TITLE: The Irish Girls Earn Their Tent
AGE: 51+
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My goodness Irish girls travel heavy their little Toyota RAV4 was full to overfilled . After my shower tent fell over and ripped their tent beyond repair I suggested they follow me and I would see them right for accomodation for a week until they moved along to their mango picking job.
So we arrived back at my care-taking house and we had a meal and I showed them their rooms. Funny after Saturday night I was not thinking of them as young girls.
I explained to them that I'm only caretaker here and to stay they had to help with work a few hours a day. Ha ha that did not go over well. The way they saw it I wrecked their tent and owe them.
I then said they could start and wash the dishes. You would have thought I asked them to cut their hand off. No they said we might help tomorrow and went off to watch Tv and catch up on emails etc.
Oh dear what have I got myself into. I finished the dishes and spoke with them again. I told them things had to change or I would kick their sorry arses out tomorrow. They gave me the ...Whatever....
It's hot in the tropics through the day but cool early morning and through the late evening and night. So we get our work done early. I loudly knocked on their doors and said getup breakfast then work.
Out they came both near nude stick insect Kat had what I would describe as black dental floss g string and Moira looked like terry towling shorts two sizes two big. I said listen my boss can drop in any time and you two will get me fired. They both snickered and said whatever old man ..we might tell him you got us drunk and brought us here to seduce us. See you we are going back to bed. Great just great I was fuming.
I then started the ride on mower and mowed around their side of the house. After an hour the pair came out dressed . They said that was cool and would help mowing. I then showed them the controls and brought out the wipper snipers (grass cutter motor spinning plastic cord that wacks the grass around edges) .All three of us worked another 3 hours and called it a day.
As it was starting to get hot I said get your swimmers and I will take you to the beach. Off we went and 30 minutes we are at the beach.I let them out and tossed them a bag that had 2 litres drinking water. Sun screen .white zinc cream.and 2 apples 2 bananas and 2 pares. I told them see the flags only swim between them and think about the walk back if I decide not to come back. I drove off laughing as neither had shoes with them. Looking back at frantic waving for me to come back. I had shopping to do and returned 40 minutes later.
When back in my car their attitude changed and they thanked me for the food and water etc .... whatever .... I replied.
Later that night I served them a meat pie with tomato sauce and 1 small bottle of beer
they complained and another .... whatever you don't help with dishes remember...
I then told them I'm putting on a video to watch. I asked them if they had seen Wolf Creek . Reply Is it any good? For your information it's the most gruesome horror story about backpackers in Australia.
Lol They were looking at me alarmed after the video. I said good night and left them to think.
Next morning all is good ,up for breakfast helped me with chores , did some vegy garden ,stick picking .General farm tidy and yard work. That evening I told the girls to go and cut a pineapple we can have with desert. Get a small one on the right hand side of rows.
Back they come and they have a big one picked from the left hand side. I said." What did I tell you to get.... a small one. Grumble grumble...."
Moira starts With ....listen old man we like pineapples we can eat that by ourself...)
"Bull shit you can " Ozzie talk this way for refined readers here
"Do you want to bet? " Came back Kat.
"yes what do you want to bet for,Katherine ...... "
We eat the pineapple and you buy us a new tent, Here we go again I think.
"Humm! I say No. one each go get another " off they run and came back with another .
The meal was fryed sausages in onion gravy mash potato ,squash,peas,carrots . The girls eat up ,god knows where Kat stores it .Thin as a match with most of the wood shaved off.
The girls said to me a bet is a bet right? Lol they want that tent I think I must look like the tent fairy godmother.
I said "yes a bet is a bet but what do I get when I win."
Both girls laughed and said no way old man we can eat it easy ,no way will we loose."
They laughed and Moira says "if either of us looses , looser gives you a blow job. "
I complain saying it's one sided bet but if they insist. Ha ha I know that the pineapple on the right (where I directed them are sweet, but on the right for some reason ,I think because they get more shade taste tart."
Both girls cut the pineapple and share it out with ice cream. I get some and they make me acknowledge that it's counted in their share........ I agree would I scam them.
I had some with ice cream and it's just as I remember the taste.
The girls start with just pineapple . Ha ha the look their noses wrinkled up . Yuck they say but we are eating it..... quick get the sugar.... more ice cream..... we are getting there ..... eat up there is another yet in the kitchen... yum yum..... you bastard knew..... then we are out of ice cream... get milk... I torment them with do I get my cock out now..... tongues are poked out .... really it's just tarty .... but to eat so much it's a task..
I got up and walked outside and came back and they were both still eating with the other pineapple still to eat and I placed a new tent on the table .I purchased it the day at the beach . I thought if I toss them out I could not leave them tentless. And the tent was $145 and they did make me feel young Saturday.
They jumped up and both hugged me saying they could eat it all with tears in their eyes thanked me. I laughed and told them not to worry I don't want them sick.
All went well with the girls they continued to refer to me as old man etc and they both came to my bed and both gave up . Moira tried said she does like the taste a bit... but would rather fuck. We did fuck but she didn't cum just paying a bet. kat the skinniest woman I have been with kept gagging saying it's just catching her throat. I was concerned she was going to drown on stringy spit. And again she used her vagina like no woman I have known. The hold she gets with her muscles. I pulled out away from them and she opened to receive again and within 6 plunges had me again I know I counted. That was it for me I just surrendered to her directions. And talk about confident girl she asked me was she good .I honestly said my best ever. She said she knows.I hope if she has kids she does not loose it.
The two young ladies left on the Friday .we hugged friends and when I returned to the kitchen there was a smiley face in pineapple with thanks underneath .