TITLE: Robin
AGE: 51+
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Well I've just turned 65, and joined Medicare. I really enjoy "the pleasures of the flesh", but don't have the stamina I used to have.
The online dating world is a wonderful place. My profile is very simple, basically just looking for fun.
Robin reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. Would you believe she is 74 ! We chatted back and forth on, but I had the feeling she was just teasing me.

Anyway Wednesday morning I woke early and got up about 3:30 and just sat in my recliner and got my computer out. Checking, I saw she was online. We chatted for a while then we switched to texting. We went back and for on a few subjects, starting to flirt a little. I asked her if she had sensitive breasts - her answer was very sensitive. I told her we should meet in a bar or restaurant so we could sit aside by side and I could rub my arm on her breasts - her response was encouraging. I said we could have a few drinks and after the first I would rub my arm on her breasts and after the second I would squeeze her leg. She seemed to like this flirting and asked what would happen after the third. I replied "honestly" ? She said yes. I said I would probably fall asleep and we would need a cab - she seemed to enjoy that. I then asked where would the cab take us - her opportunity to up the ante. To my house she said, if I like you. OK I thought.

Anyway after 2 hours texting we decided we should meet up.
Friday came around and I reached out to her to meet for lunch. Once again I seemed to get the runaround as she didn't answer my texts again. But eventually we decided to meet at a Mexican restaurant about 8 o'clock. She said she was parked in the handicapped spot.

She looked quite nice; dressed fairly young in leggings and with a stick. She seemed a little nervous, but fine. We sat side by side, so I said I liked this and she said why - my replt was so I can rub your breasts with my arm. Lots of nervous laughter, but she kept her arm up "to protect herself".
Anyway during the second drink I put my hand on her thigh; initially she put her hand down on mine, but after a while she relaxed. She seemed to really enjoy me rubbing my arm on her breast, and rubbing her thigh.

Time to go. I said don't drive too fast, so I can follow you. She giggled and seemed a little tipsy.

Sitting on her couch I said give me a kiss. I've never had a woman give me so much tongue ! Incredible right off the bat. Ok this was my que to check out her breasts, which she seemed to enjoy and get excited. The couch was not comfortable, so said we need to get horizontal - no problem as she lead me to her bed. We were nekkid in about 5 minutes and once again this very erotic kissing. She got hold of my cock and really enjoy getting me hard and loved it when I sucked on her nipples. Her pussy was a little dry but I wet my fingers and explored...
She was getting hot and really enjoying the attention. I said I would really enjoy that tongue on my cock. Don't rush she said. She had her leg right over me so I could get full access to her pussy while she was stroking me.

Eventually she moved down and took me in her mouth and worked my cock and balls. If you've ever had a 20 minute blow job from an experienced generous woman yo will know how fantastic it can be. I'd been hard for about 30 minutes !! something of a record for me.

I wanted to get inside her tight pussy, but she said don't rush as she kept suck on my cock. Oh boy. Finally she climbed on top and teased the tip of my cock with a big smile on her face. After a few minutes I pushed her back so she slid down on me. It felt wonderful. I held her up so I could move and watch her face as she neared the big O. She whimpered and almost cried. She was getting so much pleasure. This kept me hard - amazing. We kept this up for about 20 mins with her having several big O's. she was exhausted and finally fell off me.
She then said her late husband didn't really enjoy sex, and this was her first time in years. She said it was the first time she'd had sex in 20 years !!!!! I was the lucky guy.

Time to go home and feed the dog. I got dressed and she put on a very simple short thin dress. She looked hot, so more of that kissing and I could resist pulling and tugging on her nipples which she loved. She said she wanted to see me again, and asked if I could get more pussy and one of her wonderful blowjobs - anytime you want she said.
What an amazing evening. She's 74 and one of the most generous skilled lovers I've ever had. She really enjoyed herself, and looked good with a big smile on her face.
I pushed my luck a little and said we need to meet by the lake and she should wear just that simple dress and nothing else. Her replay was sure and when ?
Her and SIL are going on a Bahamas cruise in April. The Genie is out of the bottle now, so if you're on that cruise and see an attractive 74 year old with a cane, go for it, she will give you the time of your life !!