She was already an adult in a teenager’s body. The bathing suit fed the fire of desire in all the guys. The power she yielded over them consumed her as she used her body for gain.

After high school, her exhibitionist tendencies created a high that kept her seeking the next thrill. It started with flashing truckers and getting their aroused reactions to her naked breasts. She raised the stakes by wearing a string bikini while laying by the pool at her grandparent’s condo. All the old men lusted after her young flesh. She went so far as to strip at the outdoor shower when only a few men where around.
Molly also liked to fuck and be fucked. She found sex the most exciting after putting on an exhibition for any man.

On one occasion she went to see the doctor for a physical. The nurse gave her a gown and left the room. She stayed naked and started her tease as the doctor walked in. She could see his eyes wander over her naked body. His gaze aroused her as she observed the fire of lust in his eyes. Her nipples stood erect as he examined her. Her freshly shaved pussy kept diverting his eyes. He was emotionally spent as he finished with her. She went home and massage herself to multiple powerful orgasms. When the tease no longer sufficed, she decided to experience the product of her seduction.

Teasing has the power to evoke emotions normally kept in balance. Molly used her body to entice reactions in men as they relinquished their carnal desires to her control. She wanted to drive the hunger to its pinnacle then have it unleashed on her desire for unbridled indulgence. Preying on unsuspecting victims was part of the game. Men, being visual, were easy targets. Entice them then wait for the kill.

Her mother’s boyfriend Vic was much to be desired. He was at the age when “boys” morphed into handsome men. His chiseled features, salt and pepper hair and bronze tan created a mature allure absent in younger men. Charm and wit added to his appeal. She dressed to elicit a response to his aging ego. He needed to feel relevant at a time in life when men begin to stray. Flimsy clothing with breasts spilling from braless plunging necklines captivated her easy prey. Her fleshy revelations captured his erotic thoughts as she drew him into her web. Shoulder rubs and seductive hugs added fuel to a raging fire within. Opinions on clothing were frequently sought to keep his visual motor fed. Dressed in only a towel after a bath or donning a string bikini by the pool kept the seduction on edge.

She unleashed his avalanche of restrained desire one day while her mother was away. Feigning a fight with her boyfriend, Molly sought comfort for her exasperation. Vic embraced and listened as she poured out her emotions. She relinquished control as he came to her rescue. Her eyes found his as strong hands slid up her back, taking the shirt above her head. Her erect, exposed dark brown nipples were lightly caressed by a gentle experienced tongue. Her breaths deepened as she arched back offering her breasts to his lust. He discarded his clothing as his mouth kissed its way to her shaven mound. Her pulsing clit became the focus of his raging lust. Molly had trained him for this moment and would expend every minute until her passion was depleted. Addressing her inner thighs and labia hurled her to the brink of lucid thought. Engulfing her clit propelled her into euphoria so intense she screamed without any thought of hearing ears. Waves of erotic unbound pleasure engulfed her naked body as fluids gushed from and untapped river. Vic carried her to his bed as the full measure of his shaft invaded her waiting pussy. Long slow strokes massaged his engorged membrane as the first load of cum flooded the confines of her enveloping canal. His scrotum tightened as round after round of his juices were released from confinement. Exhausted from his carnal release. Molly rode his still erect cock collapsing onto his sweaty body after a final round of acute and potent orgasms.

The withdrawals from this experience left Molly anxious and restless. The prey being conquered left a wanting for the next high. Her crave for another fix was being sought. Did he know what would take him down?

Men in relationships make seduction exponentially thrilling. Single men are too easy to capture. The hunt is diminished if the participant in too willing thereby diminishing the thrill sought in the chase.

Daniel Levy was a veteran attorney who built a firm on defending DUI clients. Molly stumbled across his path one weekend after drinking too much. Arrested and charged, Daniel was referred by a friend.

On his desk sat the photo of Daniel and his beautiful wife. She had long red hair and blue eyes that complimented high cheek bones and a pearly white smile. Molly had dressed for the occasion. A form fitting black sleeveless dress and red stilettos exposed her long endless legs. Freckled cleavage and a falling neckline guided the eyes to ample braless 42 D tits. Glossy red lipstick and long eyelashes gave her the subtle stripper façade she was presenting.

