TITLE: XXX Bookstore Manager Cont
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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This gorgeous blonde woman continues to appear every Saturday night. I line up at the glory hole and continue to take my turn. The gangbang on the table occurs about twice a month.

One day while shopping for groceries, I see this woman in the store. She glances at me then smiles and continues to shop. After I checkout, she is loading her car as I approach mine. Boldly I say: “you’re the woman that comes into Fantasy XXX every Saturday night”. She says yes and introduces herself as Tara. I wanted to ask her many questions. As if reading my mind, she tells me. I’m a nymphomaniac. I was stunned. That’s why you see me every week. I have an uncontrolled desire to fuck as many men as possible. Without any thought I tell her I’m not married, and she can come to my house anytime. I give her my number not expecting a call.

Later that evening my phone rings. “Hi, this is Tara. Can I meet come over?” Thirty minutes later she drives up. She comes in wearing short shorts and a tight-fitting shirt with no bra. Stilettos compliment her long smooth legs. She immediately embraces me then tells me to fuck her. I lead her to the bed where she flings her shirt and shorts, while leaving on her heels. I fuck her missionary for several minutes. She then tells me to roll over and begins to ride my engorged shaft. I handle her naked breasts as she arches back. Her long straight blonde hair bounces with her rhythm. Soon her moans grow longer and louder as she climaxes for a full ten minutes. Her clit pulses at a tempo is timed perfectly with my raging boner. I hold out as long as possible before unleashing the load from my loins. I am spent as her energy seems to grow. She pulls a vibrator from her purse and continues the show. For the next hour I watch as she pleasures herself. As I regain my stamina, she takes my cock and treats me to the best blowjob I’ve ever experienced. After erupting into her mouth, she drinks every drop and lays back to rest.

I am baffled at the experience of my evening and the last few weeks. Before I can ask, she tells me her story. She has been a nymphomaniac since her late teens. It all started when she watched porn with a boyfriend. She saw the pleasure it brought him and other men. She was eventually fucking every night. She thought marriage would change her, but the old desires soon came back. Her husband is wealthy and the children have a nanny. She volunteers to curb her desires but by Saturday night she is ready to explode. She has to have many men back to back to consume her uncontrolled drive.

On Thursday Tara tells me to meet her at a hotel downtown. I arrive at the penthouse to find a room full of naked men. Tara is sprawled out as some guy is pounding her pussy. Another guy hovers over her fucking her mouth at a slow pace. Cum is pouring down as guy after guy take their turn. At some point she turns on her hands and knees as huge cocks fill her with their seed. Many are masturbating on her as she finishes of the last guy at 3 am. Tara walks to the shower saturated with cum. She bathes and walks out the door.