TITLE: Surprised In The Shower 2
AGE: 22 - 30
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Thank you to everyone for the response to Surprise In The Shower. If you have not read it I encourage you to do so

Let me remind of what Meghan looks like. Meghan is about 5’2”, 115 lbs, 36DD, a narrow waist and nice tight round ass. Blonde hair and green eyes too. She is completely shaven.

Meghan is my brother’s wife.

Lets pick up where we left off… I walked into my room and laid on the bed. Shortly after I heard Meghan come out the bathroom and go in her room. A minute later her bedroom door open and she walks into my room, stark naked.

“Awe, did I wear you out?” She said devilishly.

“Holy Shit! I barely made it to the bed. You made me weak in the knees and I love it. Thank you.” I gracefully replied.

“Well hun, like I said I am not done with you. Now remove the towel.” She commanded.

Well I did not need to be told twice. I quickly undid the towel and opened it, exposing my recovering cock.

“I don’t know what you have planned, but I think I am going to need a few more minutes and maybe some fluids after that shower.” I said half kidding .

“Don’t worry, just lay back and relax. I got everything handled.” She told me.

So that's exactly what I did. I put my hands behind my head and spread my legs to allow her better access to my dick. I closed my eyes in anticipation of another fantastic experience. God was I wrong.

“Remember when I said I was not done with you?” She asked.

“You bet your tight, round ass I do!” I quipped trying to be funny.

“Well…” She teased.

Then it happened. I don’t know how she did it so fast, but the next thing I felt was metal on my cock. Everywhere around my cock.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked sternly.

“Why it’s a cock cage, silly.” She squealed.

“A cock what?” I desperately asked

“Exactly what it sounds like. A cage that goes around a cock. It makes full erections painful by restricting growth and prevents you from beating off with my cock.” She calmly told me. Then she added, “Your brother was supposed to be wearing it today, but I think I am going to have more fun with you.”

“Wait. What? Your cock?” I objected.

“Oh didn’t I tell you? Your cock is mine now and I will use it as I please!” She explained.

I was thinking to myself what the fuck is happening, who the fuck brings this type of stuff on a family vacation, and what else did she bring and please I hope she washed it? Then as if I was in a cartoon with a sex angel and devil on shoulders saying to me-- Sex Angel : Hey moron, Have you ever been with anyone this hot or wild? No. So stop thinking and enjoy it. Sex Devil: What he said, Fucko! So that's exactly what I did.

“Eat my pussy and ass!” She ordered me.

“Yes mistress.” I replied half joking.

“Yes, I am your mistress and you will worship me!” She stated firmly.“... and no fingers. You haven’t earned that yet!

“Yes mistress.” I replied

So I got to work. I sat up up and lowered myself onto my knees and crawled to her. She really enjoyed the crawling . I got to her and she then walked to the foot of the bed and bent over. This meant more crawling for me. Like I said, she enjoyed it. I got right behind her and put my face deep in her tight ass. Before I commenced with the licking I took a deep inhale through the nostrils to breathe in her essence.

“You are a dirty perv!” She said with a giggle. Followed by, “Get to it!”

“Yes mistress.” I replied

I thought turnabout's fair play, So I did to her ass what she did to mine not more than a hour ago . I started by spreading butt cheeks and start licking her asshole. Swirling my tongue round in circles. First one way then the other. Then poking my tongue in her asshole. Repeating this over and over. And I shit you not, she started to purr like a fucking cat. When heard this I doubled down on what I was doing.

“Looks like you are good for something.” She said with a slight moan at the end.

I was determined to make her cum as hard as I did in the shower. So I just kept going. I used more saliva when rimming her pink little anus. I flicked my tongue in and out of her ass further than before, To keep her guessing, I would constantly change pressure and speed. Then I tried something different. I would suck her on her asshole and slip my tongue in and wiggle. This drove her insane.

