TITLE: My Young Boss
LOCATION: Simi - Colombo, Sri Lanka
AGE: 51+
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This true story is in late 80's in a south asian island country predominantly buddhist. I was around 27 years male and average built without much attraction to opposite sex.

The computer industry was in the blooming in the country and I took to a programming course in a private institute ( Which was the only one at that time).
I managed to score full at the end of the course and was offered a position as an instructor in the institute.

The entire staff was in their early twenties and most of them are girls.
We few guys were always set on evening shifts which goes on till 8:30PM.

This girl (Priyang) who is younger to me is a senior in work and works with me on evening shifts some days.

She is brown in complexion, not tall, innocent face and had quite large boobs for her size.
Her fiancee was also in the same filed(computing as we called those days) and he got an opportunity to migrate to New Zealand. So he left to Kiwi Land to make arrangements for his migration.

One evening when I was with Priyang on duty it was raining cats & dogs. The students who were to attend their practical lessons on this evening did not turn up.

So having nothing to do we were in conversation on various subjects which eventually ended up with our other halves.

Suddenly with a lightening flash the electric circuit got tripped and Priyang hanged on to me in dark. I slowly made her sit and went to on the trip switch.
Back in lights on, she didn't bother even to say sorry and we continued our conversation sitting on a sofa. Slowly our conversation was turning towards sex in a very serious mood.

Mine is a cut penis. When this was revealed she was very curious to see but I was bit reluctant. After some times we agreed this would be one and only time and we would open up to each other but no touching. Agreed and we went to the inner side of the office. By this time my member was stretching and my brain is giving way to all sorts of things. Without much hesitance I unbuckled my belt and dropped my trouser to knee and pulled down the underwear showing my member in half mast.

A few seconds and I was in full mast. She was drawn to me like a needle to a magnet and she kneeled down. She very carefully observed and broke the only rule set before. Her first touch clasping my member sent shivers along my spine and spurted streams of juice all over her face and blouse.

The time stopped for a moment and we were staring at each others.

I was about to end the game and she started unbuttoning her blouse with her eyes fixed strait into mine. Without any hesitance I dropped to my knee and helped her remove the blouse and could see her big melons in the cups. No more slow actions. I pushed her to the carpeted floor and pulled out her melons out of the cups and my mouth was exploring the taste of those melons one after the other. I was savagely attacking her with her full cooperation. This was an unexpected chance until now I never would have imagined would happen. Still with her tight skirt on I crept my hands through and started fondling her pussy which was full of hair and wet and slippery.

I got up removed my trousers entirely and pulled her skirt. Oh God that was a sight and I could not think of what should or should not do.

We were making wild grunts and rolling on top each others running our hands exploring every inch of each others. Suddenly her mouth was touching mine and I started to suck her luscious lips. It was more like we were wrestling and after about ten minutes we stopped for no reason. We were staring at each other just blank and naked.

I felt little guilt and am I going to stop or continue. My hand moved faster than my mind. I took booth her feet and started kissing. Slowly moving upwards her calf muscles, behind her knees, and tasted her thighs licking while brushing with my beard. When I moved towards her love hole she invited me with widening her legs to taste her love juice. There was enough juice to quench the thirst of a camel I kept licking , sucking lapping and nibbling the tender lips.

I was lapping like a thirsty dog and I could hear her grunting .

After may be a few minutes I stopped and looked straight into her eyes begging for an answer whether we should continue.

The time stopped. She slowly hold my cock and pulled toward her love hole and adjusted her position. I slowly moved and she positioned her self .. Yes it was a slow and steady move I was fully inside her we were clenching each others without any motion.
I slowly pulled out halfway and started with a slow rhythm.

That was the beginning to a savage mode. I was banging like a pro. She was wriggling and grunting while I was banging her with my full force. My be ten minutes or twelve I am done , she is done and we are done.

It was 10 pm long past the usual closing time.

We left the place together leaving the entire episode sealed with a KISS never to speak about it again.