TITLE: Christine Gets Fucked
LOCATION: madjack1 - UK
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Go to hers this morning, Christine's I mean knocks on the door, She open it with a funny look on her face, come in her says, so in I goes she sits at the table & says I've got something to ask you, I have seen your car in the carpark at the bottom of my mum's street, I hope you haven't been fucking my mum, would I, yes you would you bastard, Well all I can say is no I haven't & for the car being in the carpark I needed a bit of shopping, ( I'm thinking silly fucking slag of course I've been fucking your mother) Oh ok that's ok then, Right then Christine are we having a cup of tea its cold this morning & I need to warm my hands before I take you upstairs & rip your knickers off & fuck your brains out, I puts my hands on the radiator to get them warm, she put the kettle and we are chatting, she wearing a skirt by the way, next thing she's bend down taking things out of the washer, Nice arse Christine, will you stop looking at my bum, You don't say that when I fuck you from behind & make it wobble, No that's different she says, so with that I'm behind her my hand up her skirt feeling her crack I pulled her knickers to one side & pushers a finger in her, you dirty bitch you are so wet, Yes she says I am, with that out comes my cock pulling her knickers further to one side I up her to the hilt she grabs the washer as I start to fuck her, no not here she saying people can see through the window, I says give the neighbours something to talk about, I can just see it now, looks like Christine was getting a good fucking in the kitchen over the washer, What if your mother gets to know,
Stop it now lets go upstairs,
So I pulls out of her & follows she upstairs, she shuts the curtains & strips nice tits now come & suck this, ask me nice she says & I will, Just suck it now or I will go round & tell your mum you have been fucking me, She looks and laughs she knows don't you remember,
Yes I do, thinking if you only knew what I'd been doing with your mum,
Right come on suck my cock, so there she is down on her knee's sucking me off, I grabs her head & hold it really fucking her mouth I then tells her to bend over the bed So I could fuck her from behind so there she is getting fucked her big fat arse wobbling, fucking hell Christine I love to fuck you like this & watch your bum wobble, She didn't say anything she was just there face down arse up taking my cock, Anyway there I am fucking her hard I'm thinking should I shove it up her arse & fuck that bum hole. I then thinks no I will save that till next time, by this time I about ready to cum, She's screaming fuck I'm going to cum don't stop now please don't stop, There I am fucking the shit out of her, she's screaming I'm cuming, I then shot my load up her, Now she says I need to go to the toilet to let it run out, not till you suck my cock to get the drips out of me, she down on me sucking the drips she then stands up I stick my hand between her legs feels like its run off of you, I take my finger away & puts them in her mouth that taste nice doesn't it yes she says you always do, I'm thinking funny that your mother says the same, anyway she go to the toilet & I get dressed, when she comes out I say what about that cup of tea yes she says let me get dressed then we are out downs,
So we have a drink & I say same time tomorrow, yes she says I'll be ready, fuck I like a good slag that just wants fucking