TITLE: Came Without Stimulation
LOCATION: Jade Goddess - UK
AGE: 18 - 21
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Even though I'm 20 years old, I'm still inexperienced with masturbation and sex. I've only masturbated a handful of times and am a virgin (saving it for the special someone). If you've read my other posts, you'd know that my boyfriend and I masturbated with each other over the webcam. I didn't cum or feel any pleasure cuz I was nervous among other things.

The day after that happened, I go to class like normal. I was talking to someone on Reddit and I forgot what was being said, but I ended up thinking about my boyfriend's huge cock and what it would feel like to be inside of me. In the past, I've been nervous with penises and vaginas, but during the webcam call, I looked at him jerk himself for thirty straight minutes and the image is definitely burned into my brain. So, as I'm sitting in class, I just keep feeling myself getting wetter and wetter as I'm mentally replacing the fingers I had inside myself the other day with his cock. I wanted to touch myself so badly but unfortunately we were going over new material and I have no friends in the class. So if I miss something, I have no one to get notes from. Plus, I don't trust other people to take my notes for me. So I had to sit in my soaked panties for the rest of the class and the second class right after it.

A few hours after my initial arousal, I finally went to my car to warm it but and drive to another part of the building. As I'm walking through the freezing cold weather in my thin workout clothes and then it hit me. "I'm SUPER wet down there!" I thought to myself. But not the usual wetness. Like this time it felt a little thicker, for lack of better terms. I immediately thought I was on my period. My stomach had been kinda hurting for a few hours so I assumed that was period cramps. It's a new month so I was sure that's what happened. I pick up my pace to my car on the other side of the parking lot trying not to slip on the ice. Once I'm in my car, I start the engine and grab a napkin from my backpack to wipe myself. To my surprise, there was no blood or anything period related on the napkin. All I saw was this white and clear fluid. I figured the clear stuff was the lubrication I usually see when I use the bathroom after sexting my boyfriend or reading erotica. But I had no idea what that white stuff was. I figured it must have been harmless cuz I felt no pain or anything. I toss the tissue outside and go about the rest of my day.

Later that night, I'm texting my boyfriend about a bunch of things. Eventually I decide to ask him what female cum looks like. He tells me it looks "milky and white" and I'm immediately reminded of the napkin from earlier. But I hadn't masturbated all day. I didn't even rub myself through my clothes. How could I have came from no stimulation?? He asked me why I asked him and I tell him about what happened. He told me that it sometimes happens like that. Apparently, I was so horny I came from no stimulation at all. And apparently this isn't the first time this happened. I remember seeing that white and clear fluid while using the bathroom after sexting my boyfriend in the past. But I didn't know what it was until last night. Now all I have to do is orgasm lol. I joked with my boyfriend saying "watch how that just happened to me randomly in class." I told a friend about what had happened and he said I was really relaxed and advised me not to focus on orgasming but focus on trying to feel good.