TITLE: Mum's Best Friend
AGE: 51+
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My mum’s best friend Sally and he husband Roger were very dear friends with my parents my mum and Sally had been friends all their lives as had their mums. Sally was unable to have kids I was the older of two boys.

My brother and I had two sets of parents, Sally and Roger spoilt us silly. We went on many holidays with them, we had two Christmases etc. My younger brother was 14 when I was 18, I was sort of between jobs, my new job I did not start for another three weeks.

Sally and Roger had a place on the East Coast of Yorkshire a few miles from Whitby. Sally had some work to do she asked if I would like to join them for a couple of weeks.
I never hesitated I said yes, I am sure she knew I would.

Friday arrived and we were on our way, we could talk for England when together, she was asking about why I had split from my girl friend, I told her she was to intense and wanted more than I wanted I was not ready to marry also I liked her but I was not in love with her.

A local working men’s club had a stripper on Sunday lunch time, Roger and I were getting ready as Sally announced she would like to join us as she had never seen a stripper, Roger and I looked at each other he said are you sure it is mainly men at these strip shows, yes she said I want to see what you two get out of these lunch sessions.
So she joined us we found a table and got some drinks, when she went to the ladies Roger said this is kind of uncomfortable Sally being with us, we laughed. A few minutes after her return the show started Sally said nothing when the show ended we had our drinks and left, in those days these clubs closed at 2pm on a Sunday until reopening in the evening.

On the way back Sally was really on one saying she thought the stripper was at best average and she could do so much better , Roger said give it a break and just leave it woman. This really got her going, Roger said okay if you can do better show us, he thought that will shut her up. She said alright I will, I said okay would you like me to go into my room while you do the strip for Roger, no I want you to give an independent opinion of my performance. I will if Roger is okay with it, laughing he said you are welcome to watch.

When we got back Sally went into their room, Roger said she will not go ahead with this, about 15 minutes and she reappeared she had changed and redone her makeup. She was wearing a long black ball gown, I have to say she looked great. She told us to move some of the furniture whilst she found some music to put on, we did as we were asked and took our seats, Roger smiled at me and said well let the show begin.

Sally danced around for a while it was somewhat erotic without taking any of her clothes off. I was hard in anticipation for her stripping.
She danced lifting the skirt of her dress to show her stocking tops, turning her back to us she slowly unzipped her dress, we could now see her black bra strap and her bare back, she pushed her dress off her should dropping it to the floor she stepped out of it, Turning towards us she continued her performance she was now in her underwear black lace bra, pants and suspender belt with black stockings. By now I was very excited my cock was rock hard, I thought when she is done I will have to excuse myself to go for a wank.
As she continued again she turned her back to us unclipping her bra, holding her bra in place she turned to us and smiled, Roger was as excited as myself I could tell by his expression. She let go of her bra raising her arms as the bra feel to the floor, wow her tits are amazing as she danced around us, she moved close to me shaking her tits only an inch or so from my face then she moved to Roger doing the same but rubbing her tits in his face, he said that is not fair you did not do that for David she looked at him as he smiled turned to me and moved closer pushing her tits in my face, my heart was racing with excitement. She moved back to the area she had started her performance again she turned her back to us, looking back at us as she bent over she laughed and started to pull down her pants, standing she kicked them off still with her back towards us she bent over and wriggled her backside giving us a clear view of her pussy lips. She then came over to me sat on my knee, so what do you think so far, Laughing she said I can feel you are enjoying my show as she wriggled on my hard cock.
She then did the unexpected she unbuttoned my shirt pushing it off, she stood in front of me pulling me to my feet she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans I was now in my pants with my hard cock visible to her, I glanced to Roger to see he was now naked with a good sized hard dick he looked impressive. Sally said time to get these off as she pulled down my pants freeing my cock.
Sally moved closer kissing me on the lips, I noticed I had the thumbs up from Roger who was clearly excited her right hand was now cupping my balls as my hands felt her backside moving from her stocking tops, I moved my left hand to her pussy I thought this will be make or break if she stops me fine if not great. Sally did not stop me instead she bent over her hands on the sofa, looking round she said well are you going to fuck me or not, Roger mouthed fuck her. I needed no further encouragements as I moved towards her my cock rubbing her very wet pussy lips ( this was a dream come true many times I had wanked fantasizing this ) I pushed and my cock was deep indie her it felt so good, she looked back fuck me hard Davy fuck me hard, I did as asked but could not last long before I shot my load deep into her pussy, I just kept pumping filling her up. To my surprise as I moved away Roger moved in on his knees he started licking her pussy drinking my com. He then get between her legs and started to fuck her he only last a minute or so when he cam inside her.

This was the first of many times I fucked her over the years, My future wife joined us we had Mff and all four of us together.