TITLE: The Sleepover
LOCATION: 65tech - USA
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Bella gets home from school, she texts her bff Allie to make sure she could stay tonight. Bella just turned 18 on Monday and she didn't get to do anything and asked her mom if Allie could stay on Friday night. Her mom Jo tells her she would ask Eric her step father he has very strict rules. Even though Bella is 18 she has to give her step dad a kiss on the cheek every night and is only allowed people over when he says. Eric said yes but Bella still doesn't see what her mom sees in him he is an asshole but he is younger than her mom and really has an awesome body, he has to have a big cock because her mom does anything he says. Eric did say yes but we have to stay upstairs because her mom would be working till ten.

Allie text back and says yes she can stay and would be over by 6. Bella and Allie have been friends since the first grade and Allie's birthday is a month before Bella. Both girls do everything together they even lost there v card together. they have. also been lovers since they found out about sex! Bella jumps into the shower and hears someone open the door she knows Allie wouldn't be there yet so she peeks around the shower curtain and sees Eric walking in the bathroom. Bella is turned on he just had on a pair of loose shorts and had a glass of whiskey in his hand he steps up to the toilet and whips his cock out Bella can't believe the size of his cock.

She watches him pee and his cock soft must be 7 inches long. He finishes and leaves Bella doesn't realize she has two fingers in her hot little pussy fingering herself. She hears the door open again and hears Allie hurry up girl I want to lick your hot little pussy! Bella pulls her fingers out and says I will be right out and shuts the water off. when she sees Allie she is changing into a sports bra and loose fitting shorts. Bella says"Dam you hot little slut" and then kisses her! Bella slips some short shorts on and loose top. "Let's go to my room I have to tell you something" Bella says. The girls get into Bella's room and lay on the bed. "So what are you wanting to tell me Bella" Allie asks "when I was showering Eric came in and peed I seen his cock it's huge and it was soft" Bella says.

Allie has her hands in her shorts and rubbing her pussy "Bella that is really turning me on" "Well maybe I should take care of that for you Allie" she pulls her hands out pulls off her bra and loses her shorts. Bella does the same thing. Bella crawls in between Allie's legs "Dam Allie you are really wet does my step daddy's cock make you wet?" Bella ask. "Yes thinking about it gets me wet" Allie says. Bella spreads Allie's bald little lips and starts to lick her pussy so delicately. Allie loves being licked by Bella, Allie stops her and they get into a 69 position Allie loves the taste of Bella's pussy she will even lick her sexy ass to. Both girl always stay quiet but there bodies start to shake and they both cum together. As the 2 girls lay there panting "I better go give my step dad a kiss night if I don't I will be in trouble it's one of his rules" Bella tells Allie. Both girls get dressed and kiss "we will get a drink and come back and enjoy some new things I got" Bella says with a smile.

The girls walk into the kitchen and Allie grabs a drink while Bella goes to kiss Eric night. Bella bends down to kiss him on the cheek and he must of smelled Allie's pussy on her and he ask her to sit down on his leg she straddles one leg and with the whiskey in him he pulls her in for a real kiss on the lips. Eric loves the smell of pussy on her breath and with the whiskey in him he isn't thinking clearly all he sees is a hot sexy woman grinding her hot pussy on his leg he can feel her wetness!! Bella kisses him hard and like a hot little slut not like a daughter kisses her step dad. Allie is watching from the kitchen with her fingers deep in her pussy watching Bella make out and ride Eric's leg.

Eric breaks the kiss and Comes to his senses and realizes it's his step daughter he is hard for "Wait we have to stop Bella I'm your step dad" Eric says Bella looks him in the eyes and says "Daddy you want me to stop your Cock It's so hard" Eric feels her wetness on his leg, then Bella says "let me get Allie she would like to ride Daddy's other leg" Eric is in a heaven but when Allie sits on his leg something comes over him and he tells the two girls to start making out while riding his legs. he tells them to strip they each take off there tops and then there bottoms. Eric is in heaven he tells them "Whichever one of you girls cum first on Daddy's leg he will fuck there slutty cunt with his big hard cock". Both girls start riding his legs harder and start making out with him.

Bella reaches down and takes Eric's cock out while he is sucking on Allie's tits she climbs off his leg and starts to suck him. "Oh my Bella that feels great" Eric groans. Allie gets off his lap and wants some of his cock to. Both girls start to suck him off. Eric tells them to "get off there knees Allie lay on the couch and Bella you get on top and make our with her daddy's going to fuck your hot little cunts". He pushes both of there legs apart and starts to lick Allie first he taste her sweet little asshole and then her bald little pussy. Then he does the same to Bella, He has both girls begging to be fucked.

Eric stands between there legs and takes his cock and aims it at Allie's hot little pussy. When he pushes his thick cock in her she screams"Oh my God you are so thick" the boy that fucked her before had a long skinny cock Eric's is so big and when he gets it all the way in Allie starts to cum on his cock! Eric fucks until she quits cumming and pulls out and shoves his cock into Bella's tight hole, her pussy was ready but she still let's out a Hugh moan from his thickness he fucks her for a little while and then she cums on his cock. Eric pulls out of her and walks away "Keep making out I will be back" Eric says as he goes grabs some lube. These girls are going to be introduced to anal sex.

Eric spread lube all over his hard cock and then Allie's ass first and the Bella's. he fucks each girls pussy while he gets the other girls ass ready by finger fucking them. Both girls have been cumming. He is finally ready to fuck Allie's ass, he lines his throbbing cock up to her tight hole and pushes he doesn't take any mercy on her and pushes it all the way in"Oh my Fucking God it hurts!" Allie screams as Bella starts to kiss her. then Allie starts to feel good and push her ass against him. Eric pounds her tight ass hard and she cums again. Eric is getting close and he wants to cum in Bella first. He pulls out of Allie and slams his cock into Bella's tight ass "Fuck oh fuck it hurts but please Daddy fuck me" she screams out. Eric pounds her ass hard and fast Bella screams out she is CUMMING and Eric can't hold back and Empty's his load into her hot sexy ass.

Eric pulls out and the girls lay there kissing he is still hard Allie says you didn't cum in me "don't worry were not done yet" before the night was done all the girls holes were filed with cum and they were very tired on Saturday! Before Allie leaves she ask Bella can I stay next week let's ask Eric if you can "Eric can Allie stay next Friday night?" "I think that will be ok" he says with a smile