“Oh fuck! Oh god. Faster! Harder!” She squealed as she reached behind her and push my face deeper into her ass.

What I was doing was working . Soon the purr became a squeal. Then squeal became a soft moan, which then became a full throated, non stop moaning. I have to say I felt pretty proud at that moment, and something else. Oh yeah, pain from my engorged cock trapped in that cock cage. My cock was trying to expand but there was nowhere to go. The only thing that kept the cage from breaking apart and shooting across the room, like a button on a fat guy’s pants, was a small padlock. I would have done anything for the key but I wasn’t going to let her know, give her that satisfaction of my predicament. I just kept at it.

“Good lord! That will do. Now go down on my cunt!” She instructed me as she climbed on to the bed.

Being the good “slave” that I was, I did as told. I got up onto my feet and went to her. She had a couple of pillows behind her back, her legs bent at the knees and spread apart, and with the most wicked smile on her face. Again I thought anything for that damned key. I took a moment to behold the sight before me and take a snapshot for the ol’ mental spank bank. I must have taken too long because I heard…

“Get over here and get to it!” She ordered.

“Yes mistress.” I said gleefully

So I laid down only my stomach with my head between her legs, which didn’t make my caged member more comfortable, and started with a long, slow lick from just below her slit to her clit, which was glistening with pussy juice. Then a series of quick flicks of my tongue against that puffy clit followed by some sucking and light nibbling. There it was, that sound I was quickly growing to love. She began to purr. When I heard I just went twice as hard and twice as fast.

“Yes! Yes!” She moaned.

I moved down that beautiful pink pussy to the opening that I hoped my now engorged cock would be in soon. That's when i started pushing my tongue in and out. Alternating speed and intensity. That soft moan from before was increasing in volume work her way to a crescendo. The louder she got, the wetter she became. I took my tongue and went to licking her snatch up and down, fast and slow. Having built up momentum I combined everything in my assortment of tricks. Clit, lick, tongue. Clit tongue lick. And so on and so forth. The moaning reached a peaked and she, just like before with her ass, she took her hands and shoved my face deeper into her snatch .

“Yes! Oh my God! My clit!” She commanded.

“Yes mistress.” I tried to get out but was muffled by that sweet pussy.

I just ficked my tongue as fast and as hard as I could. After about 30 seconds of this she push my head off her. Then she to two fingers and began to rub her clit ferociously. She started one long, loud cry and then a wonderful, unexpected thing happened as I looked on with amazement from 4 inches away from her pussy.

She squirted all over my face! It was the most astonishing thing.

“Come here, I want to taste myself !” She ordered.

I moved towards her face and when I was close enough she started to lick my clean. Before she did this,I was able to get a taste. The only way to describe it is indescribable. It was everything. It was sweet and bitter all at the same time and I loved it.

“You are not to wash your face until I give you permission! Understand!” She instructed.

“Ok.” I responded.

She slapped me lightly.

“What?” She asked sternly.

“Sorry mistress. Yes mistress.” I quickly answered.

“Damn right!” She said.

She got up and went to the bathroom. I laid on my back on the bed. Two minutes later my phone rang. I answered it. It was my father.

“Hey you still going to come out? It is almost 11.” He said

“Yeah, where are you?” I asked.

“We can be off the beach near the point in 20 minutes. I’ll fairy you to the boat with the dinghy. Bring Meghan with you.” He said.

“Yeah, that works. I’ll talk to Meghan.” I said thinking to myself: great I can get this thing off my dick.

By now Meghan was in her room. I walked to her doorway and explained the situation to her.

“Great, I love to go out sailing.” She told me.

“Good,good. I just need you to take this cage off my cock. I can not go out with this on.” I explained.

“First, that is my cock now as I explained earlier. Second, will wear until you prove yourself.” She said as she closed the door in my face.

“Really!” I objected

“What was that?” She said loudly through the door.

“Yes mistress.” I answered