TITLE: F/T With Another Couple
AGE: 41 - 50
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Cortney's husband Alex held one of my wife's breasts cupped in one hand; a thumb and forefinger teaming up to twist an already torturously pinched nipple. His other hand was out of sight up under my oohing and aahing wife Jodie's skirt. I figured it was freely exploring, unrestrained by the presence of a mere thong. I was sure that wasn't why; but Cortney, who had been industriously grinding the warm damp crotch of her jeans against my knee stopped. She stood, leaving her sweater pushed up above bare breasts. I was already eyes-on; but, in order to get a look at what her husband and my wife were up to she had to half turn and sneak a peek back over a shoulder. When she turned back, she was grinning.

There was mischief in Cortney's grin, of that I had been sure. Whatever she was thinking, I was clueless. But, it seemed to be her move. After all; it wasn't as if what seemed to be turning in to a sexual four-way fantasy had been foreseen, not by me anyway.

Back then we were all in our mid-twenties. Alex and Cortney were part of our circle of College friends and had been married for three years. And, at least as far as anyone knew they were just another horny, but sexually exclusive couple. Jodie and I had been married for two years; and we definitely hadn't been monogamous. We had done a couple of threesomes with guys from our group of friends. There had even been one with a guy we met at a local club. Still, we were looking forward to hooking-up with either a willing female or an eager young couple. What we weren't expecting was for pizza and beer with Alex and Cortney to turn in to a surprisingly uninhibited four-way. For sure Jodie and I hadn't planned on the four of us winding-up back at our apartment. And, as for who suggested it, I haven't a clue.

I carried a quartet of cold beers in to the living room. Jodie was sitting on Alex's lap. Alex's hands were full, and busy. So, with Jodie busy being groped, the beer wound-up sitting ignored on an end table. Cortney was in the bathroom so I settled on to the sofa. When she returned, she acknowledged the situation with an unconcerned shrug. She settled next to me; handy, but up straddling an arm of the sofa. And, when I looked over again Alex had a hand up under Jodie's sweater. Whatever he was whispering in her ear, I just naturally assumed he was trying to talk her out of that sweater. Cortney was watching; and she sure didn't appear to be concerned. So, as I questioned "Well, I don't know where that's headed, but…," I was already stroking a hand up and down Cortney's jean clad thigh. And, after hearing an encouragingly breathy umm, I slipped that hand up under her sweater.

It wasn't a surprise. It had been pretty obvious Cortney wasn't wearing a bra. I began to sensuously massage her bare back. She arched, moaning appreciatively. I knew I was being overly cautious. But, I was determined to take my time. I did caress the silky smooth skin of Cortney's flat firm belly earning a couple of gasped oohs. And for the moment anyway, definitely tempted, I ignored those nearby bare breasts. Overly cautious? Hell yes, I had to have been out of my freaking mind!

There was some feverish kissing going on across the room when Cortney squirmed around and dropped on to my lap. She was facing me; so, I kissed her. She returned that kiss enthusiastically, maybe even zealously. Then, taking me by surprise she leaned back, breathing hard as she pulled her sweater up. They were bare alright, a double-handful of firm and very pretty breasts. So, while we indulged in another round of fiery, lip-scorchingly intense kissing my hands had something to play with. And still, I was pretty much expecting things to grind to a halt. They didn't, lucky-lucky me.

Wanting to stay abreast of developments across the room, you bet I noticed it when Jodie's sweater and bra hit the floor. "Hey now; check it out Cortney," I quietly challenged. And, after a quick blance over a shoulder she answered that teasing challenge by moving to straddle one of my thighs. I felt her pussy's heat even through two layers of denim. She grabbed for my shoulders and began to rotate as she slithered up and down my thigh. And then, she was grinding on my knee, moaning as I alternated, taking turns gently nibbling a pair of awesomely aroused nipples. And, where I had been expecting shy, Cortney was anything but. She was panting, one hand gripping my shoulder, the other one stroking the hard-on bulging my jeans. Practically jacking me off, and sounding insistent, Cortney pleaded "Oh-oh-oh, harder, yes, bite them!"

Not much caring, but sure Cortney was hamming it up some, I bit harder on nipples hard and tasty as stale gumdrops. I was eyes-on; but, she had her back to Alex, and Jodie too for that matter. So, even if she couldn't, I could see what Alex was doing to my wife's tits. And I sure didn't need to be actually able to see the hand he had working between her thighs to know his fingers were exploring hot wet pussy. I meant it alright; still, my "You go Alex," came out as a half-gasped murmur. So, I suppose it was curiosity that had Cortney popping up off my knee.

