TITLE: Two Irish Backpackers
LOCATION: Caretaker - Australia
AGE: 51+
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I a 66 year old male travelling and working my way around Australia. I find an area and usually get a position of caretaker and stay at least 6 months before I move on. On the weekends I hitch up my camper and can sight see in 500 k radius.

I stay in free camp sites wherever I can and these are frequented by backpackers. At this spot I made camp and it was getting crowded around the semi shady spot you don't want to camp under trees as our natural trees tend to always drop branches.No there are no drop bears.

The Saturday morning I struck up a conversation with the 2 Irish backpacker girls, Moira and Kat. They have been travelling and had work at a mango farm in a week or so time further up the highway and was camping in a small 4 man ten and as they were low in funds were staying here. I shared coffee and cereal with them and they were interested in my mobile shower that I was filling. Just a plastic bag black one side clear the other you fill and put in sun for 3 hours with a spray attached and small up standing seperate tent for privacy .There is a drop toilet and the roof of toilet block catches water for hand basins .signs say not for drinking but I think ok and the girls said they boiled it and sponged bathed with it . Lol they confided back in Ireland they didn't shower as much as here.Needless to say I let them use my shower as long as they refilled the bag for me with 3 hours of sun. After touring I returned that evening to camp site with a bottle of red wine. I had dinner in town. The two Irish girls came over and thanked me for my shower and we shared a glass of wine.

Later that night some rain fell and a wind squall came through.I woke to the girls telling me my shower tent had blown over and ripped their nylon tent and they were wet. Ok the best I could do was toss them a blanket and let them sleep in lower room of my camper. I'm back in my bed and woah both girls were getting in either side. I was taken aback thinking these are girls younger than my eldest daughters and not much older than my youngest I saw them as kids.

Ok I told myself just sleep and as I thought this Kat sat up pulled her tee shirt off over her head and tossed it exclaiming "its damp!" Moira in hearing this lol it's pitch dark Says "mine too " and struggles to pull her singlet off. How is it plumpish Kate can peel hers and stick insect Moira has to thrash to remove hers. Great now I have two kids half naked in my bed .

Now to make matters worse I am struggling to hold a fart in. As I'm going to sleep and this huge fart releases oh my Gawd it's horrible thick as and I know it's burning my eyebrows off.
The two girls howl in disgust and laughter they congratulate me as the worst ever old man fart they went on and on old woman fart dead donkey fart,finally we settle in this small tight bed.
I'm on my back between the girls and give a little snore and receive a nudge in the ribs. This. Is going to be a long night. I turn to my left and where do I put my hand I'm like a soldier thumb down the side of my thigh. So uncomfortable,just then Kat takes my hand and puts it around her and on her ample breast. Then gives a snuggle with her hips,oh man I'm starting to get hard and not feeling like sleep.

Quickly I do a 180 degree roll and Moira shrugs and pushes back into me as Kat rolls over and her hand takes hold of my penis semi hard in my boxers. I groan, Kat giggles, Moira asks "what?"
Kat pulled out my penis and gives Moira a little slap with it.

I am feeling rather uncomfortable with these antics .I say ok swap positions Moira let me near the window Kate you take my spot and Moira you swap with Kat. Needles to say Kat dragged her bottom over me not helping me at all.

So now I'm facing the window back to the girls . then in the blackness I hear a fart, giggles from both then another fart. They are only light weight but get both girls in fits of laughter. I shush them and then they attack me with that nothing to yours you shush yourself and any way you have the window.

Somehow I dosed off listening to giggles only to wake sometime later with my hand between a skinny pair of thighs and a hand over mine working my fingers.
Gulp! Oh dear, Moira is pushing me with her skinny body with that I roll over to face her and somehow she is under me with her legs spread wide and around me. She slides my boxers in an instant and with her foot drags them off completely. Ok it's so dark I can't see just feel the presence of Kat to our left.
Well now Moira squirms and I am half way buried into wet woman warmth. Moira arches her back and places both feet on the back of my calves. Needless to say I'm in all the way withdraw and slid back and the bed and trailer gives a rock. I try to continue but Moira stops me holding me with her arms and saying "Wait"
I wait and feel her muscles ripple and I know what's happening yes again and again more intensity then wetness followed by more intensity . Without moving I arch pushing against her pubic and bend my head and hook on an eraser feeling nipple.
"Oh yes I smell sex!" Kat spoke. Oops Kat is awake.
With this it's a sighing"Fuck Yes!" From Moira.

I'm thinking the cats out of the bag now as I plunge back and forth with Moira saying "please ,please ,please ,and woosh she hits around my belly button with a squirt. I'm happy but thinking there goes my good hand made quilt my second wife made for me. True I was pumping her and thinking about washing the bloody quilt.

Where is Moira's tits there is just skin and nipple as I tenderly suckle on her right nipple Moira is shaking says "no no wait no wait" well not me I pump and pump and I feel her grip,I can only explain it as I could not slide out just in and she said "your at my cervix and it's open shoot your load". Well I thought about it but was not ready lol she is a bit early for me. Then Kat takes my hand and puts it on her breast. Moira snatches it back and relaxes and moves and I feel my penis free from her and she pushes me out. Amazing.

With that she shoves my hand to Katherine's cubby mound It feels like a cheese burger bun little push and there is wet folds of flesh Moira is guiding my fingers it's a hand with ten fingers . My penis is rigid and it's head feels like it's over full of blood.

Its starting to dawn nearly 5am. Moira takes my hand and uses three fingers to probe Kats vaginal passage and I curl them behind her clit while she goes to work on her clit. Kat says she is flushing keep going . I kid you not being Irish both their skin was white and hairless and Kat was blushing from neck to bum. Then Kat tossed her head back and thrashed from side to side. I'm glad I was not on her she would have tossed me off.

Kat said "Moira in all this time we have not been together that was the best, things may change." Hey what about me I thought. I pulled my fingers out, positioned myself between Kats thighs and hooked her knees over my elbows and thrust in. Oh dear Moira and I had over done it with the 4 play. I have never been in such a wet unfeeling vagina. So I turned her on her knees and head on pillow. I plunged back in and her wetness ran down her legs I could have filled a coffee cup gradually she tightened and all the bloody time the girls were nattering. Never had a threesome but this would not be the norm. Soon the talk came around to Moira saying about open cervix and Moira directed. Chris plunge in deep .Kat feel him hitting your cervix. Yes it makes me jump and clench .I think well I'm not hitting it much. Well just relax and open it up I have had guys right in it.

Not long after I felt my balls tighten and I shot into Kat, pulled out and Kat fell on her side and there was the longest sloppiest vaginal fart I ever heard. The giggling started once more.
The girls tent was torn beyond fixing with duct tape so I offered and they followed me to my care-taking residence and stayed the week before going on to their mango picking job.
Yes the two of them always referred to me as old man or old guy and in the week that followed they lost a couple of bets for blow jobs and both gave up and fucked me to complete. Sadly for me I still haven't been blown. Other stories I may tell.