TITLE: The One
LOCATION: RayB50 - Montana, USA
AGE: 51+
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With the after work crowd building, the bar was getting crowded but I was here with a purpose, you see I had a need for a woman.

Not just any woman but a special woman. One who had similar desires to mine, one who knew she was sexy in intelligence, body, and multiple levels of eroticism. I did not know what this woman looked like or what her name was, but I knew I would recognize her if there was such a woman in this crowded tavern. I saddled up to the bar to order my bourbon neat.

As I scan the crowd from group to group, my hopes were high, my chest was filled with anticipation. It was almost as though I could feel her presence. I left the bar to go search through the various nooks and crannies of this establishment. She was here somewhere, I felt her.

After my initial lap thru the establishment I set my glass back on the bar with my napkin over it, signaling that I would return and made my way to the restroom. At the urinal I took my dick out and saw that it was at 3/4 full, I'm not the only one convinced that she is here. After I wash up and exit my in the foyer, crowded with people waiting for the restroom.

As I squeeze thru the crowd I come chest to chest with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. With our mutual 'excuse me's’ we pass. I look back to see that she was looking back at me just as the crowds swallow her up and she is gone. Something tells me deep in my core that I have just seen the woman.

Back at the bar I lean over and ask the barkeep for another. I stayed facing the bar, staring at the bottles trying to force an imprint on my mind of those eyes and that smile as she looked back at me. Was I imagining it, was it just my libido in overdrive or was she real. As I leaned on the bar contemplating these things, I felt a soft presence on my arm. I looked up from my daze at it was her, the bluest eyes and the prettiest smile in the tavern looking back at me.

And that soft presence on my arm, that was her dress covered breast rubbing softly against my forearm. And my, what a nice breast it was! With out thinking I blurted out 'It's you, I've been looking for you'. You smile with an inquisitive look and ask for a white wine.

After catching the barkeeps attention and ordering your wine, I move my arm to introduce myself, 'Excuse me, let me start over, Hi, I'm Dave'. You look down at my arm which has grazed your left breast in my effort for the introductory hand shake. A little shaken and embarrassed by my inadvertent and most likely inappropriate touch, I go to pull my hand back but before I can do that, you hand is in mine ostensibly to share my introduction but more apparently to keep my arm presses against your breast.

As your wine comes, you pick it up and keeping your breast pressed my forearm, you say 'Thanks for the wine Dave, now what did you mean by 'It's you'?

I can feel the color rising in my face as I contemplate how to answer that question. I say ‘Fuck it’ to myself and just open up to you, I'll either scare you away or it was meant to be. I tell you if the sudden urge to go out for an after work drink although I can't remember the last time I did it. I tell you I was drawn to this particular tavern for some unknown reason. I tell you of my trip to find you even though I had no idea who you were. I tell you how my heart lept at our passing and how I was wondering if I was crazy as I stood here at the bar. And as I am telling you this I can see the man on the other side of you listening in. I don't care, I just want you to know.

Also, as I tell you this I fell you pressing your breast into my forearm. After a full confession I stop talking and break the look we have been sharing. As you reach for your wine you take in a large breath and I wonder if you had breathed during my telling. You large intake makes your breast move up and down my forearm and all I can think of is 'Fuuuck have I just screwed up'

After a long slow sip of your wine, you look at me and say 'Dave, that is either the best bullshit line I've ever heard in which case I'm extremely flattered or that is the hottest first conversation I've ever had with a man and I want to know if it's real'. 'So are you ready for my story, you be the judge if it's real or not...

Dave, I'm 58, not a spring chicken anymore and more rubenesque than most young men find attractive. But today out of the blue after my gym workout I decided I needed a break, somewhere new so I headed out. You see this place and this crowd are not close to my local but somehow I ended up here. As I walked into this tavern and looked it the crowd, I wondered what I was doing and decided to leave to go somewhere I knew people. You see being in a strange bar all by myself is not my idea of an exciting afternoon. But before I could leave, my body needed the restroom and as I was heading that direction in that throng of people all standing in that small corridor I passed close to you, so close that your chest lightly rubbed against mine and I thought you were copping a feel. But I looked up and saw you, not a man make a lewd groping gesture but a man completely unaware of my large chest and his inadvertent graze, a man who looked into my eyes, no, into my soul with a single glance. It stopped me in my tracks. Something happened, something raw and sensual, it was almost as fucking intense as an orgasm. Then you left and I saw you looking back to me and I knew I wanted you. I went into the ladies room to pee and found my panties soaking wet. Fuck, did I just have an orgasm in the hall? I peed and tried to dry my panties but my cum was sticky and would not blot off of my panties so I put them in my purse, finished up and came out to find you, to see if the attraction or whatever that force was, was mutual or just me. So I found you and came into you like a common trollop, pressing my big tit into your forearm. But then you told me your story and fuck Dave I'm am so fucking wet again, I've felt drops run down the inside of my thigh. Here, feel my panties in my purse... I'm wetter than that....

I leaned and kissed you on the lips, not an introductory kiss but a kiss of intimate lovers, a kiss complete with my hand behind you head pulling you into me, a kiss with our tongues caressing each other's, a kiss that stirs every inch of your skin.

In this crowded bar, surrounded by and unknowing mass of humanity, you take my hand as we kiss and put it under your dress. I feel the wetness of your lust and desire on your inner thighs. You move my hand up to your lips and I feel your wetness, your heat, the swollen lips of your vulva. I remove my hand and taste my fingers. I lean in and say 'I fucking need you' to wit you turn it around and say 'I need to fuck you'

With nary another word we move thru the crown toward the rear exit where my truck is, being stopped from time to time by the crowd of people. Each time we stopped our bodies would be pressed together and you could feel my arousal. Finally we make it to the door and out into the darkened evening where we turn and kiss each other again, this time holding nothing back. My hand is cupping your dress covered breast and yours is stroking my erection thru my slacks. Our revelry is broken by someone shouting 'Get a room'. What a brilliant idea!

We run to the back of the lot where my truck is and I open the door. As you turn to get in, my hand slides down your dress and then up until I have two fingers deep in your pussy and you begin to fuck my fingers. Fuck it, I can't take it so I unbutton my slacks, drop my drawers and quickly replace my fingers with my cock and I begin to thrust deep into you. You cuss like a fucking sailor as your orgasm overtakes you and then you lean back, place my hands on your breasts, kiss me and say 'we'd better find that hotel quick!'

As I pull up my slacks I look over and see a couple that have been watching us. I tell you to look and we see his hand is down her pants, finger fucking her as she is rubbing his dick that is sticking out of his pants.... looks like we started something. And with a wave to our voyeur couple we hop into the truck and head for the nearest hotel.