Cortney turned back, grinning down at me, or maybe it was at the hard-on trying to rip itself out of my jeans. I wasn't sure whether her growled "Nice," was aimed at that hard-on, or was a comment on my wife's enviable situation. Whatever, it looked as if she approved. So, imagine the moment of panic when she tugged her sweater back down. But, as I watched her unbutton her jeans, Panic turned to joy. She was slowly teasing down the zipper when I caught Jodie sliding off Alex's lap and on to her knees.

Jodie had it easy; all she had to do was yank down Alex's shorts. And of course that's just what she did. Meanwhile, Cortney had worked her jeans down past a lacy pair of flame-red boy-shorts. She looked when I dared to suggest "Don't look now, but someone's working on a big mouthful of cock!"

Sounding mockingly sarcastic, Cortney good-naturedly declared "Well yeah, Alex likes, like seriously likes blowjobs!" I could have told her that Jodie way more than seriously liked giving them; but, I didn't. Instead I watched Cortney toe off her sandals, and then wriggle out of her jeans. And then, it was my turn. So, I watched her unbutton, unzip, and then reach in, a breathy "Yes" escaping her lips as she expertly extracted my cock. My hands were tangled in her rich brown shoulder length hair. She was on her knees and I was in her mouth. And then, I wasn't. Well, that sorry state of affairs was Jodie's doing.

Unnoticed, by me anyway, Jodie had gotten to her feet. I saw her pull Alex to his. And then, she was leading him off, pausing only long enough to say "Hey you guys, we're heading for the bedroom. You should join us…it's a big bed!"

Cortney wasn't in any position to reply. And, seeing as how it felt as if the head of my cock had just been sucked half-way down her throat all I managed was a half-strangled "Oh fuck!" Then, when I looked up again, we were alone.

"Take them off," Cortney impatiently ordered. "They're in the road!"

It wasn't the time for a showy striptease. I got naked, which left me standing there watching Cortney make a show out of slowly and thoroughly licking her lips as she stared up at me. Actually, it was my cock she was staring at. "You're big," she gushed. "It's bigger than Alex's; and yeah, it's even bigger than his Brother's!"

Flabbergasted by Cortney's enthusiastically delivered comment, I dropped back on to the sofa. Not worried that I might just be jumping to a hasty conclusion, I asked "wait; are you telling me you and Alex are swingers?"

"I don't think so; but, well yeah I did do it with Bruce, Alex's brother," was Cortney's shyly delivered reply. And of course she just had to add "It was all Alex's idea. I just went along; well, at first anyway!"

Alex and Cortney's first three-way had gone–off pretty much the same way Jodie's and my first one had. So, it had been Alex who got the ball rolling. "Alex just started to feel me up, you know right there in front of Bruce," Cortney explained. "Well, I was sort of getting off on it; and then, when he told me to strip, I did! Yeah, and I wasn't scared or anything! Actually, I really liked them seeing me naked!"

I believed her. And, when she claimed that Alex hadn't even needed to ask, I figured I knew where she was headed. And, I was prepared to believe her too. By the time I got around to asking "So, did you fuck him," I already knew she'd sucked Bruce off, finishing him off as Alex banged her from behind.

Still down on her knees, but unfortunately eager to blab Cortney had been dishing out a sweet little hand-job as she told me about how Bruce came fucking her mouth and whooping like a lunatic. He had pulled out, actually laughing as he bitch-slapped her face with his wet dick. And, after telling her she was a "Sweet little cock-sucker," he told her he intended to fuck her right there in front of Alex.

It was right after Alex finished pumping his load in to her that Bruce delivered. Bruce took Cortney just like his brother had, hard, rough, and with her down on all fours. When she told me that, she sure hadn't been complaining. And, by the time Cortney finished telling me that Bruce had pulled out, finishing off his fuck by cumming all over her face, I was about ready to do the same.

It was rhetorical, but that didn't stop me from asking "You loved it, didn't you?"

Cortney's head was bobbing, actually taking my full length with every slow, cock-sucking bob. Somehow, she still managed a nod. There was abandon, an unrestrained ferocity, and not much of that sweet little cock-sucker in the way she took such obvious pleasure in working a hard length of cock over with her mouth. And it was the look of uninhibited sexual delight shining in her eyes that had me wanting to hit her face with another load of cum. I didn't. But, after again entangling my hands in her hair and ordering "Swallow it," I went right on roughly pistoning my cum erupting cock in and out of her mouth.

It had only been a tease. Anyway, the cock I slapped against Cortney's face was already semi-limp at best, when I growled a less than menacing "Next time you suck my dick bitch, make sure you spend some time sucking my balls!"