Daniel was already undressing her with his eyes at she sat to discuss her case. Playing her prepared role, she told her story of getting the DUI. She and a friend had been drinking with some guys at a club and drove home. She was pulled over after swerving and wound up in jail. She let her false tears fall as she pleaded for his help. He would research her case and schedule another appointment. She giggled as she hugged him making sure to press her breasts against him pounding chest.
Daniel’s mind was ensnared by his latest client. He had female clients try to pay his fees with various request but never fell into the trap. She was the total package of lust and desire. Every man dreamed of fucking women like her, but few had the chance.

Molly stalked her latest conquest to a small bar on the East side of the city. Daniel would often drop by to have a drink after a long day in court. She entered dressed to kill. Her short leather dress ended at the bottom of her ass cheeks. The V neckline exposed much breast as it came to a point above her navel. The V in the back ended at a similar point. Absent of bra and panties, seduction spilled from her as she strutted on her knee-high black stiletto boots.

Daniel spotted her and bought the first on many drinks. Molly handled her drinks as she was a master of being in control. She knew her web would soon encapsulate him. Leaning close allowed him close views of her naked cleavage on display. Touching him frequently gave the needed que for Daniel to respond. She reached around and started scratching his neck with her polished manicured nails. Between the drinks, nakedness and her touch, Daniel was losing control. She whispered in his ear. They walked across the street to the Crown Hotel. Clothes were shed as Daniel introduced his shaft into her wet mound of lust. He pounded her like a crazed madman. She had brought him to the precipice, and he unloaded the tension in his loins. Her legs were pushed above her head as he rapidly rammed her accommodating pussy. Her large breasts bounced in unison as he liberated his scrotum of hot cum. He turned her around and continued pounding and he cradled her tits. Her squeals as she climaxed drove him further in his madness. He dropped on his back as he blew a wad of cum, painting the walls of her throat as she consumed every drop. Both were spent as they slept for several hours.

Molly had her craving satisfied for the time being. She needed more. Her power to tease, seduce and control these men occupied her waking moments. The intense pleasure created by the chase drove her to abandon all boundaries.

Judge William Brown was on the bench when Molly appeared before him in her DUI case. Daniel stood by her side as she plead guilty. She came dressed for the occasion. While a little more conservative in her dress length, abundant cleavage was on display for the judges viewing pleasure. She asked for leniency since this was her first DUI.

Before their appearance, Daniel had informed Molly that Judge Brown had a reputation as a ladies’ man. “Dress for the occasion and you might get off” was his advice.

Molly played the dumb blonde part as the judge reviewed her case. Being the last case of the day, Judge Brown wanted to speak with her privately in his chambers. He asked her what led up to the arrest before he made his decision. She had a rehearsed story ready for the kill.

She claimed to be a stripper and had been dancing and drinking all evening. She had given multiple lap dances and was tired and tipsy from all her work. She worked naked most of the time and needed the booze to relax her mind. The judge already had a hard cock, but her story captivated his lustful mind. She finished the story by showing him a photo on her phone of her dancing costume. Judge Brown didn’t know what to say and was burning with desire by the time she was finished. With her cleavage spilling everywhere, she leaned forward to draw him into the web of desire.

She walked around the desk and began to scratch his head as he sighed at her gentle strokes. He turned to her as she dropped her shoulder straps. He buried his face into her cleavage as the dress slipped to the floor. With no panties or bra, Easy access was given to his desire. She lifted a leg to the chair as he quickly undressed. The judge fucked her breasts then slipped his dripping shaft into her hairless pussy lips. He pumped for several minutes before expelling an immense load of cum. She bent over the desk as her continued to fuck her dripping mound. Molly’s clit swelled as she began to orgasm. It took all she had not to shriek. She finished by dropping to her knees and taking his final delivery down her throat.

Both were spent and all charges were dropped.