TITLE: Deep Throat & My Wife
LOCATION: expatriate - USA
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Back in 1967 when “courting” mynthen British girl friend in London she,d decided the best way to get along and keep her boy friends happy was to suck their cocks and loved the taste of fresh spunk and though like her previous beaus I wanted very much to Fuck her juicy cunt was delighted when she first started sucking my eight inches of thick Male meat and totally over the moon when she allowed me to cum in her lovely mouth swallowing each and every spurt of my semen. On my third leave from what was then West Germany(with the USAF as a Sergeant security policeman then) in July, 1968 just before being rotated back to the USA I went for broke, bought her an engagement ring and popped the question whilst on holiday with her parents in Broadstairs, Kent. She,d always said the only cock to go in her luscious fanny was the man who placed a ring on her finger. At first I took it to mean a wedding ring, but an engagement ring did the business and I took her cherry that very night! OMG she was tight my cock rubbed sore as was her pussy. But Youth is resilient and somehow I managed to cum in her using a condom that initial time. Both of us healed quickly, but stayed in the Hot sun too long and suffered bad sunburn so couldn,t even bear to Touch each other for the rest of the week and then her period came along! Then it was f******n months apart thanks to the small matter of a Egypt-Israeli second war which meant having to postpone our wedding from June to August(no leaves allowed during the emergency crisis in the Middle East). I arrived in London three days before the wedding and only had time for a quickie that night. At least our wedding night was a dream and so romantic and thevthree day honeymoon in Somerest far too short though we fucked as often as possible as we had no idea how long before Sarah could join me in America waiting for her visa. It took six weeks for her visa to come through. Even in those early days occasionally we needed photographic stimulation(well I did) and I used to buy a very tame soft porno mag which featured reader,s stories and one featured “deep throat” and how a woman loved to deep throat her eleven inches long cock of her husband. “Hey Sarah My Love why don,t you domThat for me? I know I don,t have an eleven inch monster, but you,ve never taken me All the way down to my roots when you,revsucking me off!” “No I haven,t !” “Okay let me try it!” As we were both naked, my cock already hard she captured me and easily took it deep without any trouble. “It,s a bit thick at the end so makes me want to throw up if I,m not careful,!” She sighed. “It feels great!” I sighed as she went back to sucking and I moved round so we could enjoy a full sixty nine only interrupted now and then when she went too far and almost choked before she really choked on my heavy ejacukation. “That Wasn,t so bad!” she licked excess cum from my knob. “I,m getting the knack now!” A few months later we invited a friend to,our basement apartment and after some drinks had gotten very friendly. Rex was a bit older than me and a bit of a ladies man. Sarah had never been in a threesome with Male or female involved before, but strong Bloody Marys had very much loosened her inhibitions and without warning she announced she was going to change into something cooler. A few minutes later she reappeared in just her Lacey white bra and panties so transparent her coral nipples and thick black pubic hairs were quite visible.Both Rex and I hardened at the sexy woman before us and next she unclipped her bra, tossed it on a chair and her big bazookas were exposed, Sarah making no them wiggle sexikynfrom side to side. “Like my titties, Rex?” she asked in her sexy voice. “Can I suck them?” He asked and she moved in front of him to,let him feast on her magnificent mammaries as I peeled her panties off then began to strip off my clothes. Sarah was still sleeping slightly bentnforward over the settee As Rex continued to suckle on her nipples and I fingered her juicy snatch from behind occasionally running my cocks, head over her fleshy lips. Suddenly my wife sank to her knees, unzipped Rex and released his big cock which was rather long and fairly thick, precum dribbling from the tip. She licked the precum away and began to suck him then took him down as far as she could finding Red not so easy to deep throat as me. It took her a few goes and a gag or two before she had his whole cock in her throat which she seemed happy about. As she sucked Rex I eased my cock up her ass which she doesn,t mind when she,s really turned on. Though she,d begun sucking Rex before I started Fuckng her ass the tight hole forced my climax first and I,d spurted the contents of my bollocks deep in her bum long before she swallowed his heavy load. Later Rex fucked her pussy as she sucked out what was left in my balls. After that Sarah passed out, dozing peacefully on the settee with cum still ozzing out of her well fucked quim. Rex dressed, thanked me for inviting him round. I cleaned up, had a shower and went to bed leaving Sarah who eventually woke up, pissed all the semen out, took a shower and joined me in bed. “I,m quite pleased with myself! Rex has the biggest cock I,ve ever had and the only one after you and I Deep Throated him pretty good!” “Yes You did. Congratulations now go to fucking sleep! I,m knackered! TBC