TITLE: The Unplanned Seduction Continues
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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Friday, Lisa was off and decided to relax in the hot tub. Keeping up with two sex hungry men had her worn out. She was no longer the socially shy awkward woman. She wore skimpy revealing clothes that accentuated her curves. At 5’ 6” and 140 lbs, she had the perfect build. Shoulder length straight blonde hair, a bubble ass and a set of 42 d’s made her a head turner. Until Al came along, all this was kept under boring conservative clothes. Naked swimming and sunbathing were the norm at home.

Ed has been our pool guy for years. He comes once a week when we’re usually not at home. He goes through the side fence, cleans the pool and leaves. I know nothing about Ed other than he is married and has done pool service for years. He came on Friday when Lisa was in the hot tub. By this time, she had lost all inhibitions. Ed saw her laying in the tub and said hi as he started to clean the pool. As he finished, he asked Lisa if there was anything else that the pool needed. “No” she said but asked him if he could clean the jets on the tub. He agreed and was surprised when Lisa climbed out of the tub totally naked. She had drank several glasses of wine and was in a jovial mood. When he was done, Lisa asked if he had time for a beer. Ed’s cock was tight in his pants as this blonde babe stood before him. “Sure” he said. Lisa got back in the tub and asked Ed to join her. “No one is home” she said. Ed stripped revealing his rock-hard cock. As they sat in the tub Lisa wrapped her hands around his shaft and began to stoke. Ed was beside himself as Lisa kneaded his cock and massaged his balls. “Stand-up” she said. As Ed stood, she took the full length of his cock till he was totally immersed in her mouth. She used both hands to squeeze his balls. Ed slowly fucked her mouth trying to make this moment last. After several minutes he could no longer hold out. Ed had peaked and erupted in her mouth with unbound intensity. Lisa tried to swallow everything but cum ran down the side of her mouth and bathed her tits. Ed moaned loudly as streams of hot liquid shot from him like a cannon. After several minutes, Ed was spent. Lisa told Ed we were having a party tonight. She invited him to bring his wife.

Lisa didn’t expect Ed to come with his wife. After all, she had allowed her husband to fuck her mouth. We had planned this party on Friday for just the three of us. Lisa told me that she invited Ed and his wife Jenny but didn’t think they would come.

At 6 Ed and Jenny knocked on the door. Lisa invited them inside and everyone was introduced. Jenny was stunning. He hair had been dyed a deep purple. She and Lisa had very similar builds. Jenny wore a short form fitting dress with black high heels. The low-cut front showed ample cleavage. No bra or panties were visible. While the girls chatted, I went to pick up dinner. Al and Ed relaxed with a beer.

Lisa had been consuming wine throughout the day. Jenny soon had a glass as the girls went to the pool. They had an immediate connection and were soon laughing and giggling. The music seemed to set the tone of the evening.

Soon we would learn that Ed and Jenny were active swingers and Jenny was bisexual. Ed had told Jenny of his encounter with Lisa and she told Ed they were going to the party.

After dinner the girls went back to the pool with wine in hand as us guys talked about our jobs. Somewhere along the way Lisa and Jenny discarded their clothes and were naked in the pool. I was amazed at how quickly she and Jenny bonded. The girls disappeared into the house after a while. I went to get the guys another beer when I heard moans coming from our bedroom. What I saw left me speechless. Lisa lay with her legs open wide as Jenny licked her clit. I heard sounds coming from Lisa that I had never heard before. Lisa shrieked as Jenny expertly coaxed several potent orgasms. She quivered uncontrollably as Jenny instructed her on new forms of pleasure. When it came Jenny’s turn, Lisa used her tongue like a pro. Jenny orgasms were so intense, that she drenched Lisa and the sheets in her juices.