TITLE: The Fancy Resort
LOCATION: porto65 - USA
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We plan to go out on a resort, finally, for the first time in a long time. I dare you to wear very tight trousers. Your ass looks magnificent and round, and even when you’re not hard, people can tell you have a big cock begging to get out. As we are on our way to the resort, I tease you by slipping my hand on your thigh, squeezing and fondling, going up to your balls, and quickly back down to your thighs. The driver can tell you’re being used. He’s a black man, tall, and large. Pretty sure he wanted to get in the action too, but he knew he couldn’t really afford to do anything. Your bulge is growing. Your dick starts to feel very uncomfortable, because of course, the trousers are just too damn tight. I start making out with you, slowly, sucking your lower lip, and then I go down your right ear as my left hand zips down your pants. I hold your dick firmly in my hand, and whisper in your ear ‘such a good slut’. The taxi driver keeps looking every couple of seconds, probably getting hard too. We finally reach the resort. You pull up your zipper again, trying to fit in pants so tight your ass looks like it needs to be looked at. We check in. I am wearing a low-top, transparent white shirt, bright pink push-up bra with my tits popping out, and hot-shorts. The man at the counter was about to book us the normal standard room when I bent down, my tits resting on the counter, and I bent up and down so my cleavage looks like it’s getting deeper then lighter continuously, asking the man if he can upgrade us. I told him I’d pay him at night. He said it’s against company policy to give us special treatment, but because I’d already been such a welcoming guest, he had to return the favour and upgraded us to a suite. You knew my tits would come in handy when you married me. We decided that the first thing we’ll do after unpacking is going for the resort’s famous couple’s massage. But you didn’t know we had a surprise waiting for us. We arrived at the massage room, where two men, masseuses, were waiting for us. We each rested on the massage table that had both our heads facing each other. In other words, the massage tables looked like they were perfectly in the same line. Your masseuse was tall black and muscular, while mine was the same, but fair-skinned. They both started by working out our shoulders very slowly, very calmly, and we could feel the knots in our shoulders unfold. Everything felt incredible. The massage continued quite traditionally. Shoulders. Arms. Back. Legs. Thighs. Thighs. Thighs… That wasn’t normal. You could feel him touch your balls. Did he touch your balls? Or was it a mistake, for the fourth time? I could feel him rub my asshole. Is that a part of the deal? They asked us to flip, after they, maybe, inappropriately touched us. You were getting harder. I was getting wetter. My nipples were hard. They both could tell. After I turned around, the masseuse started squeezing my sides from my ass, and up until he reached my boobs. The squeezing did not stop; it only got more intense. He squeezed, and fondled and moved them around – towards each other, away from each other; he moved his fingers around my nipples, which only made them get harder, and then suddenly squeezed them tightly, as if there were no nerve-endings that existed in my tits. I let out a moan – in pain, in pleasure, in embarrassment. I could feel my face get hotter. I did not know this is how massages were done in fancy resorts. Suddenly, I open my eyes, just to take a glance, and see you. The man had your dick in his hand, and he was ‘massaging’ your cock from your balls, holding each of your balls as if they were a sack of coins, and you were shivering. Your eyes were closed. You knew you were being used, but you did not moan, you did not say anything, but your hard-on threw you away, and we all knew you wanted to fuck. And in that moment, I saw our taxi driver walk in. What is he doing here? Does he know them? He walks towards you without hesitation, and just says, “I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” He takes off his pants, his 8-inch dick springs out, and he puts one leg over your massage table, so that his dick is in your mouth. And just like that, without warning, without any heads-up, you’re being throat-fucked by someone who’d been eye-fucking you all morning. You’re resisting. I get worried, but I think that maybe you planned this; we’d been discussing all kinds of fantasies together. Are we living one? Do you want this? Before I can answer, my masseuse pins me back down and starts to finger me, while his other hand is holding one of my tits, pinning my entire body down under his mercy. I moan, and I moan, and I moan. Your masseuse and my masseuse both hold me and get me up so that I at your table, and they order me to ride you. They tell me they’d taken pictures and videos of us naked, and that they’d share it with everyone we knew if we didn’t do what they said. I found it hot, and I saw that you were still hard. So I did it. I was riding you while your throat and face were being ravaged by a black man’s dick. One guy was sucking my nipples while the other was recording the whole, damn, thing. After the driver was done fucking your mouth, he held me and took me off of you – like it was effortlessly easy to carry me, and pinned me to the wall, held both my legs up so that I’m mid-air and started to fuck my pussy. As you were about to come after me, both men flipped you around the massage table. One started to fuck your mouth while the other was adding lube to enter your ass. And then it happened. You were being split-roasted. One dick in your ass. One dick in your throat. Your wife is being fucked mid-air. You’re helpless. But you’re enjoying it. You’re hard. The taxi driver said, “I told you guys they’re sluts. She used him during the entire ride, and he couldn’t do anything about it. No wonder he lets her dress up like a skank. They want this.” Suddenly, you feel a massive shot of warm cum fill your ass. He finished inside of you, and now you’re dripping cum. Just as you took that load of cum, you take another one on your face. Now you become a cumdumpster for two men, from two different ends, and two different holes. The man who’s fucking me stops. He doesn’t want to cum in me. He knows where to cum, so grabs you by the hair and forces you to jack him off, and a huge shot of cum spills all over your mouth, neck, and chest. You’re used, and you’re exhausted. The men drag me to you. You’re flipped around again. I’m on top of you. This time, I’m riding you, again, while licking the cum off of you. We both finish at the same time.