Cortney got it, still on her knees and laughing as she tossed her sweater aside. She lay back, pretending to growl as she worked boy-shorts down her legs. They got kicked aside, which left her naked and growling a challenging "Yeah stud, well I've got a little something you just might want to spend some time sucking!" And then, she showed it to me. She used both hands between wide-spread legs, her fingers peeling back the already wetly glistening pink folds of her pussy exposing a perfect little clit, an obviously already well-aroused clit. And really, there wasn't anything I wanted to do more than suck that wickedly protruding little nub between my lips; well, except to play a little bit hard to get.

"Can do; only, first I'm going to make you scream in front of Alex," I told a suddenly pouty-lipped Cortney. "Yup, Baby girl you're gonna have to beg me to let you cum," I teased.

It would have been déjà vu, only it was Cortney leading, well actually it was more like her rushing me in to the bedroom. She threw herself on to the bed beside Alex. And, he was stretched out on his back, Jodie straddling him, his hands cupping her curvy ass's cheeks. He did stop pumping my wife up and down his dick long enough to deliver a cheery "Hi honey!"

I didn't get a "Hi honey," and that wouldn't have worried me; except for the way Jodie was eyeing Cortney's invitingly exposed pussy. Jodie was bi, or at least back then she had wanted to be. I was all for it, especially if I was going to be there watching. But, just then I was hoping Alex had a good firm hold on her butt.

"Move it bucko," Jodie practically snarled, the before I do going unsaid. So, I was belly down between thighs I was gently easing even further apart when Jodie leaned down and kissed Cortney. It wasn't a "Hi honey" kiss either. It was more like a "Hi, but really I'd rather be fucking you" sort of kiss. I wasn't sure; but, first girl on girl kiss or not, Cortney returned that kiss with what sure looked like unrestrained zeal. I waited, less than patiently eyeing my target, Cortney's still unmistakably aroused clit. It ended when Jodie straightened up, theatrically flapping a hand in front of her face as she breathily murmured "Damn, oh damn!"

Jodi began to rock, levering herself up and down in the way she does when she's hot on the trail of an orgasm. And right then, her being otherwise occupied struck me as a very good thing. So, with Cortney cooing do it's at me, I began to flick the circling tip of my tongue up a slick inner thigh. Slowly up one, and slowly down the other, and by the time I had licked my way back up Cortney was writhing. And, like out in the living room she was ready, spread open, her "Bastard" only a guttural whisper. And, as I began to circle and then gently lick her distended clit, she lifted her hips and began to chant impassioned oohs.

Cortney's gasped harder's came with her yanking a double handful of my hair. Harder and faster kept me from being scalped, well maybe it did. Anyway, her hands fell away, returning to the suddenly necessary job of keeping her clit entirely exposed. She had started to bounce, meaning I had to wrap my arms around her thighs in order to lock her down. She called me a bastard again, only that time loudly. And I wasn't even licking her clit when she began screaming "Suck it" over and over. But, I was tongue-fucking her anus, something that as it turned out neither Alex nor his Brother had done. And, that meant no one had ever done it to her. She liked it, it was obvious. Just then though, it wasn't what she wanted. Later though; well, that's another story.

Deciding Cortney's screamed suck it's counted as begging, I sucked, licked and sucked, but mainly sucked. She came, back arching her ass a half—foot off the bed, her screams almost, but not quite drowning out Jodie's own explosively intense orgasm. And then, well just as soon as Cortney had unclenched and collapsed, I stopped sucking and went back to licking.

Cortney responded, cumming twice more, and just as vocally too. We might have tried for four but Jodie intervened, slapping my butt and more or less ordering "Stop it silly!" I figured it was nice of her to add a helpful "Give it up! Fuck her or something!"

Fucking Cortney sounded good to me. And by the time I got her flipped over and up on her knees, just inches away Jodie was on her back and demanding "Hard Alex, do it, fuck me hard!"

Cortney could have skipped it, but a couple of gasped harder's slipped out anyway. Later that night, when I popped her anal cherry, there she was, still excitedly panting out harder's. But, back at that first fuck, I was grunting and doing my best to franticly drive more dick than I owned in to the slippery heat of Cortney's predictably tight pussy. So, as I pumped a torrent of cum in to his wife, Alex was pounding hard thrusts down in to my unmistakably orgasmic wife.

There was more of course, but I think I've rambled on long enough for now. Jodie and I did hook-up with Alex and Cortney again. But, by then Jodie had already enjoyed the thrill of bi-sexuality, if being "Turned-out" by a full-on lesbian counts. Actually, the four of us got down several more times. Then, there was the time Cortney took on Alex, me, and two guys from our old college gang. Watch for that story, but please, for now…vote!